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American Hairless Terrier Outfits

make your own dog clothes


Over the last 10+ years, many people have emailed me asking where to find clothes for their AHTs and other hairless dogs. There are several choices. You can buy them from a pet shop, order from a catalog, shop online, or make them yourself. Simple or fancy! This page is about making your own doggie clothes.

My original "AHT Outfits" page got so large that I separated it into several pages.  The other outfit and pattern pages are now located at the Boutique section.

This page includes inexpensive pattern books for sewing, knitting, and crocheting dog clothes; dog clothing patterns; instructions for making hand-sewn dog fleece sweaters and no-sew cut-out body warmers; and lots of links to free online dog clothes patterns (knit, sew, crochet).

* For many more dog clothing patterns (sew, knit, and crochet), visit the Boutique section.


Books with sewing, knit, and crochet patterns for dogs

These dog clothes pattern books are inexpensive. Each is less than the price of one nice store bought outfit. Click on the titles for more detailed descriptions.


* For more dog clothes sewing patterns, go to the Sewing Patterns page in the Boutique section. New books have been added there.

sew dog

Sew Dog: Easy-Sew Dogwear And Custom Gear For Home and Travel

  • by Jennifer Quasha, Pamela J. Hastings
  • Creative Publishing International, October 2004
  • 25 projects include coats, costumes, beds, travel gear, furniture protectors, safety vest, and treat bag
  • step-by-step instructions, photographs, line drawings, and patterns
  • enlarge patterns by photocopying

doggy fashion

Doggy Fashion

  • by Alison Jenkins
  • Barron's Educational Series, September 2003
  • directions for making 12 doggy party costumes for small to large dogs
  • many of the outfits can be changed to everyday wear by using different fabrics and leaving the extra accessories out
  • detailed instructions with 250 photos and illustrations
  • enlarge patterns with grid paper

Japanese Dog Clothing Pattern Books - on eBay * Must See!

eBay is a great source for dog clothing patterns. I found these wonderful Japanese dog clothing pattern books on eBay. The text is in Japanese, but the clear drawings and full-size patterns make it easy to put the outfits together. You can view many color photos of the books' pages before purchasing. Most precious doggie outfits! Must see!

* Read reviews of these Japanese dog clothing pattern books written by visitors to Sweet Lucy's website. Or leave your own review.

If you are new to eBay and worried about security, let me just say that PayPal lets you pay for your eBay purchases without sellers ever seeing your credit card or bank account information. PayPal's antifraud technology is a leader in the industry. You can sign up for PayPal when making your eBay purchase payment. Then you can pay by credit card or directly from your bank account. PayPal is free for buyers.

Most eBay sellers will be happy to walk you through the purchasing process if you are new to eBay.

dog's wardrobe

hand maed dog wear

hand made dog wear

Japanese Pattern Books - seller 1
  • highly rated seller (100% positive feedback) in Japan
  • ships worldwide
  • usually has about 10-20 different dog clothes pattern books

Japanese Pattern Books - seller 2

  • highly rated (100% positive) seller in Japan
  • ships worldwide
  • usually has about 10-20 pattern books

Japanese Pattern Books - all sellers

  • more dog clothes pattern books


KNIT PATTERNS for Dog Clothes

* Be sure to visit my Knitting Patterns for Dog Clothes page in the Boutique section as well. Several new dog clothes knit pattern books have been added there!

puppy kniits

PuppyKnits: QuickKnits for Pooches with Panache

  • by Jil Eaton
  • Breckling Press, September 2005
  • 12 fun and upbeat knitwear designs for the stylish dog about town
  • measuring chart for breeds of all sizes, knit-to-fit instructions
  • primer on basic stitches

knitting for dogs

Knitting for Dogs: Irresistible Patterns for Your Favorite Pup -- and You!

  • by Kristi Porter
  • Fireside, October 2005
  • for dogs of all sizes with foolproof instructions on how to properly measure your dog so that the projects come out just right
  • patterns for all skill levels

dogs in knits

Dogs in Knits: 17 Projects for Our Best Friends

  • by Judith L. Swartz
  • Interweave Press, May 2002
  • 17 canine styles for all skill levels
  • patterns fit dogs from under 10 lb to about 75 lb
  • in both knit and crochet
  • with instructions for measuring your dog and sizing patterns correctly
  • color photos of each of the designs with charts and illustrations

stylish knits for dogs

Stylish Knits For Dogs: 30 Projects To Knit In A Weekend

  • by Ilene Hochberg
  • Quarry Books, February 2006
  • 128 pages

 gift knitter

The Gift Knitter: Knitting Chunky for Babies with Four Legs and Two

  • by Tara Jon Manning, Kate Burton
  • Berkley Publishing Group, August  2004
  • simple patterns
  • a dog coat pattern in different gauges and with different details and trim

simple chic

SimpleChic: Designer Knits, SuperQuick!

  • by Jil Eaton
  • Breckling Press, September 2005
  • projects are quick and full of fun, with bright colors, soft yarns, and design touches
  • 20 patterns including a dog jacket

encyclopedia of knitting

Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Knitting

  • by Donna Kooler
  • Leisure Arts Inc., February 2004
  • comprehensive guide, how-to instructions for 150 stitches and stitch patterns, tons of photos and diagrams
  • contemporary projects by today's top knitting designers, includes a dog sweater
  • for any knitter, beginning to experienced

knit it

Knit it! Wear It! 33 Knitting Projects for Men, Women, Children and Even the Family Dog

  • by Jean Leinhauser
  • ASN Publishing, 1998
  • sweaters, booties, gloves, socks, shawls, dog clothes
  • all patterns are written out, special techniques are illustrated


Sewing patterns for dog clothes

Sewing dog outfits is fun! Check out the patterns for doggie clothes and accessories at your local fabric store or visit the links below. Use old sweat shirts for test fabric to get the fit just right before using more expensive materials. You can also use an existing, well-fitting outfit as a guide for making a custom-fit pattern for your dog. Just open the seams and trace the pieces.

* See the Boutique pages for lots more dog clothing patterns:



No sewing machine? - Make a hand-sewn fleece sweater

An easy way to make doggie shirts without a sewing machine is to use polar fleece fabric! A two-legged pattern is ideal for this because it has less seams to sew :o). Besides, many dogs like two-leggers better because they are so easy to put on and take off. 

Buy the doggie clothing pattern from theLucy wearing a handsewn fleece sweater local fabric store, from the links above, use one of the free patterns below, or trace your doggie's existing outfit on paper. Then just cut the fleece pieces to size. No extra allowance needed for seams if sewing by hand.

Sew the body and sleeve seams by hand with a simple "over-the-edge" stitch. Polar fleece hides small stitches well. There's no need to finish the open edges (sleeves, waist, neck) because polar fleece doesn't ravel. Cutting the fabric with pinking shears ("zig-zag scissors") gives a more decorative edge.

In the picture on the right, Sweet Lucy is wearing a totally hand sewn polar fleece sweater. The collar is just rolled down. No need to sew a separate collar piece. You can also sew the collar down with a few stitches so that it doesn't unroll. Adding a crochet or lace collar would make the outfit even cuter.

To get the fit just right for your dog, you will probably need to experiment a bit with your pattern. Have fun!

For more details, see Lucy's sweaters page.


Make cut-out body warmers - Only scissors needed!

If you don't sew or knit, don't give up! Many hairless dog owners just cut off sleeves from sweatshirts or legs from sweatpants to make "body warmers" for their hairless dogs. Use your own old shirts and pants, or buy some from your local second-hand shop. You can use child or adult sizes, depending on the size of your dog.

Just cut the sleeve or leg into the right length (length of your dog's back from collar to tail) and cut two holes for the front legs. The sleeve or pant leg seam will go under the belly.

Then put the outfit on and see how you need to cut the belly part for your dog. You might need to experiment a bit on how to cut the openings for front legs or the belly opening for boys to get the fit just right for you dog. Girls can wear their shirts longer under the belly because they squat outside. Boy dogs will need a deeper cut under their belly to keep the outfit dry when they do their outdoor business.

Using pinking shears gives the edges a more decorative and neater look. >Pinking shears are scissors that have zig-zag shaped blades. The cuff of the sleeve or leg will be around the dog's neck, kind of like a turtleneck.

I like to use cotton sweat fabric, or at least 50/50 fabric, not any synthetic material. Great use for sweat pants your kids have outgrown!

For very tiny dogs and little puppies, you can make body warmers from socks. In very cold climates, some AHT owners use cut out socks as snoods (hats covering the head and neck) on their dogs as well.

Here's my 15+ years old rescue Xolo Pepe (30 lbs) modeling a cut-out body warmer made from an adult sweat pant leg. Here's the same body warmer from a slightly different angle.


Modify baby clothes

I also like to buy 80% cotton velour baby pajamas and cut the (back) legs off to make outfits for Lucy. If the design is very wide, you will need to sew one seam along the back to make the design fit your dog's body better. Cotton velour feels so soft and comfortable against Lucy's and MY skin when she snuggles up with me! No unpleasant, itchy acrylic. Cute baby jammies are a bargain at second-hand shops.



Free online patterns

* Free Dog Clothes Patterns - Sewing

If you need to resize dog clothes sewing patterns that are too large or too small, see the Pattern Reviews page for resizing instructions.

Making a bandana.

Easy scarf bandana.

Reversible holiday scarf bandana.

Ragged edge dog bandana. - with tons of pics!
This site includes a photo gallery of over 50 pages showing dog outfits made with these two patterns. Each page has 4-5 different outfits. Great for new ideas!

Dog Costume
A real easy m & m costume for dogs.

Dog Dress with Pattern
Designed for a Chihuahua, but can be modified to fit larger breeds.

Dog Snow Suit
A 4-legged winter suit. This pattern is designed to be used with pattern making software, but the page has several drawings, photos, and instructions showing you how to make the suit.

Fleece Dog Sweater - site gone?
For a 40 lb dog, but you can downsize the pattern. With lots of links to sew, knit, and crochet patterns on the web.

Greyhound Manor Crafts
Lots of various patterns for doggie stuff, including hound coat, hooded hound coat, snood, fancy collar, and boots.

Hound Tuxedo
The design is flattering to the build of a greyhound, but can be used for other dogs as well.

Make a Dog Sweatshirt
Make a a dog shirt using an old human sweatshirt.

Make Your Own Booties
Make your own dog booties.

Noppa's Sewing Club
Patterns for winter coat, raincoat with legs, quick coat, wool shirt, and cooler. For Dalmatians. With photos to show ideas.

Reflective Dog West
Orange mesh fabric vest with reflective stripes for day and night.

Stafford Dog Coat
A very simple pattern for Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Downsize the pattern for a smaller dog.

Winter Dog Boots
Modeled on a Greyhound. Resize as needed.


* Free Dog Clothes Patterns - Knitting

Bev's Country Cottage
Knitted doggie coat for small dogs. No photo.

Bond Machine Knitting
Doggie sweaters and other patterns for animal garments.

Buster Sweater
One size. Fits a dog 16" from neck to tail.

Caroline's Dog Sweater
A sleeveless argyle sweater for a smallish dog. Pattern can be altered for size. No photo.

Custom Dog Sweater for Fido
Enter your dog's measurements into this automated online pattern maker and it will make a knit pattern for your dog.

Dog Coat with Cargo Pocket
Easy skill level. Modeled on a Schnauzer.

Dog Sweater for Rommie
A shaped coat made using a knitting machine.

Hand Knitted Dog Coat with Contrasting Collar
To Fit West Highland White Terriers or Cairns.

How to Knit a Chihuahua Sweater
With several color photos for ideas.

Knitted Dog Jacket & Polo Neck Knitted Coat
For Lowchen or any other dog.

Knitted Dog Sweater
Adorable sweater knitted with Fancy Fur and Microspun yarns Two sizes.

Knitted dog sweater with fun fur in sizes S, M, L, and XL.

Martha's Poncho
Easy to knit doggie poncho for small and medium sized dogs.

Midnight Knitter
Size to fit a dog with a 16" collar. Length of sweater is 15". Add a few sts at cast to fit a larger dog, remove a few for a smaller dog.

Original Custom Fit Dog Sweater
Designed by Esther Smith Bozak. All sizes.

Penny Sweater
Fits dogs 5-10 lbs or 10-15 lbs.

Plain Pullover Sweater For a Small Dog
Fits Cairn Terrier or Miniature Poodle - a dog with a wider body or heavier weight (15-20 lbs). This pattern supposedly has an error somewhere. No photo.

Pooch Poncho
Cute poncho in three sizes.

Poodle Jacket
An easy to make polo neck knitted coat 30cm, 35cm, and 40 cm. No photo.

Yarn Market
Patterns for four knitted pet jackets. No photos.


* Free Dog Clothes Patterns - Crocheting

Basic Crochet Sweater For Your Chi
Fits small dogs like Chihuahua.

Bobbi's Dog Sweater
Crochet sweater for a 8 oz dog. Can be resized.

Cabled Dog Sweater
Fits a medium dog, approx. 14.5" around the chest and 11" long.

Cool Crochet Collar
A decorative collar, not for leash use.

Crochet n More
Crochet patterns for small pooches. With lots of cute photos for ideas.

Dog Booties
Fit small dogs 6-10 lbs.

Doggie Sweater
Crocheted dog sweater in sizes S, M, L, and XL.

Dog Sweater Tutorial
Sample shown a dog with 14" neck. Can be resized to fit any dog.

Granny Square Dog Sweater
Sizes for small, medium, and large dogs.

Halter Style Custom-Fit Doggie Sweater
Modeled by a Miniature Schnauzer. Fits dogs about 20 lbs. Can be resized.

Jack's Sweater
Shown on a Jack Russel Terrier.

Martha Stewart 'Coming Home' Pooch Poncho
Sizes S, M, and L. Easy skill level.

Patriotic Granny Square Sweater for Chi's
Modeled on a Chihuahua.

Posh Puppy
Easy skill level dog coat (.pdf file)

Post Sweater for Chi's
Modeled on a Chi.

Rosie's Doggy Sweater
Cute crochet sweater modeled on a small poodle.

Rosie's Doggy Vest With Bow Tie
Modeled on a small poodle.

Spring Fever Chi Sweater
Pretty sweater with crochet flowers.

Summer Breeze Chi Sweater
Fits small Chi.

Sunday Special Sweater for Your Chi
Fits small dogs like Chihuahua.

Striped Dog Coat
Knitted with worsted weight yarn. Modeled on a Schauzer.

T-shirt & Jeans Chi Sweater
Fits small dogs like Chi.

Thorn's Doggy Sweater
Crochet sweater modeled on a small poodle.

Tia's Summer Breeze Chi Sweater
Fits small Chi.

Yarn Market
Patterns for two crocheted pet sweaters, plus three knitted ones. No photos.


Ruffly Pet Collar
Decorative crochet collar for small dogs.


* Free Patterns - Misc. Dog Crafts

60-Minute Jingle Collar
Jester like jingle collar.

AHT Pillow (photo)
A no-sew doggie bed! Just cut and tie! You can buy a $3 sleeping pillow from a discount store and cover it with a simple to make fleece covering. Just cut the fleece pieces to size with extra for the fringes (ties). This second photo shows how to tie the edges. (Photos courtesy of  AHT owner Tracy.)

Dog Bed
Sewing pattern for a dog 18" x 22" bed. Can be resized.

Dog Bed
Instructions to crochet a 16 x 24 dog bed. No photo.

Dog Harness Vest
Fabric vest with sizing instructions.

Hugs for Homeless Animals
Over 20 patterns for knit and crochet snuggles (blankets).

Jennifer's 20 Minute Pet Rug
Crocheted pet rug. Can be enlarged to any size.

Jingle Bell Dog Collar - page gone?
Knitted holiday collar with jingle bells.

Kwik & Easy No-sew Blanket
This fleece blanket can be made in any size. A .pdf file.

Make Your Own Dog Collar
Flat buckle collar. Instructions with pictures.

Pet Cushion Cover
Make a perfect fitting cushion cover, with mitered corners and envelope back opening. Use to cover any square or rectangular cushion.

Pet Rug or Snuggly
Crocheted pet rug. Can be enlarged to any size.

Simple Pillow Case
You can use human bed pillows as doggie beds and make pillow cases for them to match your home decor.

Measure and make furniture slip covers (a pdf file). Because slipcovers are washable, they are great for allergic dog owners.

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