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American Hairless Terriers in Finland

AHTs & winter fun


American Hairless Terriers in the snow

Finland, which is one of the Nordic countries (Scandinavia) in northern Europe, hosts the largest number of American Hairless Terriers outside the United States. The first three American Hairless Terriers arrived to Finland in 2003. The popularity of the breed has grown tremendously. In the fall of 2006, there there were already 56 AHTs living in Finland, and as of April 2007 the number is 67. Finnish AHT fanciers have even formed their own AHT club - SaKaTe (offsite link).

aht in snow

AHT Uho enjoying weight pulling with a sleigh. Winter is not an obstacle
 for him! He is owned by Tanja Koykka in Finland.
Photo copyright SATHY ry.

uho in snow

Uho practicing

AHT Klara meeting a reindeer

A seven-month-old AHT Klara meeting a real reindeer in the Finnish Lapland
(way up north). She is owned by Riitta ja Raimo Kahkonen of Kempele.

Touho on January snow

Touho on the January snow. He is owned by Riika Stenberg.

Hertta in the melting snow

Hertta on the melting spring snow. She is owned by Sari Uusitalo.

AHTs racing in the snow

Xena (PIO), Hertta, Milla and Salli, owned by Sari Uusitalo



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