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American Hairless Terrier Links

AHT gifts, pets, kennels, rescue, clubs, and more


Some other breed names for the AHT are Amerikaanse haarloze terrier, Cão Pelado Americano, Amerikankarvatonterrieri, Amerikan Karvaton Terrieri, AKAT, Amerikansk hårlös Terrier, Ameerika Karvutu Terrier, l'American Hairless Terrier, Américan Hairless Terrier, Amerykanski nagi terier, Nagi Terrier Amerykanski, El Terrier Pelón americano, Terrier americano sin pelo (pelón), Terrier americano senza pelo, Americky bezsrsty teriér, Американский голый терьер, Terrier Nu Américain, and American Hairless Terriër. Some people like to call these spunky little dogs American Hairless Terrors or Terriors! :o)


AHT gifts on eBay

AHT stuff on eBay auctions right now. For all AHT items on eBay (auctions & shops with buy-it-now items), click on the Search button below. Several AHT items are usually available. (If you see a blank space, your java script is turned off).


AHT gifts on CafePress

CafePress carries a large selection of American Hairless Terrier related items, including adult and child t-shirts, sweatshirts, aprons, mugs, license plates, mouse pads, stickers, prints, calendars, and tote bags. These AHT items are available in many different designs, for example:





See all AHT items available at CafePress right now.


AHTs in the U.S.A...

These offsite American Hairless Terrier related web links below are NOT intended as an endorsement. I am not familiar with most of these kennels or the quality of their dogs. These links are included merely for the convenience of obtaining more information about the AHTs. As always, do your own homework!

For AHT breeder referrals and information about available puppies or older dogs, contact the AHT breed clubs (scroll down to AHT clubs & registries section), or see my AHT Rescue page for AHTs in need of new homes.

Looking for an AHT puppy? Read these first - Choosing a breeder and How to find a good breeder? (offsite link)

Never, never, never buy a dog from a pet shop! Reputable breeders will never sell dogs to pet shops!!! A must read article - Buying Pet Store Dogs. More articles about getting a dog on that same website. See also Puppymill Rats (Rat Terriers) at Ratbone Rescue's site.

For privacy reasons, individual AHT owner's or breeder's name, city, and state are listed with these links only if the site owner himself has posted them. Flickr, Image Event, Kodak Gallery, Photobucket, and Webshots are online photo album services.

AHT Pets in the US

For lots more AHT photos, you can visit:
1) my AHT Gallery pages 2) Dogster dog site 3) Flickr photo site

Blog - Anna owned by Larry Van in Port Charlotte, FL
Dogster - Amber and Dylan in Fontana, CA
Dogster - Beaker
Dogster - Blue in Comox, BC/Covington, WA
Dogster - Blushing Red Rose and Kewpie Doll in WV
Dogster - Calvino in Philadelphia, PA
Dogster - Det. Darwin Small Fry McPhee in Morristown, AZ
Dogster - Gabby and Barney in Easton, PA
Dogster - Gidget Pepper Lovekin and Isabelle Lovekin in Boston, MA
Dogster - Ginger in NY
Dogster - Jazz in Oceanside, CA
Dogster - Jezzebell and Zacariyah in Gainesville, FL
Dogster - Kermit and Stella in Nashua, NH
Dogster - Layla in Richmond, VA
Dogster - Lily White In The Buff Naked in Panama City, FL
Dogster - Little B in Montreal, Canada
Dogster - Odin Jones in Lakewood, OH
Dogster - Ollie in WA
Dogster - Savannah Pigling G. in Norfolk, VA
Dogster - Scout and Nixon in Ft Lauderdale, FL
Dogster - Stanley L. Trabel and Ollie H. Trabel in Fort Wayne, IN
Dogster - Tug in Philadelphia, PA
Dogster - Zen and Ziggy in San Clemente, CA
Freewebs - Buff Babies - Lauren's Buggy and Kite
Freewebs - Princess - Filhour family's Dusty in Massillon, OH
Freewebs - Teabone - Tracy & Larry Adams in Cathage, MO
Image Event - Ben and Jerry - B and J Lathrop's AHTs
Image Event - Checkers and Logyn - Mike and Joanne Lima's AHTs
Image Event - Gi Joe Joe - Sarah Ohm's AHT Joe
Image Event - Lintz AHTs - Johnna Lintz's AHT
Image Event - Tonia Cromer's AHTs
Image Event - Wendy Simon's cute "Nude Dudes" in WI
Kodak Gallery - Jack and Kane - Amber Griffin's AHTs
Pages - Blues Traveler owned by Diane in MI
Pages - Calvino & Montegue - Julia & Larry's AHTs
Pages - Gabby owned by Sue Fee in Easton, PA
Pages - Little Bit
Pages - Max in Chicago
Pages - Radar and Kiwi
Photobucket - Simon
Photobucket - Pelo

AHT Kennels in the US

AHT Kennels - Indabuff, Kennesse Valley, Vinegar Hills, in WI & KY
Barefax Kennel - Leslie & Jeff Searcy's AHTs in Gold Hill, OR
Bellridge Kennel - Kari Jepson's AHTs in Lebanon, KS (Image Event)
Bells River Kennel - Patricia White's AHTs in Yulee, FL (Image Event)
Blair's Kennel - Sharon Blair's AHTs in Shorter, AL

Blue Granite Kennel - Kathie Treacy's AHTs in Blackstock, SC (Image Event)
Bluegrass Kennel - Kerri & George Frommeyer's AHTs in KY
Bur-Way Kennel - in north central TX (Image Event)
Call Me Farms - Cynthia Humphrey's AHT Disney in Parrish, FL (Image Event)
Cedar Rose Kennel - Jackie Craver's AHTs in KY (Image Event)
Flinthill Kennel - Bonnie & Mike Turner's AHTs in Aragon, GA
and Image Event - Flinthill
and Memories of Bonnie - Bonnie and most of her dogs were tragically killed by a tornado on 3/15/08
Four Paws - Donna Sullivan's AHTs in CT (Image Event)
Horizon Kennel - Shelley Schuler's AHTs in ne PA
Kalon's Kennel - Lynn Poston's AHTs in so CA
Kidd Kennel - Melissa Kidd's AHTs in Trinity, NC (Image Event)
KnDKennel - Ken & Darla Jones' AHTs in Denison, TX
and Image Event - KnD
Liberty Kennel - Jo & Mike Trapp, AHTs in Apopka, FL
and Image Event - Liberty
Lighthouse Kennel - Johnna Lintz's AHTs (Image Event)
Moonstruck Kennel - Greg and Amanda Kalakoc's AHTs in CA (Image Event)
Miracle Kennel - Joe & Linda Dannemiller's AHTs in AZ
and Image Event -  photos
NaryAHair Kennel - Kim White's AHTs in central FL (Image Event)
Nekids Kennel - Pam & Tony Orlina's AHTs in Ramona, CA
and Image Event - Nekids
Party Rats Kennel - Susan Forsyth's AHTs in Chenango Forks, NY
Poochville Kennel - John & Julia Kleutsch's AHTs in Olympia, WA
RaganRat Terrier Kennel - Darice Ragan's AHT Envy in Knoxville, TN (Image Event)
Ramirez Ratz and AHT's Kennel - in Leavenworth, KS (Image Event)
Red Sky Kennel - Silvia Messmer's AHTs in AZ (Image Event)
Ross's Canine Ranch - Randi Ross' AHTs in WA
Silent Running Kennel - Diana Bertram in CO (Image Event)
Softail Kennel - Cheryl's AHT Chaos in Pittsburgh, PA
Sundial Farm Kennel - Joyce Appel's AHTs in WI (Image Event)
Silverado Kennel - in TX (Image Event)
Starfire Kennel - Debbie's AHTs in Kansas City, KS (Image Event)
Trisha's Rats Kennel - Trisha Kosut's AHTs, PA (Image Event)
Triumph Kennel - AHTs in NJ
Trout Creek Kennel - Edwin Scott, AHT foundation kennel in Trout, LA
and Anypet - TCK
Wade's Kennel - Pattie Wade's AHTs in Heber, AZ
Woodland Manor Kennel - Ryan & Karyn Pingel's AHTs in Lutz, FL
and UKC Breeder Spotlight - Karyn Pingel
Wudnshu Kennel - Teri Murphy's AHTs in Huntersville, NC
and Image Event - Wudnshu


AHTs in other countries...

Cattery Beauty Kennel - Anja De Cocker's AHTs in Borsbeke

Keogh's Kennel - Lynn & Chad Keogh's AHTs in Comox, B.C.

Rosie & Freeway - Suzy's AHTs

Czech Republic
Punto Valentino Kennel - Romana Dyntrovas AHTs in Praha

Fairy Tale Forest - Mirva & Timo's AHTs
Fuji - Hanna N's AHT
Hippu - Hippu Makkonen
Jack & Cindy - Päivi's AHTs
Jack & Cindy - in English
Nuka - Meriliisi's AHT Nuka
Piitu - AHT Piitu in Turku

Pörrö - Hanna & Jussi's AHT Pörrö, Nuka's brother
Rocky & Lotta - Henrika's AHTs
Spock - photo album
Taika & Chili - Kati's AHTs
Tamara - in Tampere
Tico - in Tampere
Uho & Ruoste - Tanja's AHTs in Helsinki
and Kuvaboxi (online photo album)
Veeti - Päivi's AHT
Adelmas Kennel - Pirkko Tusa, Espoo
Bay's Bushyfur Kennel - Kaarina Naaralainen, Pappinen
Caa-Allepo Kennel - Sanna Tuovinen, Jaala
Chamois Kennel - Maisa Tammi

Nudus Kennel - Hanna Siltala, Vantaa
Rikki Tikki Kennel - Kaisa & Markku, Oulu
Sano Bolero Kennel - Leena Pääkkönen, Lieksa
Sarantais Kennel - Sari Uusitalo & Ari Kähkönen, Sipoo
and ImageEvent - Sarantais

Tulimaan Kennel - Sini Haataja, Turku

Club de France du Américan Hairless Terrier - CFAHT

Grand Animals - Irina Schumak, Hirshchorn
or Hairless-Magic Kennel - old site

The Netherlands
Of Roxy's Pride Kennel - Peter & Ingrid Stolzenbach, Stoutenburg
Tierra de Milagro Kennel - Kim & Joos

Perito's Kennel - Vicky Robinson Aasvold, Nedenes

Wudnway Kennel - Kirill & Irina Bogachev
and ImageEvent - Wudnway

Mooshka Kennel - Timea Cseriová
and Mooshka Kennel at Punto Valentino site

Arctic Lights
- Christina Söderström, Boden
Canes Nudi Kennel - Inger Thunstedt
Feeoring Kennel - Ann-Katrin Johansson & Emely Johansson, Karlholmsbruk
Hairless Elegance Kennel - Sofia Malvenius, Malmö
Skindividual Kennel - Lena Falk, Norrtelje
(Image Event)

United Kingdom
Caru-Yu - in Wales
Naked Heart Kennel - Michael Daniels, Essex
and Naked Heart Kennel - Michael's other site
and Webshots - photo album by Michael


AHT groups, rescue, e-cards

AHT Forum - AHT discussion board, "album" has pics (Swedish)
AHT Have - AHT board
AHT List - AHT discussion Yahoo Group (US & international)
AHT Sakate - SAKaTe Ry:n postituslista at Yahoo Groups (Finnish)
and Forum (Finnish)
AHT UK - AHT discussion at Yahoo Groups (UK & Ireland)
Ratbone Rescues - Rat Terrier rescue, AHTs occasionally * rescue
See also my AHT Rescue page for AHTs in need of new homes. * rescue
AHT Greeting Card - send an AHT photo e-card to your friends
and Hairless Dog Cards - more e-cards, simple and fast


AHT related dog clubs & registries...

AHT Clubs - USA

American Hairless Terrier Club of America - AHTCA, AKC club, the AHT will be included in AKC's Foundation Stock Service (FSS) in 2011 * new
American Hairless Terrier Association - AHTA, the national AHT parent club, UKC licensed club
Hurricane Alley American Hairless Terrier Association - HAAHTA, east coast regional AHT club under the AHTA, UKC licensed club
Silver Strike American Hairless Terrier Association - SSAHTA, west coast regional AHT club under the AHTA, UKC licensed club

AHT Clubs - other countries

American Hairless Terrier Club of Great Britain - coming soon (site gone?)
Club de France du Américan Hairless Terrier - CFAHT, French AHT club
Suomen Amerikankarvatonterrierit Ry - SAKATE, Finnish AHT club

Multi-breed - USA

American Rare Breed Association - ARBA, Companion Group, shows
Canine Health Information Center - CHIC's AHT page, recommended health screenings list and database *new for 2009
Hairless Dog Club of America - HDCA
International All Breed Canine Association of America - IABCA, shows
National Canine Association - NCA, Rare Breed Group VIII, Sub Group 2 Terrier (standard) and Sub Group 7 Companion & Exotic Breeds (toy), shows
OFA quarterly reports - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
United Kennel Club - Terrier Group, official UKC breed standard for AHT (2004)


AHT videos...

If you have never seen an AHT in person, you must see these videos. They will show you how playful, active, and agile little AHTs are. They are a lot of fun to have around!

AHT videos - at You Tube, search for "american hairless terrier" in the video section

For example:
AHTs UK at Naked Heart Kennel - two AHTs playing
and Naked Heart's long video showing AHTs from newborn pups to adults
Gizmo, the Maniac Puppy - AHTs are very fast, playful, and agile, must see!
Gizmo's Sock Heaven - all Gizmo wanted for Christmas was...
Rosie opens presents - AHTs are very skilled in opening their own presents (my Lucy does this too)
Rosie watches YouTube - hear an AHT bark and whine (My Lucy does this high-pitched wailing when she's crying after me. Lucy also likes to watch this video and join in the chorus. AHTs are such good singers. :O)
Skittles as a Puppy - so cute and already knows how to kill that rat (or squirrel)
Spock playing in the dog park - shows how quick and agile AHTs are, must see!
Spock at the summer cottage in the winter - fetching in the snow and ice
Spock barking at his own echo - hear an AHT barking
Spock at work - Spock doing what AHTs do best - shred! (Christmas morning is my Lucy's favorite day - sooo much paper to run after and shred!)


Misc. AHT related pages...

AHT cookie cutter - yes, AHT
Amerikankarvatonterrieri - Finnish Wikipedia
Anything on the internet
- brief article (note: AHT is recognized by UKC, not AKC)
Argostar - dog art, AHT examples
DOG il mensile dalla parte del cane - AHT in Italian dog magazine, 1999, English
Fiesta Pooch Parade - AHT Harry riding a car in the parade - AHT article, 2003
GotPetsOnline - some AHT photos
Hairless Dog Offers Hope to Severe Allergy Patients - Advance magazine
Harry - Sandy & David Douglas' AHT in Scottsdale, AZ (no pic)
IKU - Американский голый терьер - AHT in Russian
Tierfreunde in der Friesischen Wehde - AHT in German


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