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Xolo intro


Xoloitzcuintli Maya
Maya Tikal and Mr Tacho

Meet the Xoloitzcuintli

Archeological findings prove that the Xoloitzcuintli, pronounced "show-low-eats-queent-lee", has been around for thousands of years. His former masters include the Toltecs, the Aztecs, the Mayans, and the Colima Indians. The breed's name is a combination of two Aztec words. "Xolotl" was one of the Aztec gods and "itzcuintli" means dog. It can be spelled as Xoloitzcuintli or Xoloitzcuintle, both are correct. Xolos come in three sizes, from toy to large (or miniature, intermediate, and standard by FCI).

Some other names for the breed are Mexican Hairless Dog, Perro sin pelo mexicano, Perro pelón mexicano, Mexikansk Nakenhund, Meksikonkarvatonkoira, Meksikon Karvaton Koira, Mexikaanse Naakthond, Le Xoloïtzcuintle, Chien nu mexicain, Chien Nu du Mexique, Mexikanischer Nackthund, Mehhiko karvutu koer, and Мексиканская голая собака.

What are Xolos really like? Comments from owners

Xolos are very loving and affectionate… love to snuggle with their favorite person...extremely intelligent, keep you on your toes… very high learners… excel in obedience classes with gentle instruction... curious… independent thinkers… still primitive… hardy… generally very healthy… sensitive… relatively calm dogs…playful… get along well with kids when properly socialized… cheerful… attentive… alert… excellent pets… exceptionally intuitive… very expressive... super companions for those who want a devoted dog … extremely loyal to his master… affectionate with his family... some like to howl to music… do not require much exercise, but love it… like to lounge on the sofa... protective… guards and protects naturally… excellent watch dog… good guard dog... like to "keep an eye" on the visitors, just in case… some don't like to be touched by visitors or strangers, especially if not well socialized… suspicious towards strangers... working dog temperament... strong temperament... tolerate sun well (dark ones)… tan in the sun… need protection from the sun if light skinned... need protection from cold… tolerate cold climates with proper clothing… totally devoted to his family and doesn't care if anybody else exists… tend to bond to one person…needs early socialization… needs early training with gentle methods, no harsh corrections…tolerated by many allergic dog owners… adaptable to all styles of living... eager to please his owner… needs to be involved in the family life… follows you everywhere, even to the bathroom :o)… can suffer from skin irritations… some have drug sensitivities… like to lick themselves like a cat… escape artists… strong willed… some are energetic, some are placid… can be hardheaded… some are sweet, some are not so sweet… can be aggressive… can be suspicious… some are timid… demands attention… can be high strung… can be dog aggressive… some might be too much to handle for a first-time dog owner, especially the large size ones...

My Xolos

Chico was our first Xolo. We got him in 1994. Well, actually Chico is my husband's Xolo because Chico is totally devoted to him. So typical of Xolos :o). See puppy pictures and grown-up photos of Chico.

Do you want to meet my adorable rescue Xolo Pepe? He is super intelligent and has so much personality! He is also very cute and looks like a teddybear. Visit Pepe's page 1 and page 2. See also photos of Pepe and Chico together.

More Xolo pages at Sweet Lucy's

For more Xolo info, see the Xolo temperament page where Xolo owners describe their dogs and the AHT or Xolo page.Xoloitzcuintli puppy

To meet many Xolos and see their photos, go to the 'Xolo Friends' pages. Follow links on the left.

See also the breed standards for the Xoloitzcuintli.

For Xolo books and web links, visit the Xolo links page.


Ps. The dog featured in the Xolo pages title graphic is Chili owned by Pauli Tapia & Johanna Lehtonen in Finland. On the right, is a photo of Pedro.


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