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American Hairless Terrier Origins

by Sweet Lucy, 1997


On August 12, 1972 a litter of mid-sized Rat Terriers was born. Among the puppies was Josephine, a healthy little girl, except that she was totally hairless! She had silky pink skin with black spots.

Josephine, or Jo for short, was given to Edwin and Willie Scott in Louisiana. They fell in love with Jo and wanted to produce more dogs with this hairless trait. After all, she had a wonderful personality and was very clean -- no shedding, no doggy odor, and no flees. The Scotts were told that this could not be done, but they were persistent and decided to breed Jo anyway.

In her first litter, Jo had four puppies and one of them was hairless! This hairless pup was named Gypsy. Jo was bred several times, but she had only coated litters. What a disappointment...When Jo was nine years old and still in good health, she was bred for the last time. This litter had four puppies and two of them were hairless. The hairless female was named Jemima and the hairless male was named Snoopy. The two coated pups were Petunia and Queenie.

All pups from Jo's last litter were later bred and that was the beginning of a carefully planned breeding program at Trout Creek Kennel. With the help and support from veterinarians, the Scotts established this new hairless dog breed, which they named the "American Hairless Terrier".

This information was compiled from the article "The American Hairless Terrier" by the Scotts. Published in Bloodlines May-June 1986.

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