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REVIEW - Japanese Dog Clothing Pattern Books (May 2006)

(To see these patterns, go here.)

Hi, My name is Carolyn Love and found your site by accident. What a great accident !!!! In your boutique section under Dog Clothes, have listed several sellers of dog clothes patterns. I clicked 'seller 1'........I was a 1st time ebay user and computer  illiterate to boot, and she (Megumi) kindly walked me thru the process. I just got my books........It's Christmas in May !!!!!!!

I bought 3 from 'seller 1' on ebay.......not only was she kind enough to show me the ropes, she is also less expensive than the others listed. I don't know if you have a section where people can write in with their positive or negative experiences with what you have listed, but I just wanted to tell you what an absolutely POSITIVE experience I had with 'seller1'......and even tho these books are written in Japanese, a pattern is a pattern, is a pattern, is a pattern.......AND they ARE FULL SIZE Patterns included, just like it says.

Tho I haven't ordered anything from any of the others you have listed, my first ebay experience from 'seller1' was  absolutely positive. I also try to pass your website around to any small dog owners I run into cause you have a TON of pattern info on here and it is just GREAT...............

Just wanted to let you know and say THANKS for having this stuff listed.................

Carolyn Love and Ms. PrissPot (Angel)



REVIEW - Japanese Dog Clothing Pattern Books
& QUESTION - How to resize patterns?
(Nov 2007)

(To see these patterns, go here.)

Hello I found your site by accident I was looking for dog resizing pattern information you have so much grate information Im hoping you can recommend a book where I can learn how to resize a pattern to make it fit any size dog. I also have several Japanese pattern books they are great can not understand them but I follow the diagrams and it takes me a while but they are great! mine came with full pattern , It took me a couple of times to figure out that they show a broken line for cut on fold where we her in the USA use a solid thin line and I can read english!! Well thank you for your time and your Lucy is a peach!

Tess Herrera, shiatsu therapist

* * *

Reply - resizing patterns:

You can resize dog clothing patterns by photocopying or using a grid.

a) Resize by photocopying

You can resize dog clothing patterns at copy service stores like Kinkos or Office Depot. It will probably cost you less than $10.

First, measure your dog's back length from base of neck to base of tail. This will be the back length of the dog sweater pattern.

Then trace the smallest patterns available onto a sheet of paper. Take this sheet to your local copy store and ask the copy person to resize the pattern so that the back length of the body piece will match the measurement you took of your dog's back. He/she will calculate the percentage of enlargement to get the size you need.

AHT Nuka

Modeled by Nuka.

fleece sweater for dogs

Read how I make Lucy's sweaters.

b) Resize using a grid

Measure the back length of your dog as above. Then draw a grid pattern of 1" squares on your original pattern starting along the back of the pattern.

You can also buy 1" grid paper on a roll. Just trace the body pattern piece first with the back line on a grid line to count the squares along the back. For the rest of the pattern pieces the location on the grid paper doesn't matter because you already know the new grid size.

Example 1:

The pattern you have is too small and you need to enlarge it. Your dog's back measures 16", and the original pattern  has ten 1" squares along the back. This makes the back length of the original pattern 10", but you need a pattern with a back length of 16".


Divide you dog's back length in inches with the number of squares along the back in the original pattern to get the new grid size. In other words, divide the 16" (your dog's back length) by 10 (number of squares in the original pattern along the back). This gives you the size of the squares you need to enlarge the pattern. The size of the new squares will be 1.6". Ten 1.6" squares will make 16" as the back length.

Draw a blank grid with the new square size on a piece of paper. Then just copy the pattern outline square by square from the original pattern grid to the new, larger grid. You can make pencil dots where the pattern lines cross the graph lines, and then join the dots.

Enlarge the rest of the pattern pieces using the same two grid sizes. Draw the 1" grid pattern on the original pattern pieces, or trace the original patterns on the 1" grid paper. Then use the new, larger grid to draw the new patterns. No measuring needed.

orig new

Example 2:

The pattern you have is too large and you need to make it smaller. Again, divide you dog's back length in inches with the number of squares along the back in the original pattern. This gives you the size of the new squares. Then just copy the original pattern square by square to the new, smaller grid.

Let's say the original pattern has 22 1" squares along the back of the pattern, and your dog's back is 16". Dividing the 16" by 22 gives you the new square size. Squares in the new grid will be 0.73" in size. Twenty-two 0.73" squares gives you the back length of 16" in the new pattern.



QUESTION - How to buy these books on eBay? (Aug 2006)

Hello, I found several pattern books on this website and I would like to have all of them but I don't know where to purchase them. I went on e-bay but couldn't purchase. I guess I don't know how to use e-bay. Can I purchase these books from you?

Thank you, Evelyn

* * *


Sorry, I don't sell books. To buy these books on eBay, do this:

1. Click on the book (or link to books) you want on my web page, e.g. at My links will take you directly to the books.

2. Once at eBay, click on the item you want to buy. Click on the "Place Bid" button or the "Buy It Now" button (depending on which one is displayed).

3. On the next page, you will see instructions to sign in. If you don't already have an eBay account, click on the "Register" button. You will then be guided through the registration process.

4. When you are ready to pay, you will be taken through PayPal registration as well if you don't already have a PayPal account and wish to use it to make your eBay payments.

Both eBay and PayPal registrations are free. PayPal is also free to use for buyers. PayPal lets you securely purchase items from eBay without the sellers seeing your credit card or bank account information. PayPal uses the latest technology to protect the security of its members transactions.

Have fun shopping!



QUESTION - Hawaiian Dog Shirt Pattern? (Dec 2007)

Hi, I'm looking for a hawaiian shirt pattern for an 8" dog. I can find the shirts but I need the pattern. Hope you can help? Thanks, Judi

* * *


Have you checked out the Japanese pattern books with full-size patterns?

1.) A book called "Dog's Wardrobe" has a pattern for a dog shirt with a collar. If made with a Hawaiian fabric, it might be the pattern you are looking for. The shirt is pictured on the book cover. The seller (100% positive feedback) is in Japan, but ships worldwide. The full-size patterns range from teacup to medium size dog (S to L).

2.) The book "Dog Wear & Goods" has a pattern for a blouse with a collar. This seller (100% positive feedback) is also in Japan, but ships worldwide. Full-size patterns in sizes S to XL.


3.) A book called "Doggy Fashion" has a pattern (sheriff's outfit called Law & Order) for a chambray shirt with a collar. This pattern could be modified for a Hawaiian shirt. Patterns are enlarged using a grid.



QUESTION - How to make dog diapers and belly bands? (Dec 2007)

I am trying to find patterns for doggie diapers and belly belts for last minute gifts. I think the belly belts would be pretty easy to figure out but was hoping I didn't have to design the diaper from scratch. Any of the books that you know of that have a pattern I can buy. Angie

* * *


Doggie Diapers

Buy - You will find lots of female doggie diapers here. Many cute designs.

Sew - To sew your own, here's link to a pattern for doggie diapers. The pattern includes sizes XXS to S, but you can resize it as needed.

Update 1: The above doggie diaper pattern is not available anymore, but you might find some other diaper patterns here.

Update 2: Here's a new link - female dog diaper pattern. It was created by Dawn Govender in 2009, and it's free for personal use. Once there, scroll down and click on the red and white button that says "Download PDF Pattern." Resize the pattern as needed.

Belly bands

Buy - You can find lots of belly bands here. They are available in all sizes and in numerous patterns or colors.

Sew - If you don't want to buy ready made ones, belly bands for boy dogs are easy to make. They are just rectangle shaped pads with velcro closure. You can put a disposable, self-stick female sanitary pad inside for extra absorbency (for accidents).

To get the fit just right, measure your dog with a string or soft measuring tape around the waist. The belly band must be long enough to overlap for the velcro closure (maybe 2"-3"). Cut the fabric to the length and double width (you will fold it) with seam allowances. Sew the seams to make a double-sided pad and add velcro to the ends for closure. You can also use two different fabrics and put the pretty fabric on the outside.

To protect from leaks, the belly band should be wide enough to cover his peepee with clearance of about double the size of his peepee. It should not be so wide that it irritates his back legs. The belly band should fit snuggly around the body, but not too tightly.

Another, really easy way to make belly bands for small dogs is to use men's tube socks. Just attach velcro to the band and toe, and wrap the sock around the dog's body. You can leave the band open so that you can insert a disposable sanitary pad inside.

Your dog will probably pee on the band first, but he should stop it once he realizes he's peeing on himself.


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