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Peruvian Inca Orchid Links

(Peruvian Hairless, Perro sin pelo del Peru)


PIO/Peruvian Hairless Gifts - at CafePress

CafePress carries a good selection of Peruvian Inca Orchid (Peruvian Hairless Dog) related items, including adult and child t-shirts, sweatshirts, aprons, caps, mugs, license plates, mouse pads, cards, clocks, stickers, prints, calendars, and tote bags. These PIO items are available in many different designs, for example:

notebook t-shirt sweatshirt bag

See all PIO items available at CafePress right now.

PIO/Peruvian Hairless Gifts - on eBay

Peruvian Hairless items for sale on eBay auctions right now. For all PH items on eBay (auctions & shops with buy-it-now items), click on the Search button below:


Peruvian Inca Orchid stuff on eBay auctions right now. For all PIO gifts (auctions and shops), click on the Search button below:


PIO/Peruvian Hairless Links

The Peruvian Inca Orchid links below are NOT intended as an endorsement. I am not familiar with these breeders or the quality of their dogs. These links are posted here merely for the convenience of obtaining more information about the PIOs. I have found some of them surfing the web and many have been submitted by site owners themselves.

Never, never, never buy a dog from a pet shop! Reputable breeders will never sell dogs to pet shops!!! A must read article - Buying Pet Store Dogs. More good articles about getting a dog on that same website.

* Rescue - If you are looking for a Peruvian Hairless Dog, please check out the PIO rescue sites (scroll down). Maybe your home will be the new for-ever-home for one of the homeless PIOs. Support rescue!

PIO Photos

Dogster - PIO pages with photos
Flickr Photos - PIO pics
Flick Photos - Peruvian Hairless Dog pics
Google Photos - PIO pics

PIO Discussion Groups

PIO - Yahoo group, founded Jun 2007
PIO Cantina - Yahoo group, founded May 2008
PIOCA - Yahoo group for club members, founded Oct 2007

PIO Dog Clubs

Peruvian Inca Orchid Enthusiast Club - PIOEC (AKC parent club)
Peruvian Inca Orchid Club of America
and Peruvian Inca Orchid Club of America - old site

Club Perro Sin Pelo Del Peru - in Peru
PIO Database - not a club, but PIO health database

PIO Related Dog Clubs

American Kennel Club - AKC
American Sighthound Field Association - ASFA
American Rare Breed Associaton - ARBA
CCCE - Le chien nu du Pérou, in France
Club für Exotische Rassehunde - CER, Germany
Fédération Cynologique Internationale - FCI, world canine organization
Hairless Dog Club of America - HDCA
International All Breed Canine Association - IABCA
Kennel Club Peruano - Peruvian Kennel Club
Naked Dog Club - Klub chovatelů naháčů ČR, Czech Republic
North American Kennel Club - NAKC/Rarities
Perun- ja Meksikonkarvattomat ry - PIO & Xolo club in Finland
Svenska Urhundsklubben - URCANIS, Swedish club
Suomen Karvattomat Rodut ry - SuKaRo in Finland
United Kennel Club - UKC, PIO standard, revised May 2008
Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen - VDH, German dog club

PIO Web Pages

For privacy reasons, owners' names and cities are listed here only if they have posted them on their own websites.


Xioma Kennel - Sally and Sylvia Johnson in Lewiston, SA, Australia


Perro sin pelo del Peru - Peruanischer Nackthund, Nicole & Wolfgang Baumeister in Limberg

Czech Republic

Anika Vevos Kennel - Veronika Sulcova in Varnsdorf, Czech Republic
Gavany's Bohemia Kennel - Gabriela Zemancova in Czech Republic
Javanna Kennel - Ing. Vladimira Hladikova
Kennel Mesícní kvetina - Alena Jankovská in Praha, Czech Republic
Moravian Pearl Kennel - Lucie Bašná in Czech Republic
Nort Brun Kennel - Hana & Petr Kocmanovi in Czech Republic
Pazzda Kennel - Jiří & Eva Linhartovi in Czech Republic
Peruano Kennel - Ruzickova Ivana in Praha, Czech Republic
Peruánsky naháč mayly - Jaroslava Dolezalova in Jihlava, Czech Republic


Viringo Club Ecuador - Viringos are PIOs


Bay's Bushyfur Kennel - Kaarina Naaralainen in Joutsa, Finland
Caa-Allepo Kennel - Sanna Tuovinen in Jaala, Finland
Chili & Pesto - PIOs in Finland
Ecco - PIO in Finland
Fabled Fairie's Kennel - Heidi Gustafsson-Rinta & Tuomas Rinta in Vantaa
and Fabled Fairies - Flickr album
Kennel Jamming Tail - Mirka Rautio in Finland
Kennel Rahel - in Finland
Komee & Rölli - PIOs in Finland
Manta & Lara - PIOs in Finland
Rikki Tikki Kennel - Kaisa in Oulu, Finland
Sarantais Kennel - Sari Uusitalo & Ari Kähkönen in Sipoo, Finland
Sonqo Suwa Kennel - Anne & Tomi Salminen in Porvoo, Finland
Tiina Pätäri - Tiina's PIOs in Lapinlahti, Finland
Wanhan Wuoren Kennel - Päivi Votkin in Myrskylä, Finland


Bodhisattva Kennel - in France, closing
du temple d'Aphrodite Kennel - Mme Chagneaud
Elevage de Korrantoh Kennel - Estelle Antoni-Koch in Haguenau
L'Orchidee de Lune Kennel - in France
Le Mont Des Serfs Kennel - Mme Maryse Jeanrenaud
Luna Capreza & Kalidor Kennel - Mr & Mlle Lopez, Mr Brun Henri


Frendor's Kennel - Claudia Rauschenberg
Hatum Yuyo - Carolin's PIO in Germany
Inca Orchid Dog - in German
Intiwatana Kennel - Bettina Neubert in Berlin


Chien Noble - Sylvia Zondag
De Huaca Viringo Kennel - Sonja Kolijn & Jp van Zantenin
Happy Dancing Kennel - Patrik & Wendy van Oosten in Zwolle
Peruvian Hairless Dogs - PIO database, incl. international breeder listing


Chinita - Bellavista, Peru
Wayra - Callao, Peru


China - PIO in Spain


Ceasar and Lima - Swedish
Charmtroll - Eva Agholt in Sweden
Kennel Frosta - Gunvor Bergström in Sweden
Kennel Gagakus - Peruansk Nakenhund, in Sweden
Lindoulainen - Swedish
Luminara's Kennel - in Boden, Sweden
Marachinos Kennel - Sandra Jonsson in Mantorp, Sweden
Paracas - PIO in Sweden (go to "hund")
Perrosidan - Linda Smedman in Sweden
Peruanare - Jeanette Flink in Färnäs, Sweden


Petster - PIO Rogaine in Simi Valley, CA
Mookiebones - PIOs, Peruvian imports
Vogue Chinese Cresteds Kennel - Alicia Ward in Dallas, TX - site gone?
Willabe Sighthounds Kennel - Jean & Dick Schroeder in Wanatah, IN - site gone?
Win-Hil Peruvians Kennel - Joan Bindseil in Blanco, TX
Zero-G Kennel - Melanie Chan & Frank Martin in Cocoa Beach, FL

More Links (articles & sites with no country info)

In English:

Central Pets - PIOs
Desperately Seeking Perros - Sherry Kidwell, 1997
The House of Dragon - pics of PIOs in Peru
Minnesota Daily Online - "Peruvian hairless are loveless in their homeland", 1998 article
New Life for Ridiculed Dog Species - article at msnbc
RareBreed Network - breed info
You Tube - Peruvian Hairless videos
You Tube - Perro sin pelo del Peru videos
Wikipedia - Peruvian Hairless Dog

In other languages:

Babelfish - web page translations by Yahoo
Arquelogia del Peru - Perro Sin Pelo del Perú
Atle Tzontli - Perro sin pelo del Peru (msn group)
Capac Cuna - La web de los perros sin pelo del Peru
Perro Peruano sin pelo - Perú Ecológico
Perro sin pelo del Peru - Aracelli
Perro sin pelo del Peru - Spanish
Perro sin pelo del Peru - Javier Pareja
Perro sin pelo del Peru - Perros Argentinos
Perro sin pelo del Perù para el mundo - Pàgina dedicada a la difusiòn de la raza canina perro sin pelo del Perù


Bare Naked Doggies - was Dancing Dog, in Bowman, GA * rescue
Hope's Haven - hairless dog rescue, USA * rescue
Peruvian Inca Orchid Rescue, Inc. - PIO rescue, USA * rescue

Search for PIO rescues * rescue

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