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Chinese Crested Friends - p.7

Crested photos & skin care


Gizmo in Australia - added October 2006

Chinese Crested Dog Gizmo

hello my name is peta fenton, i live in sydney Australia. Thats my baby boy gizmo. I rescued him from being taken to the pound. (i have attached some fotos of an irritation that he gets once every few months, if you have any suggestions how to care for the wound/irritation it would be great as i have tried everything i can think of!) I also have a powder puff, her name is Mia. and a Pommeranian, Nunzio.

Enjoy, Peta

More photos of Gizmo

gizmo's rash



gizmo & mia



chinese crested dog



Advise on Chinese Crested skin care from visitors

Jun 2007

Hi, my name is Mesha... I am getting my first chinese crested in 2 weeks. I have been talking with my breeder for several weeks and she said that with her first crested he had many many scars from outbreaks and poor skin. Then she put him on Innova EVO, grain free food and it cleared right up and never came back. So anyway, don't know if that helps or not. :) Her other dogs have beautiful skin now too.


Nov 2007

Hi!! My Chinese Crested Hairless also gets ugly raw spots on his neck. I thought it was where my other dogs were rough housing and biting the neck in rough play. Now I'm wondering if he doesn't have a skin problem also. Let me know if you find out what's going on with our babies. Thanks for any info you can share. By the way your crested is beautiful. Can not believe he was headed to the pound.


Jan 2008

I too have a crested, she is a deer-type hairless. first thing I would advise is stop vaccinations. give only the puppy shots and no more. Have the dog tittered instead.( a test the vet can do to see if they still have antibodies for viruses)
My crested is 1 year old and no problems with skin. shes on the lifes abundance dog food. I give her aveeno oatmeal baths and I use brown sugar and banana scrub for her skin once a month. so far so good! be sure you have your pedigrees on an immune system builder. nuvet tabs are a good choice ( also transfer factors. They have a weak immune boost boost and boost somemore. Enjoy your crested's!!


Dec 2008

Having just seen the sores around the neck on a hairless chinese crestie it looks very much like an outbreak my rescue boy Laurence was getting,through a friend who also owns the hairless I discovered the cause. The metal buckle on the collar was the culprit so I change to the plastic push in clip found on the fabric collars and his has not had an outbreak since. Hope this information is worth while for those who have the problem to try out and check if the cause is an allergy to other cresties.....


Aug 2009

Hi, My Crested has these places on her neck too from time to time. She had a flea combo put on her by my vet and developed an allergy. We've cleared up the allergy, but she still sometimes scratches her neck raw just like your pics. I put antibiotic cream on it. Wrap with all cotton gauze and a layer of vet wrap so she doesn't remove it. It clears up really quick. Are you putting anything in your pets ears? Sometimes they get dry and irritated and it makes them scratch. I use panalog when I see mine rubbing her ears and it usually keeps her from scratching her neck. Hope this helps you.


Dec 2009

My hairless had a terrible spot around her neck when I first got her and it was due to the collar. I had my mother make a thick cotton sleeve for the collar so the and collar wouldn't touch her directly. I actually had her make several in different colors. The next problem was the acne that was so terrible, it was like giant cysts. She would scratch herself raw. I now give her baths every 3-4 days. First I make a "mask". I ground oatmeal and put a little in the microwave with a little water and cook it. I add honey and plain yogurt and mix it all together. I through her in the tub and put this mask all over her - she likes to lick it off and I keep adding it. I try to keep it on her for at least 10 minutes. I use one of those exfoliating type sponges - they are the kind with cotton on one side and a sponge on the other. I use it to wipe off all the mask and then rinse her off. THEN she gets an exfoliating scrub to rub off all the blackheads. Use the scrub sponge as rough as you would use it on yourself. Lastly, I found that the regular flea prevention shampoo (NOT the strong stuff, but the cheap stuff), helped to prevent the raw spots. This also works on my cat (not hairless) who gets those hot spots and loses all his fur. I confess that I carefully squeeze out those acne areas that are at a 'head'. She will otherwise scratch them raw. I put the neosporin ointment on the red and raw areas. Then finally, I put some of the Avon silicone hand cream on her. I tried other lotions but they dried so fast that her skin was dry again within hours. I went on vacation and asked my son to do this and of course, he didn't. She completely broke out and it's taken me months to get her skin cleared up again. She's better again and not in so much agony from itching, painful spots, or acne. My dog is basically completely hairless and only has a mohawk on top and a few scraggly hairs on her tail and her skin may be different from Peta. Nevertheless, Peta is absolutely gorgeous and I wish you luck.

Sandra Belman

Sep 2010

Just visited your site and all the gorgeous cresteds there.  I have one that is 3 1/2 yrs old and he is the love of my life.  I learned something from another person recently when I was going to adopt a PIO.  She told me to use coconut oil on the skin.  It is non toxic, smells good and not only does it soften the skin up so nicely and keep it that way, it won't hurt them when they lick it off.
You can find the coconut oil in Walmart's (if you have one) and they have it over in the grocery section where the oils are kept.  It's in a special section of specialized oils.

S Monday


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