December 15: Enjoy National Tea Day & National Cupcake Day

december 15 national tea and cupcake days

At Sweet Lucys, any day is a perfect day to enjoy sweets with your favorite beverage and tea pairs well with cupcakes. I stumbled upon a calendar that listed special days of the year and discovered that December 15 is both National Tea and National Cupcake Day!

The history of National Tea Day as well as National Cupcake Day is quite interesting. Hope you enjoy the following brief description of both days. Better yet, make a cup of tea and enjoy a cupcake while reading!

History Of National Tea Day

National Tea Day

In 2005, after much discussion by the World Social Forum during the previous year, National Tea Day was observed on December 15. The Place? New Delhi. The participants? Tea drinkers from around the world joined in in spirit and person. Since that time, National Tea Day has been observed by many who enjoy drinking tea both hot and cold.

The main goal of National Tea Day is to celebrate tea and raise awareness on how the impact of the tea trade affects farmers and farmworkers, however, it’s also a special day that is celebrated by tea lovers around the world. The origins of tea stem all the way back to China. Originally, tea was used as a medicinal. Before the 17th century, tea wasn’t found in the UK.

There are six main types of tea available on the market today. Black, white, green, oolong, herbal, and pu’erh. Tea is now imported from many different countries and celebrated on December 15 around the world. That apparently wasn’t enough for tea lovers, however, The United Nations went on to introduce a new date of May 21 for International Tea Day.

Celebrating National Tea Day

Tea lovers are delighted to celebrate their favorite beverage on both days. Whether it’s hot or cold, strong or mild, tea lovers of all ages are enjoying tea, and why not, tea is perhaps one of the most popular beverages. Typically served hot, it is just as delicious served room temperature and iced. There are a great many teas from which to choose and many people find that they have a preference right away.

With over 35 countries enjoying the production of tea as the main livelihood, tea is perhaps one of the better crops to consider when farming. There are many great health benefits from drinking tea. It can be used to soothe a sore throat, relax and calm a person, for stomach ailments, and more.

There are a variety of ways to celebrate National Tea Day. Join a group of like-minded friends and celebrate by choosing several different types of teas to sample. Try a new flavor and see how you like it. Throw a tea party and invite some friends. Visit a local tea shop and choose a few new flavors to try. Invest in a simple teapot and sea cup to enjoy your favorite beverage with friends and family. Tea drinking is a nice way to relax at the end of a busy afternoon.

History Of National Cupcake Day

December 15 National Cupcake Day

December 15 is a favorite day for all cupcake lovers! It’s National Cupcake Day. As early as the 19th century people have been enjoying cupcakes. Originally, cupcakes were made to reduce the amount of a recipe so that there was less waste. Cake recipe ingredients were weighed instead of measuring out the ingredients. If you’re looking for a perfect portion control dessert recipe, cupcakes are definitely the way to go. As a bonus, these perfect portion controls are ideal to save for later.

In the early 1900s, cupcakes began to be mass-produced on the market. Today, there are a wide variety of options when it comes to purchasing pre-made cupcakes. Women around the world enjoy baking cupcakes for their families and it’s no wonder that cupcakes are frequently seen at weddings instead of a wedding cake.

Celebrating National Cupcake Day

There are a wide variety of ways to celebrate this wonderful whimsical day. Sit down and craft your creations. Throw a cupcake theme party and have everyone bring their favorite recipe all baked up and ready to eat. Have a holiday bake-off with friends and family and then enjoy eating your creations. Don’t forget to frost and add sprinkles to your holiday delights. You can also make cupcakes for your friends, shut-ins, the elderly, family, even your pets.

Need a quick and easy fundraiser idea? Whip up a batch of delightful cupcakes and take them to the bake sale. You could even make them for a cakewalk and set six or more on a plate for the winners. Cupcakes offer up a variety of delightful ways to use them and are a fun way to nibble on something sweet without going overboard.

Celebrating December 15

Whether you’re celebrating International Tea Day or National Cupcake day (hey, why not celebrate both together? Cupcakes and tea are great together!), you can enjoy your favorite creations and dine in style. Throw a tea party with cupcakes and you’ll be able to celebrate both days in style.

Set out fine China, use your fancy tea kettle, decorate with a fun theme, and you’re sure to have a great tradition on your list of favorite traditions for this time of year. Friends and family will look forward to it next year and help you plan it out.

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