Mr Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker With Grinder Review 2020

Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker with Travel Mug and Built-In Grinder

Can the Mr Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker with Grinder make your life easier? A coffee maker should offer you multiple things. However, most importantly, it should deliver good tasting brews. That is exactly what Mr. Coffee is known for. The Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker With Grinder is no exception.

If you were like most people, you had a simple Mr. Coffee machine. You poured water in and coffee came out. Life is a little more interesting now. This single serve coffee maker also grinds your coffee beans.

Is the Mr Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker with Grinder for you? Let the features and benefits in this review make your decision as easy as making your coffee!

Mr. Coffee – A Recognized Brand

Mr. Coffee is one of the most well-recognized brands in the coffee space. Can you believe the brand’s inception dates back to 1970? Since then, they’ve been creating high-level at-home coffee appliances to ensure they can deliver a rich coffee experience to their customer’s homes.

The Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker with Built-In Grinder is no exception. This coffee maker offers numerous benefits that make it the optimal coffee maker for the right person. Continue reading this review to figure out whether or not you are the targeted customer for this specific model.

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How Does Mr Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker With Grinder Work?

Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker With Grinder

This machine is so simple. Just add water, beans and press grind & brew. That’s it!

Let’s see this Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker in action!

Mr Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker With Grinder – Features and Benefits

1. Convenience, Convenience, and More Convenience

Mr. Coffee, as a brand, is well known for creating some of the more convenient coffee appliances in the marketplace.

Convenience should be at the forefront of your purchasing decision. After all, there is a reason millions of people head out to their favorite coffee shop every single day. There is no use having a premium coffee maker that is simply too inconvenient to use and rely on daily.

Instead, you want a coffee maker that makes deliciously brewed coffee without much hassle at all.

That is exactly what this coffee maker is all about.

This machine is for those who are looking to be able to wake up and head out the door in as little time as possible without sacrificing quality. This coffee maker has a built-in grinder and features a built-in travel mug for a brew and go action.

2. Built-In Grinder Means Fresh Quality Brew every Time

Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Maker Grinder

If you want to get a fresh cup of coffee every time you wake up, you will need to ensure that you are grinding your coffee beans right before your brew.

If you’ve ever taken a sip from home-brewed coffee and noticed that something tasted off, it’s very likely the process you are using.

Despite using the same beans, you simply won’t get the freshly brewed experience you could get from your local coffee shop.

That is unless you are grinding your beans the moment before brewing them. It’s known that within as little as 10 minutes your freshly ground beans could begin to lose their nature flavor. Thus, the closer you can brew after grinding your beans, the better tasting your coffee will be.

It will allow all of the natural oils and aromas of the bean to be properly extracted into your freshly brewed coffee. Because this machine features a built-in grinder, you can use fresh whole beans without having to sacrifice the time or convenience of having to grind the beans yourself.

3. Two Ways To Brew Means You Have Choices

Mr Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker With Grinder uses beans or grounds

This machine doesn’t lock you into having to purchase whole beans. If you have a brand or specific type of ground beans you love or you simply want to cut the added time it takes to wait for the beans to grind, you will be able to utilize the setting that allows you to brew ground coffee.

4. Space-Saving Design Means Less Countertop Space Wasted

This machine packs a lot of power and function for the space it takes up. With such a small space-saving design, you won’t have to worry about having a bulky coffee maker that is taking up too much countertop space.

Likewise, because it features a built-in grinder, you won’t need to have two separate appliances wasting more space. This coffee machine is built for those who want to get optimal functionality without wasting too much space.

What Do Customers Love About This Machine?

Dimensions and Design

A lot of customers love how Mr. Coffee designed this coffee maker. It’s easy to see why. This appliance is not only small enough to fit easily on your countertop, but it features a straight back which makes it capable of being conveniently placed directly flush against the wall.

This alone helps you free up some counter space that would otherwise be taken up by an appliance that didn’t have the same kind of dimensions or design.

Two in One Functionality

Many customers noted how convenient it is to have an appliance that handles the work of two. After all, those who are buying this machine are very interested in having the best tasting coffee. Therefore, they know and understand the importance of having a grinder to grind up whole beans.

Because this machine features a built-in grinder, it makes it much easier to make better-tasting coffee and it also makes it handle the work of two appliances at the same time.

Fast Brew Time

A lot of customers also noted how fast the brew time is compared to some of the other coffee makers available. This pairs well with the on-the-go nature of the machine because it features a built-in travel mug that can be used for those who need to be in and out the door in minutes.

You Should Buy This Coffee Maker If…

  • You are looking for quality tasting coffee
  • You want the convenience and space-saving nature of a 2 in 1 appliance
  • You want an affordable coffee maker that punches well above its weight class


Verdict – Is This Machine Worth Buying?

Mr. Coffee managed to put out a very compelling coffee appliance that is tailored to those who want convenience, but who aren’t willing to sacrifice quality. If you are someone who is looking to enjoy Starbucks quality coffee in the comfort of your own home, this is the machine for you.

With its built-in grinder, you will be able to get fresh-tasting coffee at all times. Meaning, you can buy freshly roasted beans from your local roaster and experience high-quality artisan coffee every time you wake up with no flavor loss.

Best of all, this machine is extremely affordable considering you are getting a coffee maker and grinder in a single package.

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