The Best Coffee and Espresso Maker Combos

If you are someone who is consistently finding yourself stopping at your local coffee shop day after day either to start your day off with your favorite caffeinated beverage or for your afternoon pick me up, consider purchasing a machine that can bring that fresh brewed goodness into your own home.

Not only will this save you money, but you will also afford yourself the convenience of being able to walk downstairs and have your morning espresso ready in no time. These espresso coffee combo machines are great for the whole family because they have multiple beverage options, so everyone can have their choice of Morning Joe.

It’s important to spend some time researching your options for these espresso coffee combo machines because these can be quite the investment (though we will offer less expensive options as well). Depending upon what your primary use of the coffee maker is going to be, that will determine the machine that is ideal for you.

If you’re looking to make 5 easy cups of coffee per day for your whole family, with the occasional Sunday afternoon cappuccino for your enjoyment, you’ll want to choose a machine that delivers those products well. If you consider yourself quite the coffee connoisseur and hope to be adventurous with various types of caffeinated delights on a daily basis, you’ll want a product that can cater well to that.

You’ll also want to consider whether to choose a pod-only or ground coffee option. Pod-only machines are convenient, easy, and fast when it comes to making your coffee and cleaning up. However, they are not as customizable as other options, and the pods can be unhealthy for the environment. You also want to consider how much counter space you can dedicate to your new coffee machine, which will narrow down the possibilities.

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What Should I Look for When Buying Coffee and Espresso Maker Combos?

Criteria #1: A product that has the strengths that you are specifically looking for. Consider whether you’re making this purchase to brew up large pots of regular coffee for your family and friends or whether you want it to get your daily cappuccino fix. Your preferences will indicate the product that is ideal for you.

Criteria #2: Durability. Many people are purchasing a machine like this to use on a daily basis (if not multiple times per day). You don’t want a product that is going to break or overheat in a short amount of time.

Criteria #3: Convenience. Some coffee makers take more maintenance and care than others, and you want to be honest with yourself about how much time you’re willing to invest. If you’re not an everyday coffee drinker, you probably don’t want to get a machine that is going to take up too much counter space, and a more compact option would suit your needs.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Coffee and Espresso Maker Combos

In determining the best coffee espresso combination machines, we took a look at various features, like durability, how much coffee can be made at once, pod vs ground coffee, ease of use, ease of maintenance, and budget. In assessing these products, we also took into account both positive and negative customer reviews to back up claims made by the companies and offer real assessments of these espresso and coffee maker combos.

#1: Mr. Coffee All-in-One Occasions Specialty Coffee Maker (Best Value - All-Purpose)

Mr. Coffee All-in-One Occasions Specialty Pods Coffee Maker, 10-Cup Thermal Carafe, and Espresso with Milk Frother and Storage Tray, Black

This Mr. Coffee All-in-One Occasions Specialty Coffee Maker brews traditional, 10-cup drip coffee, can make single serve cups, accommodates Keurig K-Cup pods, makes authentic espresso with its 15 bar pump system, and has a built-in milk frother so you can make lattes and cappuccinos. The auto brew detect feature automatically recognizes the attachment you’re using and provides the right brew size for that brew.

The Mr. Coffee All-in-One coffee and espresso maker combo is the best all purpose coffee espresso combo maker because for just a little more than $200, it provides all of the coffee and espresso needs you could want — plus more! It’s versatile in that you can brew a pot of coffee for a crowd or a single serve mug for your morning fix. Not only can you brew your favorite coffee, but you can also make fancier beverage options like cappuccinos and lattes and use your favorite type of dairy or non-dairy milk with the built-in milk frother wand.

Customers love that this coffee espresso maker combo makes exactly the amount of coffee you want, meaning no pouring extra down the drain. One customer wrote, “to say that this is the best coffee maker I’ve ever used would be an understatement.” Another customer wrote that this one machine replaced three of her old coffee makers, because this is one product that can do everything those three could do, and she added that the coffee was better than any of those other coffee makers.

A number of customers noted that this product can get a bit loud when brewing, and it takes time to understand the attachments and how to use them. Customers also pointed out that this option does not have a clock or timer, so you can’t set it to turn on automatically for brewing in the morning.

You can read a full review of this product at Mr. Coffee All-in-One Occasions Specialty Coffee Maker Review 2020.

#2: No products found.

No products found.

The Miele CM 6350 is a countertop coffee and espresso machine that allows you to make cappuccinos, latte macchiatos, caffè lattes, and more. With the touch of a button, you will be able to make up to 8 cups of coffee, and it can also dispense water for either a single-serve cup or pot of tea.

The settings on this coffee espresso maker will also allow you to select the exact amount, grinder setting, temperature, and water amount you’d like and save those preferences for repeat use. You can set up to 10 user profiles in the machine so it can make you exactly what you want every time without having to input the settings again.

The Miele CM 6350 combo coffee machine is definitely a splurge because at more than $2,000, it’s not as affordable as the other options, but Miele machines are incredible, durable products that make a range of delicious coffees and espressos. Cleaning and maintaining this machine is made simple with a removable brew unit and many components, like the water container and waste container, are dishwasher safe. This coffee espresso machine also has automatic cleaning components. The milk pipework is automatically cleaned after every drink you make with milk.

This machine comes with a system lock that can be set with the touch of a fingertip and prevents the machine from accidentally being turned on by children. It allows you to put in your own fresh coffee beans, and it also has a drawer for ground coffee.

Customers love that this combination coffee and espresso maker “makes coffee drinks flawlessly,” in addition to milk infused drinks like cappuccinos. They noted that the way the machine is cleaned is well thought out and convenient. One customer who had this machine for two years wrote that it “performs fantastic under heavy daily usage” and the settings work well.

Customers love the variety of the drinks this combo coffee machine can make and the fact that you can set profiles to tailor to the different tastes of your family and friends. Some customers noted that this machine requires quite a bit of care to maintain (emptying the trays, filling water, etc.), but that once you’re in the routine of using it, it’s no big deal and that this type of maintenance is standard for these types of machines.

Reason #1 to Choose This Product

You have a higher budget and specifically want a high-quality product. This coffee and espresso machine also makes a variety of specialty drinks and allows you to personalize the settings for ease of use.

Reason #2 to Choose This Product

You want to go with a company that has trusted customer service. Before you purchase a Miele product, you can book a 1-on-1 sales video consultation, and after purchasing, Miele continues to provide reliable customer support.

No products found.

#3: Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine by Breville (Best Pod Only Machine)

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine by Breville

The Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine by Breville is a simple coffee and espresso machine that makes freshly brewed coffee or espresso at the touch of a button. This coffee maker pre-heats in about 15 to 20 seconds, and the capsule is automatically ejected after brewing.

This machine can accommodate five different cup sizes. Virtuo offers 16 options for freshly brewed coffee and 10 options of espressos, each with varying intensity and taste. The machine automatically comes with 12 capsules for you to try, and then you can order your favorites online or in stores.

This coffee and espresso maker combo is the best pod-only option because it’s easy to use and brews fresh, exceptional cups of coffee. Not only is this coffee maker one-touch, there are also no settings to fiddle around with. Using automatic blend recognition, each capsule comes with a barcode that the machine reads and automatically adjusts its settings depending on the selected coffee.

You can add the Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother to your purchase to add fine textured frothy milk to your coffee drinks, if that is to your liking. In just a few seconds, this add-on whips up your milk without noise or vibration, ensuring you get a quick and delicious cappuccino or caffè latte.

One customer called this combination coffee maker “coffee heaven,” noting that it makes the perfect cup of coffee. They like that the machine reads the pod and knows what’s being brewed without you having to input any settings. It also conveniently ejects the pod and is ready for the next cup right away.

Another customer wrote that this combination coffee and espresso maker is “ingeniously simple, the espresso and coffee pods are out of this world delicious and incredibly consistent, and the recycling process is a breeze.” Some customers noted that capsules are expensive and there are no cheaper, third party pods available for this espresso machine. Other customers noted that the brewed coffee is not as hot as they’d like.

#4: NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Genio 2 (Best Low Cost)

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine, Genio 2, Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte Pod Machine, Silver

The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio 2 is an automatic capsule, single-cup coffee espresso maker combo that can brew coffee, espresso, Americano, cappuccinos, lattes, and more. The LED display is easy to use and allows you to choose the size and intensity of your coffee as well as hot or cold brew. The 15-bar pressure allows for high levels of flavor in every cup as well as that lovely coffee shop aroma. The hermetically sealed capsules prevent humidity and oxygen from damaging the coffee, ensuring a fresh cup every time.

This Nescafe combo coffee maker is the best low cost option because at a little more than $100, it features a professional-grade, 15-bar pressure system for a coffeehouse experience, hot and cold brew options, and many choices of flavor and intensity of your coffee.

Customers love that his device looks sleek, makes a delicious cappuccino, and works “flawlessly.” One customer wrote that “every person who comes over to my house that I’ve made an espresso or cappuccino for has absolutely loved it.” Another customer said this is the most versatile coffee and espresso combo machine they ever used, and that Nescafe’s coffee is flavorful and aromatic and that the compact size of this machine frees up counter space. Some customers noted that the pods can be hard to find and that the water tank, which is in the back of the machine, can be difficult to remove and clean.

For a full review of this product, visit NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Genio 2 Combo Coffee Machine Review: Best Coffee Maker?

#5: DeLonghi BCO430BM Combination Pump Espresso and 10c Drip Coffee Machine (Most Convenient)

De'Longhi BCO430BM All-in-One Combination Maker & Espresso Machine + Advanced Milk Frother for Cappuccino, Latte & Macchiato + Glass Coffee Pot 10-Cup

The DeLonghi BCO430BM Combination Pump Espresso and 10c Drip Coffee Machine is one coffee and espresso maker that “does it all.” One side makes authentic, 15-bar espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes, while the other side brews delicious coffee. The cappuccino system mixes steam and milk to create rich, frothy drinks. The carbon filter keeps the water in this machine fresh and pure for a better-tasting product.

This coffee maker combo machine is the most convenient machine because both water and coffee reservoirs are located with frontal access, meaning you don’t need to move the entire machine to refill it. The warming plate on the base of the machine keeps your coffee warm and fresh after brewing, and there is room to store extra coffee cups on top of the machine. This machine comes with a 24-hour timer, which allows you to have a fresh pot ready for you as soon as you start your day, and you can set the machine to shut off automatically.

Customers love that this combination coffee maker is easy to figure out how to use, easy to clean, and high quality. This machine is intuitive to use, top-notch, and can make the whole family’s favorites. One customer wrote that “De’Longhi clearly put a lot of thought into this product and it shows!” Some customers noted that this machine can get a bit noisy, and others noted that coffee spills out of the spout of the coffee pot despite being careful.

Need more information? Visit DeLonghi BCO430BM Review – Is It The Best Coffee Espresso Combo Machine?

On a Budget? Try These:

#1 Budget: No products found.

No products found.

The Sboly 6 in 1 Coffee Machine is a versatile coffee maker that allows you to enjoy a variety of coffees, teas, lattes, and cappuccinos with just the touch of a button. The dishwasher safe milk frother will add velvety, sweet, foamed milk to take your coffee creations to the next level. This coffee maker accommodates travel mugs up to 7” tall. All of the accessories of this combo coffee maker are dishwasher safe, making for easy cleanup.

Customers love that this combination coffee maker allows them to have their lattes and cappuccinos without having to invest the amount of money it takes to get one of the fancier coffee makers. One customer wrote, “this coffee machine literally does what I’m looking for without breaking the bank!”

Read what other customers have to say about the Sboly 6 in 1 Coffee Machine at “Sboly 6 in 1 Coffee Maker – Is 6 Better Than the Price of One?

On top of that, all of the drinks taste “good and rich.” This coffee maker is easy to operate, churns out hot coffee, and foams milk to the perfect consistency. Some customers noted that this coffee maker can be noisy when brewing.

No products found.

#2 Budget: STARESSO Portable Espresso Machine

STARESSO Portable Espresso Maker - Mini Espresso Machine with BPA-Free Material for Rich & Thick Crema Manual Espresso Compatible with Ground Coffee Compact Travel Coffee Maker

The STARESSO Portable Espresso Machine is compact and weighs less than one pound, but packs a punch when it comes to providing real, Italian-style coffee. This mini coffee maker is compatible with Nespresso pods and ground coffee and can make Americanos, caffe lattes, and cappuccinos, in addition to just a single shot of espresso.

The pump can also be used as a milk frother on this machine so you can dress up your drink any way you’d like. This is a great option for camping, traveling, or to take with you to the office for your afternoon pick me up, just the way you like it.

Customers love that the espresso comes out just as great as using a standard, countertop machine. One customer noted that it makes the finest espresso she’s tried at home. They like that it’s easy to disassemble and rinse after use as well as sturdy and easy to handle. Some customers noted that it can be time consuming and take a bit of a work out to make the espresso.

STARESSO Espresso Coffee Maker – Portable and Always Ready To Go (2020)” describes the Staresso Portable Espresso Machine in more details.

#3 Budget: Wacaco Minipresso NS

WACACO Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine, Compatible Ground Coffee, Hand Coffee Make, Travel Gadgets, Manually Operated, Perfect for Camping

The Wacaco Minipresso NS is a portable espresso machine that is compatible with Nespresso’s original capsules. You add any compatible capsule to the outlet head, pour hot water in the water tank, unlock the piston, and pump a few strokes to pressurize and extract your delicious espresso.

Weighing in at less than one pound and measuring less than seven inches, this is a great on-the-go travel option for those who want to be confident they can have their high-quality espresso when they’re traveling away from home. There are a number of accessories you can purchase with this product, including the Minipresso Tank+, which you can use to brew a longer shot and then add hot water if you prefer an Americano.

One customer noted that she was initially skeptical, but after using the Wacaco Minipresso machine half a dozen times, “it is every bit as good as those I get from my Nespresso machine.” Many customers noted that they are so pleased to be able to enjoy the espresso they are used to at home on the go. It also has a modern, sleek, and compact design and is small enough to fit into a handbag or travel suitcase. Some customers noted that it takes a good deal of hand pressure to squeeze out the espresso (but worth every pump)!

Verdict: Your Best Coffee and Espresso Maker Combos 

If you want the best value for money, pick the Mr. Coffee All-in-One Occasions Specialty Coffee Maker.

If you specifically want a pod-only machine, pick the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine by Breville.

If you want to keep the spend under $130, pick the NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Genio 2.

In choosing the right espresso and coffee combo machine for you, you have to assess the primary reason you’re purchasing one. Do you want to be able to brew a lot of regular coffee at once for entertaining guests? Is it just you and your partner using the machine for single serve espressos once a day?

Are you already a coffee connoisseur looking for the highest quality espresso every morning? Once you assess your needs and desires, you can choose the best combo coffee maker that will service you and your family.

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