Sboly 6 in 1 Coffee Maker – Is 6 Better Than the Price of One?

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The No products found. is a very good option for anyone seeking a ‘do it all’ coffee maker appliance. The machine itself is extremely versatile with 6 different functions in one appliance. This makes it the perfect addition for a coffee enthusiast’s kitchen.

Below, we will talk more about this coffee maker in our detailed review. By the end, you should be able to tell whether or not the Sboly 6 in 1 Coffee Machine is for you.

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Who Is Sboly?

Sboly is an innovative manufacturer of affordable and value-packed appliances. They manufacture various coffee-related appliances including coffee makers and coffee grinders.

They are a brand with a mission statement of giving customers the “best value in both product and service to customers around the world.”

This 6 in 1 coffee maker lives up to their mission of ensuring customers’ needs are being met and their lives being improved with their products.

How Does the Sboly 6 in 1 Coffee Maker Work?

sboly coffee maker - 6 in 1

The machine itself is built with versatility in mind. You can tell versatility was at the forefront of the design process as it is a 6 in 1 machine with various useful and convenient features.

The machine is designed to be compatible with both K-Cup Pods and ground coffee.

Features and Benefits of the Sboly 6 in 1 Coffee Maker:

#1 – 6 Drink Options Means You Are Getting Value

sboly 6 in 1 coffee maker

This is a value-driven machine.

The machine has 6 different drink options which means it is the perfect appliance for the undecided home.

If you have different types of coffee or even tea drinkers in your home, you’ve found the perfect appliance.

This coffee maker is not only an exceptional appliance for the coffee enthusiast with the ability to make a variety of coffees, lattes, and cappuccinos, but it is also for the tea enthusiast, as well.

It can even create the perfect milk foam for those who love ordering seasonal latte’s from their favorite coffee spot. The built-in auto milk frother can help you craft the perfect specialty drinks with velvety steamed milk.

#2 – The Design Delivers Convenience All-Around

The machine was designed with convenience in mind. The drip tray is removable which means it can accommodate travel mugs up to 7-inches in height. This alone will help you get the most out of your appliance without having the annoying hassle of transferring your hot coffee from your home mug to your travel mug when you are in a rush.

Likewise, the appliance features complete separate compartments for coffee grounds and tea leaves in order to ensure that you aren’t having to clean each respective compartment if the tea drinker wants tea in the mornings.

The appliance even features a one-touch to brew system which makes it easy and convenient to get the perfect brew at the perfect temperature for whatever beverage you are making.

#3 – Everything Is Dishwasher Safe

Having a coffee appliance sometimes can seem like much more work than its worth. A poorly designed appliance can be incredibly tedious to maintain.

Sboly lives up to its mission statement with this appliance as it is designed to fit in seamlessly into your life with minimal hassle.

The appliance simply makes your life better and easier with its easy cleaning design.

sboly coffee maker dishwasher safe parts

Every accessory from the machine can be taken apart and washed in the dishwasher safely and easily. Therefore, you are getting an appliance that will make it easy and simple to get your morning coffee or tea in without a long, tedious, and time-consuming cleanup.

#4 – One-Touch Operation Is An Enthusiast’s Dream

sboly easy operation coffee maker

Mentioned briefly above, the appliance was built with convenience in mind.

While the machine itself is convenient to use in operation, you don’t sacrifice quality or options when it comes to the drink preparation.

This appliance can expertly craft custom and specialty drinks that rival Starbucks in quality with one simple touch of a button.

Whether you are a latte drinker or a cappuccino drinker, you will find the drinks produced are absolutely incredible.

Best of all, a simple push of the ‘foam’ button is all that is needed to create and enjoy velvety milk froth at any point. You have full control over the strength and taste of your coffee with an easy to read water level guide.

Creating great tasting specialty drinks has never been easier than with this appliance. Sboly really made it possible to have a professional barista right in your kitchen.

What Customers Love about the Sboly 6 in 1 Coffee Maker


A lot of customers noted how surprised they were to have such a powerful and versatile coffee maker appliance in such a small and compact package. With the amount of features you get with this coffee maker, you would expect it to be twice the size. Sboly managed to put a lot of features into a compact package that is easy to fit in even smaller kitchens.


Many customers have noted how satisfied they were that Sboly managed to make this unit compatible with K-Cups and ground coffee alike. Having the choice between the two makes it easy to not only find your perfect tasting coffee, but to get the added convenience of popping in K-Cups when you don’t feel like using ground coffee.

Easy Cleaning

A lot of customers complain about the tedious cleanup process of various coffee makers like this one. Many positive reviews pointed out how easy the pieces are to disassemble and how convenient it is for them to be dishwasher safe.

What We Like and What We Don’t Like


  • Affordable
  • Works With K-Cups and Ground Coffee
  • Relatively Compact


  • Might be too tall to fit underneath some cabinets

You Should Consider Buying This Coffee Maker If…

  • You want an affordable coffee maker that delivers quality above it’s price point.
  • You want a coffee maker that can craft any drink you could possibly want.
  • You want a coffee maker designed to work with K-Cup pods and ground coffee.
  • You want a coffee maker that is convenient and easy-to-use.
  • You want a coffee maker that is relatively compact without sacrificing key features.

Verdict – A Very Popular Coffee Machine

6 for the price of 1 makes this tea and coffee maker very popular.

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