Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 2-Way Coffee Maker– Why You Should Put Your Money on This One

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker, Compatible with K-Cup Pods or Grounds, Single Serve & Full 12c Pot, Permanent Gold-Tone Filter, Black & Silver

There’s hardly anything more refreshing than a cup of hot coffee early in the morning. It gives you the much-need kick to kick-start your day as the caffeine starts to dissolve in your blood. But it’s often challenging to find the right type of coffee maker for your home. A single serve machine just does not always work for large families or when you have guests. And you don’t have plans to keep two coffee makers in your kitchen. What’s the solution? Go and get a Hamilton Beach 2-way coffee maker that suffices your needs.

And when it comes to 2-way coffee makers, one of the first names that you should consider is the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-Way Coffee Maker. Want to know why this coffee maker should be in your kitchen? Let’s take a quick look at what sets this coffee machine apart.

What is a Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 2-Way Coffee Maker?

When you search for the best 2-way coffee maker, make sure you look for a balance between two things: quality and value. And the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew has the balance you are looking for. It comes with K-cups and Carafe as your dual coffee options.

Both the K-cup and Carafe part of the machine can accommodate coffee grounds that are sufficient for as many as 12 cups. That should be enough morning coffee for your entire family. Just pour some hot water and let the coffee brew slowly. What results is pure magic in your cup of joe. To make things easier, the dispenser in the K-cup portion fits most of the travel mugs. That means you can carry your cuppa wherever you go.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew – What We Found!

According to us, this is one of the best 2-way coffee makers in the market right now. From regular coffee to bold, you can choose its brew strength depending on your taste. It also comes with a delay function that lets you have your coffee according to your time. You can switch to delay mode if you want to drink your coffee late in the morning. The display is huge, making it easier for you to set time and monitor it while making coffee.

One of the reasons why it stands out is it offers two types of coffee in one machine. That’s like spending on one coffee-maker and getting the value of two. This makes the machine highly convenient for avid coffee lovers. Moreover, you can carry your cup of coffee anywhere, thanks to the flexible dispenser. The dedicated reservoirs, together with frontal access, allow you to brew and serve your coffee in minutes.


• There are separate water reservoirs that are easy to fill and they also come with a water window. This tells you the amount of water in each brewer.
• It hardly takes 3 minutes to brew a cup of strong and aromatic coffee. Moreover, it saves a lot of energy by brewing the coffee only when you are ready to drink. It won’t keep heating the water continuously.
• The carafe side has permanent filters that come with auto pause, 2-hour auto shutoff, and programmable timer.
• It can brew two types of coffee at the same time, making it one of the most popular 2-way coffee makers.


• It doesn’t come with an in-built machine to grind coffee beans.
• Not suitable for those who don’t like carafe or k-cup coffee.

What do people love about Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 2-Way Coffee Maker?

hamilton beach flexbrew 2-way coffee maker

Now that you have a general idea about Hamilton Beach Flexbrew and how it works, let’s take a detailed look at the best features that make this coffee-maker one of the best in the business:

Two ways to brew

You can now brew a full pot of your favorite coffee for your family on the carafe side. You can also just make a cup of k-cup coffee from the single-serve side. Just make sure you have two types of coffee to check how this machine works. It makes 12 cups right away, thus saving a lot of time to brew and serve coffee for everyone one by one.

Easy to fill water reservoirs

Those who have already bought the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew believe that they can now make coffee faster than before. Most importantly, they can now make two types of coffee simultaneously because each brewer has its own reservoir where water can boil before brewing the coffee. These reservoirs also come with a water window. This means you can watch the water level while brewing your coffee.

Easily programmable

Customers also praised the huge display and digital clock right at the face of the coffee maker. The coffee is fully programmable where you can not only set the time but also a schedule for drinking coffee. Suppose you want to drink your coffee at 8 in the morning every day. You can set the brew time 24 hours in advance directly from the display screen. This machine also has a 2-hour automatic shutoff cycle. It means you can expect the coffee to be warm even after the machine switches off after brewing.

Flexible brew strength

There are two brewing strengths in this coffee maker: regular or bold. You can switch between the two while brewing two cups of coffee consecutively.

Auto pause and serve

This is another remarkable feature that users loved as it allows everyone to remove the carafe midway through the brewing process and pour a cup without any dripping. Sometimes, you are in a hurry and you don’t want to wait for the machine to fully brew the coffee. In that case, you can auto pause the machine and pour yourself a cup quickly.

Permanent filters

The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 2-Way Coffee Maker has permanent gold-tone filters that don’t allow staining. This means you don’t need to buy paper filters for this coffee maker. This differentiates this model from other Flexbrew models.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Specifications

Weight9.64 pounds
Dimension13.66 x 11.42 x 12.24 inches
Water tank capacity12 cups
User manualAvailable here


Hamilton Beach Flexbrew – The Leading 2-Way Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew should undoubtedly be your go-to coffee maker if you don’t want to invest in two separate coffee machines in your house. According to hundreds of reviews, this is by far, the best 2-way coffee maker that not only makes super-tasty coffee but also fits your budget.

Whether you want to make yourself a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning or brew a pot for your entire family, you can rely on Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 2-Way Coffee Maker to do a good job every single time.

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