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Lucy's Guestbook Archives p.2

Jun 9, 1997 - Sep 6, 1997


Jun 9, 1997 - 23:42 - From: Glenda

Homepage: Zeke the Wonder Bouv & the Bouv rescue crew
Comments: Wow ! neat site! I had a Rat terrier when I was a little girl I had no idea about this hairless type! learn somthing new every day! :o ) if you get a chance please vist Zekes HP & sign his guest book THANKS

Jun 16, 1997 - 03:55 - From: Katja Karhinen

Comments: Hello, Really nice homepages and pictures!! Millainen AHT on luonteeltaan verrattaessa Kiinanharjakoiriin ja Xoloihin?

Jun 20, 1997 - 04:18 - From: Christine

Comments: This is the first time i"ve ever seen or heard of these dogs they look soooo cute

Jun 24, 1997 - 12:24 - From: Amy VanHoose

Comments: I am w/Hill's Pet Nutrition and was wondering if I could use the 'Origin of the American Hairless Terrier' bio, that you have with Lucille's page. It is for Consumer Affairs Department only and would not be mailed to anyone. It would be used to broaden our knowledge of this breed with the other Dietary Management Consultants in Consumer Affairs. If you have any questions please contact me at 1-800-538-9673 extension 5157, Hill's Pet Nutrition. Thank You, Amy VanHoose

Jul 13, 1997 - 22:11 - From: Gioua

Comments: <insert generic attempt to make you look at my site here> ~!~GREAT JOB~!~ Keep up the good work! Thanks for having a page on the WWW!

Jul 18, 1997 - 22:18 - From: James Roth

Comments: Thank you for having such a nice home page! I just saw my first AHT my brother owns in Hastings Nebraska. She was a beautiful dog and I would like to have one. I'm glad you have such a complete page for me to learn about AHT's. I hope I get a chance to own one! James Roth Elkton, MD

Jul 18, 1997 - 22:37 - From: PJ

Comments: Your Web site is great! Your dog Lucy is so adorable. This is clearly the answer to the shedding problem! Seriously, she sounds and looks like a terrific dog. Keep up the good work!

Jul 22, 1997 - 22:08 - From: Joanne L.

Homepage: Tuckers Rat Terrier Doghouse Page
Comments: Thanks for listing Tucker's Doghouse Page as one of your links! I love your web page!!!!

Jul 23, 1997 - 04:23 - From: Hilda Otegui

Homepage: Monos Rojos
Comments: Hi: I'm from Argentina, very nice Lucy !!! I have Yorkshire Terriers and coming soon with Chinese Crested. Glad to visit your page.

Jul 27, 1997 - 20:19 - From: Charlotte (LoneWolf1)

Homepage: Charlotte and Comet, Inc.
Comments: Yo! I'm finally back from my trip, and when I got onto the lawn I kissed the dirt I was so glad to be back. Well, my e-mail is screwed until my dad hooks up the new computer, so I can't mail you, but I will get any incoming mail. E-mail me, you've won Comet's award! I love your page, it really shows some "un-knowers" (like me :-) that hairless dogs really are very cute. I was skeptical at first, I thoght hairless dogs were ugly, but Lucy is the cutest and you ghave me so much info I changed my mind right away! I loved your site. Please don't download Comet's award 'till I can e-mail you back, but you've got another award! Congradulations, and Comet says barkyipwooooooooooooorf to Lucy and any other dogs you may know! Love 'n' peace, Charlotte that crazee hippy lady

Jul 31, 1997 - 01:24 - From:

Homepage: Kelly's Labrador Page
Comments: your page is great and what a cute dog:-)

Aug 1, 1997 - 12:49 - From: Angel Shanafelter

Comments: Wonderful site! Lucy is so beautiful! And I love all the links for other types of hairless dogs. (I have two hairless Chinese Cresteds myself, and I adore them!)

Aug 1, 1997 - 14:30 - From: Linsey Wilkes

Homepage: Pugsley's Pug Page
Comments: Hi! Great page! I came from Penny & Cookie's Homepage. I have never seen an American hairless terrier. Lucy is very cute!!!!! This is probably the first breed of dog that I have never heard of. I enjoyed your page! It has lots of info.

Aug 11, 1997 - 17:41 - From: Michelle

Homepage: Angus B's
Comments: Bald is Beautiful!

Aug 12, 1997 - 21:14 - From: Abby Anthony

Homepage: The Dog And Cat Computer Corner
Comments: Very nice page!! It's amazing how young the hairless terrier really is 1972... WOW! I just sort of stumbled on to your page, but I'm really glad I did!! Great job, I like the design of your site!


Aug 13, 1997 - 13:34 - From: Keri D. Cook

Comments: I have never seen an american hairless terrier. Your Puppy is so cute. I have a rat terrier named Buppie. That's the only word my two year old could say. He's 3 months old. I'm having a hard time training him though.

Aug 14, 1997 - 07:36 - From: Mrs. Dooker

Homepage: Mrs. Dooker's Homepage
Comments: Hi Lucy, I am reciprocating your visit. Thanks for visiting my homepage and signing my guestbook. I also liked your page, being a terrier myself, as well. I have a question, though. Don't you get cold? I love having all my hair. It keeps me snuggly warm during Long Island winters and during the summer, well there's always air condsitioning. Ihate my sweater. Try to run away everytime my mom tries to put it on me. Doyou wear sweaters in the winter. Can you get used to them? I don't even want to try. It's kind of humiliating to be wearing a sweater when terrorizing those peaceful woodland creatures - of course when I am running on the dock at my lake cabin and forget to stop and I fall in the water (Okay, okay, so I get over exctied at times and, in my excitement, forget the dock ends and the water begins), - wet hair - ugh. Maybe being hairless isn't so bad. Love, Mrs. Dooker

Aug 23, 1997 - 12:34 - From: Linda

Homepage: Linda's Home page
Comments: Hi Kristi! Thanks for visiting my page. I can honestly say that I have never heard of an American Hairless Terrier. They are adorable! Wanted to say hi and thanks first before I went to look around.

Aug 25, 1997 - 13:44 - From: Terry & Kristen Corkran

Comments: Hi, I visited your page via the Xolo list your dogs are adorable. I would like to know more about them what type of temperments do they have do they get along with other breeds. What is the average price of a show puppy. Can they be shown at all rare breed shows. Please privetly e-mail as Iwould like to know more about these adorable little dogs. WE have Crested and a Xolo. I find the hairless dogs too be very intresting. Sorry to be so long. Thank you Terry

Aug 25, 1997 - 20:26 - From: Jose Luciano Bonetti

Comments: I really appreciated this breed, I only knew the Chinese Crested Dog as hairless dog. Could you help me get informations through Internet about the dog's origin and history? Thank you.

Aug 27, 1997 - 12:55 - From: Alivia Biko

Comments: How do I go about finding an AHT? I live in Oregon, near Portland.

Sep 1, 1997 - 13:32 - From: Keith Falconer

Homepage: New Zealand Dog
Comments: What can I say ! We made a bit of an error on the American Hairless Terrier. Instead of providing a picture on our site of an AHT can we include a link to your excellent site ? We are extremely sorry this error occured, NZ does not have any Xoloitzcuintli, but I will research the breed (from your links) in the next day or two. Regards, Keith Falconer

Sep 2, 1997 - 12:47 - From: Linda

Homepage: Larente's Homepage
Comments: Great page I really enjoyed it

Sep 2, 1997 - 13:52 - From: Barb Bliss

Homepage: Truebliss Pekingese
Comments: I've enjoyed my stay. Please come and visit soon!! Look and vote for me in the site fights next week.

Sep 5, 1997 - 09:18 - From: Glenn Bergmann

Homepage: Bolognese Sweden
Comments: Hi from Sweden. Very interesting breed. Never seen the AHT before. Nice looking and harmonic WEB-site! Well done! Gave me a lot of ideas. Will for sure return! Bye for now. //Glenn

Sep 6, 1997 - 22:35 - From: Bob Hayes

Homepage: Harleys Page
Comments: Very nicely laid out page - easy to navigate. And thanks for teaching something about a breed I had never even heard of before. I was very sceptical when I saw one had been entered at the Virtual Dog Show!


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