Finding the Best Coffee Maker with Grinder 2020

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There’s just something special about fresh coffee that comes from beans you grind yourself. This doesn’t mean you need an old school hand grinder that works with forearm muscles and a crank. But there’s no denying that it’s hard to beat a fresh cup of coffee straight from freshly ground coffee beans in the morning.

What better pick me up could you possibly ask for in the morning?

Whether you like your coffee smooth and fresh or bold with a kick, having a coffee maker with a grinder gives you control to set yourself up with the perfect cup of fresh coffee every morning.

Why Buy A Coffee Maker With Grinder?

this is not the best coffee maker with grinder
coffee cup and bean with coffee pot vintage style background

The answer is simple. Why have two machines when one will do?

For some of us tossing in a few coffee grinds from a sealed bucket and adding hot water is enough to kick off the morning. However, there are plenty of us coffee drinkers who crave the taste that comes from coffee that is made from freshly ground beans. In those cases there’s little question that a good coffee maker with grinder is definitely preferable.

Especially on those rough Mondays where you need all the help you can get to really get moving!

Getting a coffee maker with a grinder gives you the ability to get that extra taste and flavor from freshly ground coffee beans. Sometimes even the sound of hearing the coffee beans getting ground down can add to that experience of waking up and getting the right attitude to face the day ahead.

The good news is that there are several great options when it comes to finding the perfect coffee maker with grinder. Read on for what I consider the best five options out there ranging from awesome budget options to the best premium options when budget is no issue, to everything in between!

Here’s Our Findings For the Best Coffee Maker With Grinder

We researched and reviewed many coffee makers with grinder from the very expensive to the affordable. Everyone’s budget is different and everyone has different feature requirements. Here are our 5 findings based on different categories. We highlight the features and give you the pros and the cons. They are listed in no particular order. Each is the best in their respective category.

#1 – Best Overall Coffee Maker with Grinder: Cuisinart Grind and Brew Automatic CoffeeMaker

Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 Automatic Coffeemaker Grind & Brew, 12-Cup Glass, Black

The Cuisinart Grind and Brew Automatic Coffee Maker (Model # DGB-550BKP1) is a full pot version of the also popular single cup version that Cuisinart offers. This stylish looking coffee maker and grinder comes in 10-cup pot size and 12-cup pot size, as well as offering both glass carafe or thermal carafe.

The coffee pot is programmable over a 24 hour period meaning you can have the coffee going even before you make it into the kitchen. The filter and grinder chambers are separate from one another which has the benefit of making cleanup easier than if they were all combined.


  • Easy to use controls
  • Programmable
  • 3-year warranty
  • Very well designed
  • Affordable pricing


  • A lot of parts to clean
  • Need to clean frequently (which can get irritating fast)

#2 – Best Premium Coffee Maker with Grinder: JURA Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine

Jura Z8 Aluminum Automatic Espresso & Cappuccino Machine with Touch screen

Ever hear of Jura? Yes, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, the amazing JURA Z8. It will be out of most people’s price range. At least for what they are willing to spend on a coffee machine, and that’s fair. There’s a reason that the term “premium coffee maker” means so much and although the four figure price tag is sure to turn some heads this is the absolute best coffee maker plus grinder, and many would say best coffee machine, period.

A price tag of over $4,000 is going to make many shoppers look for the next set of premium coffee machines one level down, but if money is no object there are good reasons to invest in this incredible coffee maker.

Weighing only one pound and made from fine stainless steel, the JURA Z8 has a digital push button interface that makes it easy to create the perfect fast cup of coffee whether you want a caffe latte, an Americano, or even classic black cup of joe from freshly ground coffee beans. This machine has an incredible variety and specialties, giving you options most people need to go to a coffee shop for.

There are 21 beverages offered with 16 that can be programmed to taste. That is some really incredible stuff coming from the very definition of a premium coffee maker. This coffee maker handles all the technical aspects of making a fancy and delicious cup of morning coffee. Hot milk, foam, perfect mixing with coffee made from freshly ground beans – the JURA Z8 handles it all so you can simply enjoy!


  • One of the most highly rated coffee machines out there
  • Over 21 coffee beverages available with the push of a button
  • Easy and automatic
  • Truly one of the best coffee machines out there, and possibly ever made to date
  • Perfect for super-picky coffee drinkers


  • Huge price tag

#3 – Best Budget Coffee Maker with Grinder: No products found.

No products found.

The Sboly is a popular option that is relatively easy on the budget, as well. A single serving coffee maker, you can use the Sboly to grind and brew the perfect cup of coffee in the morning. This drip coffee maker can quickly grind entire coffee beans to deliver that special freshness that so many of us love with our morning cup of coffee.

This machine is designed to grind coffee beans or it can use pre-ground coffee so whatever your preference this budget-friendly coffee maker can absolutely handle it and deliver. There are also level adjustments where the drip tray sets the proper height. This makes sure you have the right amount of coffee being made each time and don’t have to worry about spilling of any kind.

The Sboly coffee machine is small in stature but can deliver a great cup of coffee that delivers the punch that you’re looking for to kick off the morning right!


  • Inexpensive budget option that is easy on the wallet
  • Can adjust grinding between coarse or fine to control the strength of your coffee
  • Doesn’t use K-Cups so there’s far less waste
  • Great value for the price


  • Only makes a single cup of coffee
  • Requires cleaning after each cup before using again
  • Takes a little bit of time to get the hang of using it

No products found.

#4 – Best Coffee Maker With Grinder (Single Cup): Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker with Travel Mug and Built-In Grinder

Built for the individual who needs that serious morning cup of coffee, but they need to hit the road quickly after getting up, then Mr. Coffee might be the one with an answer for you. Not forcing you to waste an entire pot if you’re just going to have one cup, this is a simple single cup coffee maker that is easy to use, easy to clean, and just focuses on making things as clean and simple as possible.

This model is very efficient and very affordable compared to similar coffee makers and grinders. This combination makes it easy to get a good travel mug of freshly ground and brewed coffee. The ease of use is a major benefit that many users love about this model, and it’s easy to see why. For those of us who often need a great cup of coffee but are constantly on the way out the door, this quality Mr. Coffee coffee maker and grinder could be the perfect solution for your rushed lifestyle.


  • Comes with a metal traveling mug
  • Adjustable for up to 16 oz of coffee in one brewing
  • The filter basket is dishwasher safe & is easy to clean overall
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Only works with one cup at a time
  • The grinder section can be messy
  • The traveling mug is just okay – it’s not built to retain heat at a maximum level

#5 – Best Coffee Maker with Grinder (Compact): Breville Grind Control Single Serve Coffee Maker

Breville Grind Control Coffee Machine BDC650BSS, Brushed Stainless Steel

Sometimes space is at a premium, but that’s no reason to give up that necessary cup of morning coffee. The Breville Single Serve Coffee Maker is an excellent option for individuals looking for that perfect morning cup of coffee but don’t have a lot of space in the apartment kitchen.

Anyone who has had an early apartment understands how space can be at a premium in a small cubby hole of a kitchen. There’s often room for only the essentials, and sometimes even less, but that’s no excuse to not make room for coffee! With the Breville Single Serve Coffee Maker, you can get a truly great cup of coffee without taking up precious space.

This compact coffee maker has an easy to read LCD screen, is programmable, and has the ability to make a delicious cup of coffee whether you’re relaxing at home or leaping out the door to get moving on the week.


  • Very space compact
  • Nice looking silver finish
  • 8 strength settings to choose from
  • Multiple options for amount of coffee brewed


  • A touch on the pricey side
  • The bean hopper runs a bit to the small side
  • Not compatible with demineralized water

What to Look for in the Best Coffee Maker with Grinder?

There are several different questions you’ll want to ask yourself when looking for the best coffee maker with grinder. For some of these factors there won’t be a clear right answer, but it will come down to personal preference. Some swear that blade grinders work better while others prefer the ground coffee beans that come from burr grinders.

Some of us only need one cup of coffee in the morning to set the world right, while others are going to want something that can provide a pot, especially with multiple coffee drinkers in the house. This can determine which option is really best for you.

If you’re not sure whether you prefer a burr grinder or a blade grinder, ask around to friends or even a local coffee shop to see if you can try coffee from both. Maybe you’ll find you have a very distinctive preference of one over another. Or you might find that you taste no difference whatsoever.

A little bit of personal experience can go a long way towards making the right decision for you. Plus the boosted caffeine levels certainly don’t hurt!

Final Verdict: Your Best Coffee Maker with Grinder

The good news is that you have multiple options when it comes to finding a quality coffee maker with a built-in grinder. The best one is going to be the option in this article that fits your budget, your kitchen, and your individual daily coffee needs.

While the idea of a JURA Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine being there for the perfect cup or coffee every morning is a great one, it might be out of the budget for most of us.

The Cuisinart Grind and Brew CoffeeMaker is a quality choice that is going to be affordable for almost any budget while the No products found. delivers quality that almost any budget can afford.

Take a look at your coffee situation, stick with these top choices, and enjoy the benefits of wonderful coffee freshly ground every morning!

For more examples of dual coffee makers, visit our 2-way Coffee Maker reviews!

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