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Allergic to Dogs? - bb Archives p.7

Jan 2004 - Jun 2004


"Allergic to Dogs?" discussion board is about humans being allergic to dogs. These are the archives. Any message posted on the "Allergic to Dogs?" forum expresses only the views of the author of the message and does not necessarily reflect the views of the board administrator.


Vizslas and Allergies

Your Name: Anne

Date Posted: Jun 23, 04 - 2:28 PM

Message: Hello,

I want to get a vizsla but am a little concerned about my allergies. I am sometimes get sneezy and get hives from saliva. Some dogs are much better than others. I can't find much regarding human allergies to this dog. Does anyone have one and can you give me any help on this topic?

Thanks much,


Re: Vizslas and Allergies

Your Name: Mardi

Date Posted: Jun 30, 04 - 11:58 PM

Your Email:

Message: HI Anne,

I couldn't believe my luck when I look on this website to find a fellow allergy sufferer and Hungarian Vizsla lover. MY partner and I are getting a Vizsla in Sept!!!

I too suffer from allergies to all dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, dust mites...need I go on? hehee

My main reaction is itchy eyes and rashes on my neck and arms

I have seen a immunologist who confirmed what i already knew and suggested that I start a new Dog Dander Desensitisation program. Which is a course of injections for about 3 years and has about an 80% effective rate. I personally think it is quite a drastic measure and have decided to try a few alternatives before I opt for injections!

Firstly, I have purchased a really good (expensive) vacuum that has a hepa filter and eliminates dog hair on carpets very effectively. I am also looking into buying an air purifier for our bedroom. Another suggestion that you may find amusing but is very effective, vaccuuming the dog reguarly. Run the hose over their backs to remove loose hair and dead skin. Funny enough, the dog actaully get used to it and start to love it and it is like a really intensive back rub!

I ahve also read a bit about Alerpet...but I don't really know much about it at this stage but am going to find out a bit more about it soon.

If you have any suggestions that may help, that would be greatly appreciated.

Good luck,


allergic or not

Your Name: anne

Date Posted: Jun 21, 04 - 4:48 PM

Your Email:

Message: My boyfriend and I decided to adopt a kitten. Before we adopted her, we asked owr roomates if it was okay with them, (even though kitten will spend all her time in owr room only). One of owr roomates told us he was seriously allergic to dogs, but as long as the kitten didn't make him allergic she could stay. Later on my boyfrind saw this same roomate playing with a cat. A week later, this roomate tells us he doesn't want us to get a cat anymore, because of his dog allergies. We have alreday begun the adoption process, and don't think it is fair to kitten to call it off, nor do we want to. My question is: are dog allergies and cat allergies the same? Or, is this roomate harbouring secret ill-will towards us and our kitten? It is a short hair, but this roomates allergies to dogs are pretty serious, he gets all blocked up and can't breathe. should i call off kitten, or tell roomate to suck it up?

Re: allergic or not

Your Name: lexie

Date Posted: Jul 10, 04 - 6:31 AM

Message: If your roommate doesn't want you to get the cat, it seems to me that you should respect his wishes. Allergies are very serious and can make a person's life miserable. Can you imagine your home becoming a place that makes you terribly sick? That's exactly what happens for a person with pet allergies living with a cat or dog.

Many people who are allergic to dogs are also allergic to cats (I don't believe length of hair matters). Also, it oftentimes takes a while for the allergy to develop.

Maybe now is not a good time for you to get a pet. Perhaps you should wait until you have your own apartment?

Also, keeping a cat only in one room seems kind of sad to me.

can you be allergic to a specific breed of dog?

Your Name: Mel

Date Posted: Jun 21, 04 - 10:23 AM

Your Email:

Message: Hi. Just wondering if any of you have heard of people being allergic to a specific breed of dog? I have a dog, an adorable mutt of unknown origin, who even sleeps in my bed, but she doesn't seem to bother me at all. My gran just got a new puppy, a ****u (not sure of the spelling), and my allergies went WAY overboard yesterday. It was a nasty severe reaction, one that usually only have around cats. The new puppy is the only thing I can think of that might have triggered it. Any suggestions?


Re: can you be allergic to a specific breed of dog?

Your Name: Odalys R

Date Posted: Jul 30, 04 - 7:19 PM

Your Email:

Your Instant Messenger: ody9596

Message: I am going through a similiar situation. I have owne a mini dauschund for 4 years. 2 days ago, i brought home a stray puppy (part of a liter that was abandoned outside of my job). My son broke out with red, watery, itchy eyes, sneezing and congestion. He's been like this for the past 3 days....exactly how long I've had the puppy. Should I assume he's allergic to the pup?



Re: can you be allergic to a specific breed of dog?

Your Name: maxine

Date Posted: Sep 16, 04 - 10:39 AM

Your Email:

Message: Have you tried bathing the new dog? The puppy can carry all kinds of allegens in it's coat; especially if you can't be sure where it has been.

So it's not necessarily the dog you are allergic to.

3 yr. old allergic to dogs.

Your Name: Melanie Hochhalter

Date Posted: Jun 20, 04 - 8:42 PM

Your Email:

Message: My oldest son suffers from various allergies, including food and of course cat/dog. Cat allergy is not severe and he has no reaction to our cats, usually other peoples cats (cough, wheezing). We do not have a dog but would like very much to get one. His common reaction to dogs is hives from saliva (he only breaks out in hives from being licked) and cough,wheezing other times (I'm assuming from dander). Reading through this board I have heard mentioned a few times about antioxidants and natural remedies aside from shots and prescriptions (we have not gone that route yet). If anyone could supply me with more info on the natural course please do either by email or post. Any kind of helpful info would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

i've recently found out that maltese dogs are suitable for my asthma, the problem is how do i find a

Your Name: Georgie

Date Posted: Jun 19, 04 - 2:21 AM

Your Email:

Message: my sister has just finished doing her GCSE exams and my mum and i wanted to surprise her by getting her a dog. However she and my dad have always suffered deeply from asthma! Now we've found out that maltese dogs do not cause asthma and we are delighted as now we can still give her a dog...however we cannot find any breeders!!! We live around London, does anyone know of any good maltese breeders around that area? If so please help me out!!

Re: i've recently found out that maltese dogs are suitable for my asthma, the problem is how do i fi

Your Name: Danielle

Date Posted: Aug 11, 04 - 9:42 PM

Your Email:

Message: Hello,

I was in the same situation as you are now. I am asthmatic and was happy to find that maltese were suitable for asthmatics. Just a side note I still have mild reactions to my puppy. Depending on how bad the other allergens are around me. To answer your question, I had to go very far to find my puppy. I searched on the Internet and found a list of breeders from all over. Some breeders will send your puppy to you by plane or meet you half way. They are definitely worth travelling for. Mine has been nothing but a joy to have around the house. Good luck.

new pup hives....???

Your Name: Kat

Date Posted: Jun 18, 04 - 3:19 PM

Your Email:

Message: Please anyone help this is so upsetting. I've grown up with dogs and been around a lot of different breeds. I have no allergies. I've been visiting my new dobe puppy at the breeders each Sunday for 4 weeks. We brought her home today and when she licks me I get a couple bumps and it starts to itch. I don't understand what is going on. This didn't happen at the visits the past month. help.... I've waited years for this dog.

Be wary, as dogs age, allergies rise.

Your Name: Linda

Date Posted: Jun 15, 04 - 4:54 AM

Message: I've read a couple posts about how allergy free someone's new puppy is. Beware, I read somewhere and have had the personal experience that dogs cause more allergies as they age. So if you try testing out a dog try to bond with the dog's parents or an older one before assuming the puppy is the answer to your prayers. I was fine with my Dalmation for 6 years and then allergies set in. When he was 10 years of age I had to wash my hands everytime I touched him or else I'd become sick.

Allergies but have not been tested - curious on symptoms

Your Name: Fguggs

Date Posted: Jun 9, 04 - 3:16 PM

Your Email:

Message: My son at 5 months ( now 21 ) was put on a Nebulizer due to Bronchiolitis - he was then not on one until he was 20 months - a cold -

He now is on preventatives but his breathing is great - just checked today.

I brought it up to my ped he has a runny nose - has had them in the past and they seem to come and go -

And the allergy nose rub -

We did not do a test but I will make sure to keep our yellow lab out of his room and bath her weekly ( which will help with her allergies )

I will die if he is allergic to our dog - but I will not jump the gun - for those allergic to pets are the symptoms there most of the time?

Re: Allergies but have not been tested - curious on symptoms

Your Name: Mary

Date Posted: Jun 11, 04 - 1:45 AM

Your Email:

Message: As for me, my allergies to dogs are always worse in the fall and winter and I am pretty much symptom free (asthma) in the summer. We always have windows open a lot in summer so I'm figuring when the house is all closed up the dander is so much more concentrated may be the reason why. Good luck to your son.

Re: Allergies but have not been tested - curious on symptoms

Your Name: Meg

Date Posted: Jun 14, 04 - 6:16 PM

Your Email:

Message: If your child is only 21 months it is unlikely to have an allergy to pet yet but not unheard of. Children usually take a little time to develop those types of allergies. But the usual signs are itchy eyes, runny nose, headaches and general crankiness. One way to test if he has allergies to dogs or not is to watch and see if his mood improves away from the dog (or dog dander). If he seems to be happier away from the dog you may have an issue.

I had a similar scare with our daughter and our cat but the doctor said(and I agreed)would not test her because the allergy testing would be to tramatic for a mild allergy. (side note-it turned out to be season allergies and we used claritin whenever they act up and it is safe for 2 year olds and up. Also works for dog allergies)

my allergy to my pug

Your Name: bri

Date Posted: Jun 9, 04 - 1:03 PM

Your Instant Messenger: babyhuera89

Message: I just got a pug that i love to DEATH!!!!!! The thing is that I get welts every timw i touch HIM! What do I do , give him away?

Re: my allergy to my pug

Your Name: Juli

Date Posted: Jun 12, 04 - 7:53 AM

Your Email:

Message: My husband and son are on an antioxidant for allergies. It's working wonderfully. This could solve your problem. Feel free to email me and I'll get you more specifics on what works for us. Could help you keep the dog...

Re: my allergy to my pug

Your Name: Sally

Date Posted: Jul 1, 04 - 11:23 PM

Your Email:

Message: Do you have a fawn or black pug? My son has had good luck with the black pugs because they are single coated. He still gets some hives if they lick him too much.


Your Name: Robert the Hopeful

Date Posted: Jun 5, 04 - 12:39 PM

Your Email:

Message: Hi there -

I've been researching the general human allergic response to Rhodesian Ridgebacks and have not been able to find anything. I was wondering if anyone has any experience or information about reactions to this breed.

They are a short hair, larger hound that I am interesting in owning one day... (perfect for my active lifestyle as a triathlete).

I have had dogs growing up - and have had any real problems ... CATS however could put an end to me if I was confined with them for a day or two.

Thanks for your time and ideas.


Los Angeles


Your Name: Dont really wanna tell online

Date Posted: Jul 29, 04 - 11:29 AM

Your Email:

Message: I saw that no one had answered your question. That dog shouldnt be a problem if you have low allergies. If any problems should occur than take allergy medicine like allegra or steroid nasal spray. Hope this helps

Can I be allergic to a dog in heat??? I was fine before.

Your Name: diane

Date Posted: May 29, 04 - 5:53 PM

Your Email:

Message: Hi,

I have a seven mo. old lab/retreiver puppy who has been in heat for a week now, and I am having a big allergy problem. Ruled out all sorts of other causes, and it seems the puppy is the culprit of my agony. But I was fine before she went into heat! Could this be? Any info or help from any other sufferers would be appreciated. Would this have anything to do with the fact that I quit smoking a month ago? Oh this is horrible, I just love my pup. I have an appointment with an allergy specialist, and hopefully will find out more then. thanks for any help or info you might have! diane

Re: Can I be allergic to a dog in heat??? I was fine before.

Your Name: Larry Sloberman

Date Posted: Jun 2, 04 - 9:35 AM

Your Email:

Message: Diane,

I don't know the answer to your question but I just had to reply.

I'm in a similiar situation with my wife.

We have a 9 yr. old Black lab and just recently(January) got another yellow lab.

My wife has been fine with the black lab for 9yrs. and until last week has been fine with the new dog.

She started becoming ill( hives and trouble breathing).

We've been to the emergency room twice in the past week.

She went to an allergist yesterday and we waiting for the results.

After having the new dog 5 months we can't believe it's her but nothing else is new and she seems much better outside than in.

Cured My Alergy

Your Name: Lia

Date Posted: May 27, 04 - 2:14 PM

Your Email:

Message: Hi, I am a very sensitive little soul, allergic to dairy, dust and cats. I get a rash on my hands and heyfever like syptoms. I found that wearing magnetic rings really helps. Now when I get up in the morning I have a clear head, no sinus pain and no puffy eyes. Am sure that if it worked for my allergies then it should work for dog allergies. There is an address below where you can buy them, the site is a little strange but the rings work!

Hope this helps.


Re: Cured My Alergy

Your Name: Marina

Date Posted: May 28, 04 - 1:17 AM

Your Email:

Your Instant Messenger: MSN

Message: Thanks for your input Lia, i had a look at the site you mentioned, i must admit i wasn't too sure of the source but there are so many sites regarding Magnetic Therapies, rings, bracelets etc, that you have not prompted me to check this out. It certainly looks a promising option.

Thanks for taking the time to post the info. I'll keep you 'posted'!!

What can i do with our new pup?

Your Name: Marina

Date Posted: May 27, 04 - 1:12 AM

Your Email:

Your Instant Messenger: MSN

Message: We recently gave a home to a brindle boxer pup (6 mths old now), the original owners who bought him from The Kennel Club in January this year but their daughter developed and allergy to him, they'd had a boxer before with no problem. But they decided to let him go, that's where we come in. The problem is i now seem to have developed a skin allergy all over my hands and up my forearms, almost like hives, this seems to be the only problem. I grew up with dogs and we had a dog for 4 years (border collie cross) up until last year with no problems at all. What do i do? My husband, myself and our children would not want to let him go so how do i get around this it is most distressing, and i can't have no contact with our dog.

Any suggestions please?????????

Re: What can i do with our new pup?

Your Name: RACHEL

Date Posted: Jun 15, 04 - 5:09 AM


Message: Hi, Your not alone. I brought home our new West Highlend White Terrier on Friday 11th June and i have like a ********* heat rash all up both arms and across my chest, my eyes swell and water and on an evening (which is when it seems to get worse) my chest tightens. I have had dogs before, a collie and a cross Alsatian. I go from thinking one day that she must go back to the next day thinking i can't let her go. I wemt to the local Walk In Centre who told me it was an allergy and suggested it was the dog. I have taken Piriton, but can't take it for the rest of the dogs life.

Re: What can i do with our new pup?

Your Name: Laurie

Date Posted: Jun 22, 04 - 9:47 PM

Message: I am having the same problem. We got a beagle from the pound 3 months ago, the same amount of time I've been getting hives. However, I had hives 9 years ago when I didn't have a I'm wondering if it could be something else? I guess I'm going to have to stick with Claritin and Benadryl for a couple months. I would be very sad to have to give her up.

I would feel like a failure. We had to give a lab pup up last year, she was too big and kept knocking over my son (who's disabled). Anyhow, I wish you the best (and me too).

Re: Re: What can i do with our new pup?

Your Name: Marina

Date Posted: Jun 23, 04 - 5:29 AM

Your Email:

Your Instant Messenger: MSN

Message: Dear Laurie, thanks for your reply.

I know how you feel especially as you had to part with your other pup last year. but you have to be practical and look at the big picture (wouldn't it be good if we could have some insight beforehand). You made the right decision for your son and sometimes you don't know until you try.

But regarding your new pup, if Claritin and Benydril work for you and you feel o.k. then stick with it, it is too traumatic a thing to go through when you have to part with a dog, it crushed me at the time.

I hope it works out this time, let me know

Re: Re: Re: What can i do with our new pup?

Your Name: Laurie

Date Posted: Jun 23, 04 - 12:20 PM

Message: You can only take Claritin once a day, and it only works for me for a short while. Benadryl knocks me out.

I've discussed keeping the dog in the family room, and my hubby and I had a huge fight about it last night. I've read the obvious: keep the dog outside (right, howl..howl). Keep it off the furniture and carpet. Wash it with allergy meds. *sigh*

As much as I love having her around, it's not worth feeling like my skin is crawling 24/7.

My hubby thinks I'm evil to want to find her another home.

What do i do????


Re: Re: Re: Re: What can i do with our new pup?

Your Name: Marina

Date Posted: Jun 24, 04 - 12:44 AM

Your Email:

Your Instant Messenger: MSN

Message: Dear Laurie,

It's a real shame that you and your husband have come to 'blows' over the situation. I don't know who's decision it was to originally get another dog, but i can guess that feelings of guilt (even though unfounded) will play a part, i know they did with me, especially after having a previous, not too distant, experience of making the same painful decision, due to different reasons. But you have to look at the 'big picture', does keeping your pup out-weigh letting him go or visa versa. an 'yes' there will be tears, if your anything like me, i get so attached very quickly.

We decided in our family not to get a dog in the meantime, by that i mean it could be years before we contemplate another one. Only you and your husband know the best decision for your family at the end of the day. But health obviously plays a major part in the issue for you and that can affect so many area of your life .

Son has breathing problems, could it be from our dog?

Your Name: Brandi

Date Posted: May 25, 04 - 10:56 AM

Your Email:

Message: My 2 1/2 year old son has been on breathing treatments about a dozen times if not more in the last year and a half (shortly after we got our dog). He used to be highly sensitive when any dogs would lick him in the face but he breaks out rarely now when that happens. My dog sheds so much (black lab) and I'm thinking my son's asthma-like conditions could be related to the excessive dog hair. Could I be right? If so, is there anything I can do before having to find another home for our dog? Please help!!

Re: Son has breathing problems, could it be from our dog?

Your Name: Mary

Date Posted: May 26, 04 - 1:03 AM

Your Email:

Message: It is sad that your young son is allergic to your dog but it sounds to me like that is deffinately the problem. I developed asthma from living with a poodle and they are supposed to be one of the less allergic causing dogs. I don't know what you could possibly do but find a new home for your lab. I know it's not easy but living with breathing problems is miserable. You just can't imagine until you've experienced it. Your son is so young.

Re: Son has breathing problems, could it be from our dog?

Your Name: Jodie

Date Posted: Jun 1, 04 - 5:31 AM

Your Email:

Message: I have also been dealing with a 2.5 year old that has respiratory/asthma like symptoms. He is on a nebulizor 2-3 times a day. He has also had problems with really bad excema. We have two rottweilers, one we had before he was born and then the second we adopted when he was 4 months old. I have wondered all along if it was due to allergies. He just recently had a blood test that confirmed that he is highly allergic to dog/cat dander. We are in the process of trying to figure out what to do with the dogs. I would have your doctor check first to see if has allergies to dogs. I understand that the only way to clear up our sons allergies is to give the dogs to a new home. If we keep the dogs, he will have to be medicated constantly and continue with breathing treatments. One of my co-workers had to get rid of her dog because her step-daughter had asthma symptoms. She reports that even though it was hard to do, they have not had a single asthma episode with the daughter. They have also said that she is like a new little girl as far as behavior and attitude is concerned. (She is 3). I don't know if this is helpful but I do know it is a rought thing to deal with.



Your Name: mandy

Date Posted: May 20, 04 - 9:38 PM

Your Email:

Message: I have allergies to animals..mostly cats and some dogs. I was wondering if anyone knew if Boxers were good/bad for people will allergies. Thanks in advance!

Dry irritated face and neck

Your Name: Billy

Date Posted: May 20, 04 - 7:04 AM

Your Email:

Your Instant Messenger: Billiam333333333

Message: Ive been dealing with a very irritating problem with my skin. I thought it was just dry skin so my approach has always been to moisturize whether it be by lotion/oils or drinking lots of water or using a humidifier and nothing has worked. It was recently brought to my attention that i may have a pet allergy as the symptoms are very irritated skin on my face and neck yet the rest of my body is totally fine (my hands do tend to dry out easily though. Anyhow, we have 4 dogs (boston terriers) and one cat running around our house and i live in a mobile home. These dogs seem to shed year round as does the cat and they rarely get bathed.Ive been dealing with this skin problem for about 6 years now and oddly enough when i think about it, it started when my mom first started getting these dogs. I guess my question is....Do you guys think that there is a connection between my tight irritated facial skin to these dogs?

Do yorkshire terriers have alot of Dog Dander?

Your Name: Nikki

Date Posted: May 19, 04 - 5:52 PM

Your Email:

Your Instant Messenger: thugprincesx1luv

Message: Today my landlord came by and told my boyfriend that we had to get rid of my 7 month old Yorkie because someone in the apartment building had complained about my dog and sayin that they were allergic, but my landlord said we could have a cat. If people are allergic to dogs wouldnt they be allergic to cats?? I also thought because yorkies dont shed that they dont have alot of dander... Obviosly im lookin for a new place to live because giving up my puppy is like giving up a child to me, it sucks we have only been living in this place for about 3 or 4 weeks... Im just so sad and i wanted to hear some points of view from people.

Re: Do yorkshire terriers have alot of Dog Dander?

Your Name: Mary

Date Posted: May 20, 04 - 10:40 AM

Your Email:

Message: You can be allergic to dogs and not to cats. I am. But still, I don't understand these peoples problem. The yorkie doesn't live in THEIR apartment. My understanding is that they are one of the low dander dogs. My brother-in-law has had one for a couple of years and has allergies and asthma so was never allowed any pets growing up. He is 50 and he loves this dog, his first dog, dearly. She even sleeps with him and his wife. It doesn't affect his allergies at all I am told. Could it be the barking bothering these people and they are just making an excuse? Good luck to you. Mary

Re: Do yorkshire terriers have alot of Dog Dander?

Your Name: Jess

Date Posted: May 24, 04 - 3:51 PM

Message: I think it's very sad that you have to find a new place to live, but unfortunately there are people who are allergic to dogs and not cats. I know that Yorkies can cause allergies, because I have one and I'm allergic to him, but I'm not allergic to cats. As a matter of fact, I used to have a miniature eskimo, one who sheds a lot, and I didn't have any allergies. I actually wasn't allergic to any pets until I got my yorkie. Good luck in finding a new home.

can i become "immune" to my dog??

Your Name: sandy

Date Posted: May 13, 04 - 5:02 PM

Message: help....I'm allergic to dogs...but i've loved them my entire life. Finally, i have decided to get one. My family and i have decided to get a golden retriever, and i know that this isnt the smartest decision because goldens shed all over the place. However, i have heard many success stories of people getting a dog and with the help of allergy medication gradually became immune to their dog, but their dog alone. I was wondering if anyone had any feedback about this or any success story would help me greatly. thanks

Re: can i become "immune" to my dog??

Your Name: Natalie

Date Posted: May 23, 04 - 4:52 PM

Your Email:

Message: Hi Sandy,

I'm in the same boat as you right now. I got a golden retriever 2 weeks ago, and I also suffer from allergies!! I am hoping that I become tolerant of him, because for now I seem to have some allergies (although it is my allergy season).. I've been told to get a HEPA filter.. I hope that works!!

Re: Re: can i become "immune" to my dog??

Your Name: Michelle

Date Posted: Jun 16, 04 - 11:56 AM

Your Email:

Message: Probably not what you want to hear, but here is my sad story: I have been highly allergic to dogs (and cats and all the rest) my entire life. But, I’m also an insane, life-long dog lover. I have always wanted one more than anything. In sept of 2001, I decided to go ahead and get one. Since then, for the last three years, my life has been joyous b/c of this sweet little yorkie (on the one hand), but also, on the other, it has been nothing but a series of futile shots, allergy meds, sprays, etc, etc. I really have yet to become immune to my dog, and I definitely suffer for it. On top of it, there is no doubt my work performance is somewhat hindered b/c I’m constantly sneezing and exhausted. On the upside, although the allergies are severe, I never developed asthma, as all the allergists warned I might.

But still, I refuse to give her up, so maybe all the yorkie canine joy does outweigh my sinus misery. …or maybe I’m just nuts. I wish you the best of luck, though. Just sharing my experience. Hope this helps you make the best decision.

Re: Re: can i become "immune" to my dog??

Your Name: Natalie

Date Posted: Jun 21, 04 - 7:33 PM

Your Email:

Message: Just a follow-up to my previous message. I unfortunately had to return my beautiful golden retriever due to allergies. Instead of growing immune to him, I only got worse- to the point that i was constantly wheezing and my doctor didn't allow me to stay in my home so long as he was there. Needless to say, it was a very difficult decision, but i guess the bottom line is that my health came first. I have felt A LOT better since I gave my doggy up- It took about 2 weeks to get the dander out of my system, but at least i'm not wheezing anymore .

allergic to a border collie

Your Name: Janet Walker

Date Posted: May 13, 04 - 12:47 PM

Your Email:

Message: I have always had pet dogs and cats and never had any problems. A few months ago I gained a pet long haired border collie and after 2 weeks of non-stop scratching I became severely allergic to him and had to re-home him. A month later and I'm still trying to come off the anti-hystermine tablets but after 2 days, fail miserably as face swells up. I am constantly hoovering and his bedding has been removed. All his toys and house has been cleaned but I just can't seem to get rid of whatever it is causing this problem. If anybody has any info that relates to this then please, please, please advise me.

Many thanks

Help! Don't want to have to choose between my father-in-law and my dogs!

Your Name: Sophia

Date Posted: May 13, 04 - 11:33 AM

Your Email:

Your Instant Messenger: gingerlilly1964

Message: I really could use some advise. I have fallen in love with the most amazing man and plan to marry him. I would relocate to be with him after we marry. That is where my problem starts. My fiance's father, who he is very close to, visits often and is violently allergic to animals...even birds affect him badly. The other loves in my life are my two pugs who are like my children. How do I choose between my future father-in-law's well being and these two little animals that I love so dearly? Is there a solution other than banning my fiance's dad from our home? Please help!

anyone have a greyhound?

Your Name: Anna

Date Posted: May 11, 04 - 8:54 PM

Your Email:

Your Instant Messenger: anna

Message: I really like greyhounds and am wondering if anyone who has a severe allergy can tolerate these dogs. My boyfriend is allergic and I am in the process of trying to find a breed that could work. If you have experience and hopefully positive, please let me know

Not sure if I am allergic or not HELP!!!

Your Name: Annette

Date Posted: May 11, 04 - 4:17 PM

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Message: Recently got ourselves a new puppy (lab- border colle mix) I have been around dogs and cats for most of my life but it seems that shortly after we got this new pup I have been exhibiting some what I think are allergic symptoms. I get all snuffed up, and my skin gets itchy and then my left eye gets puffy and runny (now it's only my left eye). However it's only when the pup and I are in very close proximety to each other. I can leave the room and the symptoms seem to disappear (providing she stays behind). however when we get back together to play and such the symptoms return. I have not been to my dr yet (don't much like dr's) and have absolutely no intention of getting rid of the dog. However I just wanted to confirm that it is a probably allergic reation to the dog since I have never ever had this happen before with any other dog. Any assistance would be helpful and if someone has a suggestion as to what allergy meds I could take that too would be wonderful.

thanks so much!


Re: Not sure if I am allergic or not HELP!!!

Your Name: Gio

Date Posted: Jun 20, 04 - 9:41 PM

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Message: Hey Annette,

Well, I've been allergic to dogs my entire life. I've been doing research for non-shedding dogs and they turn out to be great (good) for allergy suffers. I'm actually thinking of buying a miniature-schnauzer and she seems to be fine with me. It seems as if you are having allergic reactions to the dog meaning to its dander or saliva. I'm on Singular and it seems to help me greatly when it comes to coming in contact with dogs. Plan a visit with a vet and your physican so you can speak to them regarding your allergies. Good luck with everything.

Your welcome,


My mom is allergic will a lab/terrier mix or minipinche/ terrier or Border collie mix bother her?

Your Name: Kate

Date Posted: May 9, 04 - 11:15 PM

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Message: Well I want to adopt a puppy that will be living with my mom who tested allergic to dogs. We've had a Westie terrier for 13 years and there hasn't been a problem yet would a lab/terrier mix, or a Mini Pincher/ terrier mix or even a border collie mix cause her allergies to act up? I can't find info anywhere. Can anyone help?

Re: My mom is allergic will a lab/terrier mix or minipinche/ terrier or Border collie mix bother her

Your Name: brenna

Date Posted: May 10, 04 - 8:54 PM

Message: I can tell you lab anything mix has been hard on everyone I know with dog allergies so I would not suggest a lab mix. My husband has horrible animal allergies and asthma. We have had a yorkie and a silky terrier with out problems. and as long as I give our weimaraner a bath in allerpet for dogs he does not seem to bother him.

need a dog That is cool to my alergies! anyone want to help?

Your Name: Evan

Date Posted: May 9, 04 - 11:34 AM

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Message: i havea yellow lab mut right now, that i ave tolerated my whole life, but i am moving out of my parents house and am looking for a companion that wont make me sneez hrrible all the time like my shedding lab seems to do. ihave researched little but have only found that the recomeded dogs for those like me are the little toy dogs like poodles and bichons. i was wondering if anyone out there has experience with a bigger "more manly" type of dog that is some what good to the alergies. if any o you know anything good to tell me i would appreciate it. thanks.


Re: I need a dog That is cool to my alergies! anyone want to help?

Your Name: Brett Yirkovsky

Date Posted: May 9, 04 - 5:30 PM

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Message: I found one a Native American Indian Dog. Check these out.

Re: I need a dog That is cool to my alergies! anyone want to help?

Your Name: Gio

Date Posted: Jun 20, 04 - 9:57 PM

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Message: Personally, I've been allergic to pet dander my entire life. I'm actually purchasing a miniature-schnauzer. I've done my research and this type of breed is great. This breed does not shed and has a great tempermeant. Look up on this breed. Good luck.


Beagles? Are they bad for people with allergies?

Your Name: Kayla

Date Posted: May 7, 04 - 12:34 PM

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Message: I really really want a beagle, but my mom is allergic to dogs, so we have to get a dog that's ok with allergies. I was thinking that since Beagles don't have long hair, that maybe they're not so bad for allergies. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Re: Beagles? Are they bad for people with allergies?

Your Name: Natalie

Date Posted: May 23, 04 - 4:55 PM

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Message: We had a beagle for 9 years, and although there are dog allergies in the house, we were fine with him! goodluck!

Are greyhounds ok?

Your Name: Anna

Date Posted: May 4, 04 - 5:49 PM

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****zus & people with allergies & asthma??

Your Name: Some guy

Date Posted: May 3, 04 - 4:21 PM

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Message: I've heard that ****zu dogs have skin and hair like people not like other dogs. So people with allergies and asthma are able to have this type of dog as a pet. Is there any truth to this? If so, could you give me more info or direct me to somewhere that I can get more info?


Re: ****zus & people with allergies & asthma??

Your Name: Nikki

Date Posted: Jul 18, 04 - 3:27 PM

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Message: What kind of dog is it? Cause u wrote ****zu. What is the whole dog name? Cause i have asthma and allergies and am looking for a dog that is good for asmatics.

Re: ****zus & people with allergies & asthma??

Your Name: Mary

Date Posted: Jul 21, 04 - 11:59 AM

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Message: I think he's talking about the ****zu or shih tzu. I've seen it spelled both ways and read it means lion dog in chinese. I don't know about allergies to them though. The first 4 letters gets bleeped out..he didn't do it.

Dog and Cat - Same Allergies?

Your Name: Lumi

Date Posted: May 2, 04 - 10:11 AM

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Message: Is dog allergic reaction and cat allergic reaction the same? Does both animals trigger the same reaction in humans?

Re: Dog and Cat - Same Allergies?

Your Name: Mary

Date Posted: May 2, 04 - 12:07 PM

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Message: I think it depends on the person and everyone is different. It seems like dog saliva often causes hives. Cats seem like they often cause sneezing an itchy eyes. But I think they can both do that and the wheezing started in me when my resistance broke down and it progressed to asthma. Some people never develop asthma but it runs in my family. I didn't get it until I was in my thirties. I am allergic to dogs and not to cats.

Re: Re: Dog and Cat - Same Allergies?

Your Name: Lumi

Date Posted: May 3, 04 - 4:10 PM

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Message: Thank you Mary,


Your Name: monica

Date Posted: Apr 30, 04 - 3:57 PM

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Message: I just got my 1st puppy. lab/pointer mix... I am breaking out in hives on my neck and arms when we play together. I have never been allergic to dogs in the past. She is from a shelter and I can not bathe her for another week (do to her incisions from being spayed). I am really hoping thet it could be from the chemicals at the shelter, or that I will just get use to her. I do not have any otheer symptoms. If anyone has any ideas let me know!! I LOVE THIS PUP!!!

Re: hives!

Your Name: stephanie

Date Posted: May 19, 04 - 9:44 AM

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Message: Hello- I am having the same issue with my dog--the hives----just when we play around together---Have you found out any useful information?


Re: Re: hives!

Your Name: Maria

Date Posted: Jun 18, 04 - 10:00 AM

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Message: I also have HORRIBLE allergies to dogs and cats. I suffer from asthma, itchy eyes and throat, etc. It's terrible. I also get HIVES when the saliva comes in contact with my skin...particularly on my face, neck, and hands. We recently got a long haired dachshund and I love him desperately, but I don't know what to do about this. It's extremely uncomfortable. I can't wash my hands and face every minute of the day. It's terrible also because I can't even kiss my husband if he's been holding the dog! What do we do??

New dog owner Question

Your Name: laura

Date Posted: Apr 26, 04 - 12:44 PM

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Message: I am 30 years old allergic to everything known to man and with food allergies unless it's organically grown I have had shots all my life except for the 5 years I decided to stop and got sinus infections all the time. I am allergic to dogs and cats and in that my eyes get puff and red and swollen generally and occasionally yes wheezing resulted. I learned a few years ago that a dog my parents tried out for a month I did alright with but broke into hives from the saliva the dog had ( heavy drooler).I have been to homes where I should have reacted and have not reacted at all and learned what they did that was diffrent and found bathing to be a big thing. I just adopted a 1 year old siberian husky yesterday and am giving this a shot. He is an outdoor dog and so far everytime i go outside my eyes itch but it is washed away making me think its the heavy pine pollen which has made me itchy all week. I have excezma amd one hand got itchy but not the other and thinking its the grass that got me since i had to move the stack. I am really hoping this works out but, I am wondering how would i know for sure if I am reacting to the dog and not my usual allergens. He has never had a bathe and I don't want to be parnoid but he is blind so I don't want to bathe him and just put him in my house but i need to find out if I am allergic to him. I also have three kids and they loved the dog too. I have always wanted a dog and I would really like to keep him. So any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.


Re: New dog owner Question

Your Name: Robyn

Date Posted: Apr 27, 04 - 2:27 PM

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Message: Start by making sure he is on a good diet. Try Wellness most other foods are really bad and will dry his coat & skin, cause more dander and make you miserable.

Keeping him outside is not going to help as his hair can easily pick up the pollens that you are allergic to, along with dirt & dust. Also its not a great place for a blind dog. Can you take him to a proffessional groomer? make sure you tell them your situation. Doctor Foster & Smith (Pet comapny catalog they are online) has shampoos for allergic owners, and vitamin supplements to help their coat and skin.

I am allergic to animals. I just really make sure that I keep them in top condition. Usually my hardest days are when i get a new dog (I am in animal rescue) and It sometimes takes 2-3 weeks to get their skin better. Most often this is a result of a commercial diet.

I posted some dog food information earlier. So scroll down on the threads. Talk to your vet and groomer. Also their is a product called allerpet/d that makes shampoo, wipes etc. that can help you get through the initial introduction of him into your home. The wipes you just wipe over him to get neutralize the allergans.

I hope some of this helps. Huskies are a marvelous companion dog!

Re: Re: New dog owner Question

Your Name: laura

Date Posted: Apr 30, 04 - 6:24 AM

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Message: Thank you and yes his first vet visit is today and I have a grooming appt next week Monday and I have changed his diet I read it needs to say premium on it but a dog book i was reading said to look at the first 3-4 ingredients on package will tell what is in it. I am using Bil Jac right now it's mostly chicken. I am giving the dog this tablet called shedless and I am enrolling him in training classes. I haven't reacted to him yet, but again I am having troubles going out side and that is where I plan to keep him till the groomers on monday. Not sure how to deal with him just yet especially for commin in the house and blind. Thank you for the suggestion I will try those things.

7 year old son got hive under eye from mini schnauzer

Your Name: Paul

Date Posted: Apr 22, 04 - 2:04 PM

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Message: My son desperately wants a small dog. My wife and I both have allergies to dogs and cats, however when we were childless, we had a mini schnauzer for 14 years and had no problems with allergies. After talking with a number of vets, we were told that mini poodles and schnauzers would be our best choices.

Would someone who has had experience (ideally) with both breeds provide us with her/his observations. Thanks!


Re: 7 year old son got hive under eye from mini schnauzer

Your Name: abby

Date Posted: Apr 26, 04 - 2:20 PM

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Message: Have you considered a schnoodle? That is a schnauzer and poodle mix. That is what my family and I own.

We choose this breed because of my history with allergies and asthma. I am very allergic to dogs and cats. I got hives, itchy eyes, and wheezing. Our dog is a 1 year old schnoodle and is wonderful and soooo cute. They look like teddy bears when they are little.

I take ZyrtecD and Singulair and I only suffer some symptoms when he needs to be groomed. I do not let him in our bedroom ever. They say it is important to have at least 8 hours of dander free time. Good luck.

Re: 7 year old son got hive under eye from mini schnauzer

Your Name: Kathy

Date Posted: Apr 27, 04 - 8:55 AM

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Message: We just got a miniature poodle puppy which supposedly a good choice for people with allergies. We knew my grandson was allergic to cats, even sneezing when cat owners are around without the cat.

Well, to our dismay, he breaks out in hives after playing with the puppy. We think it's the saliva because the hives come out in areas where the puppy has licked.

Does anyone know if he avoids the puppy licks can he be symptom free?


Re: Re: 7 year old son got hive under eye from mini schnauzer

Your Name: stephanie

Date Posted: May 19, 04 - 9:47 AM

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Message: Hi- I am having this similiar problem--Hives---only when the dog licks---have you found any solutions?


Smooth Fox Terriers...any allergy concerns????

Your Name: Paul

Date Posted: Apr 8, 04 - 9:45 AM

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Message: Hello, My wife and I are considering a Smooth Fox Terrier puppy as our first pet. I grew up with a sheltie, and never really had any allergy issues, but I get very congested, watery/itchy eyes, and itchy skin around cats. We would like to know if anyone has any experience with Smooth Fox Terriers and allergic reactions. Need to make sure before we purchase a puppy. Any info would be helpful!


Curiously not allergic to Chesapekes

Your Name: Lisa

Date Posted: Apr 7, 04 - 1:05 PM

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Your Instant Messenger: Lisa

Message: Does anybody know why I am ashmatic around most dogs and cats, but have no reaction to a Chesapeke? Is there something about this breed of dog that is different? Are there any other breeds that might not affect me?

Re: Curiously not allergic to Chesapekes

Your Name: dave scott

Date Posted: Jul 2, 04 - 9:17 AM

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Message: i am allergic to most breeds of dog;more so spaniels,some one has told me that they produce dander every 3 days where as other breeds take a 21 day cycle,i have found that im much less allergic to labradors and water dogs possibly because of there oily coats? i have alabrador and i am not suffering the usual problems.some labs have been crossed with standard poodles which produces a labradoodle which is supposed to be very low allergy.

Bichon Frise-allergy free!

Your Name: Jennifer

Date Posted: Apr 6, 04 - 7:58 AM

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Message: My husband and I debated and argued over getting a dog due to my horrible allergies to both dogs and cats. However, I found a local breeder who was kind enough to let us care for a Bichon Frise puppy for a week, then 2 weeks, then a month until finally I was convinced that he didn't bother my allergies at all in any way. I do bath him every Saturday with Pearlized whitening, shampoo/conditioner at Petsmart and we breakdown the kitchen every weekend and vaccum, wash the floor, his bed towel and some of the soft toys. I vaccum regularly where he normally roams. However, I can have my face in his fur and get licked to death by him constantly without any reaction so I think I am just a clean freak. So anyone that loves small loveable, playful and devoted dogs, buy a Bichon and have a friend for life!

Re: Bichon Frise-allergy free!

Your Name: Mary

Date Posted: Apr 6, 04 - 11:58 AM

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Message: I really hope you remain allergy free. I will tell you my story. We had a mix poodle mix for 16 years. During that time I developed asthma pretty bad for the first time. I was in my thirties. I honestly didn't realize until the dog died in 1996 that he was the problem. My asthma COMPLETLY went away and we were dogless for 6 years. Two years ago my daughter wanted a dog so we got a purebred toy poodle since they are supposed to be less allergic, like Bichons. I was fine for a year and a half before my asthma came back-not quite as bad but it is back. I'm sure it doesn't help that he sleeps with us. I know thats not good but he is a VERY demanding little dog. Crys and whines to get his way until you can't take it any more! Nothing like our first one. I hope you stay allergy free. It sucks being allergic to them! I love dogs.

Re: Re: Bichon Frise-allergy free!

Your Name: Jennifer

Date Posted: Apr 8, 04 - 1:43 PM

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Message: Growing up I was the kid that always had to ask friends if they had pets first, as I couldn't go over to their house if they did. I had it bad. But not asthma. My sister is asthmatic like that, had to give up her Lab puppy. I have had Slider now for over a year and I only take Zyrtek D for 12 hours while I am at work. I have year round allergies. But when I get home I am not on any meds and I am fine with him, the house etc. Mornings are rough, but I go outside with him at 5am in the dew and no meds and come in sneezing! I really do feel confident that I will be ok with him, but time will tell. I have been ok around the toy poodles (tea cup?) as well. Good luck to you...

Re: Re: Re: Bichon Frise-allergy free!

Your Name: anonymous

Date Posted: Apr 12, 04 - 7:27 PM

Message: i gave my highly allergic wife a Bichon for our 30th anniversary. we've had it for one year and she hasn't had a single sneeze! They are truly an allergy-free breed.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Bichon Frise-allergy free!

Your Name: Kathy

Date Posted: Jul 19, 04 - 6:44 AM

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Message: We got a bichon frise puppy last November.

My 5 year old daughter started having allergy symptoms this April (throat clearing, coughing,wheezing, congestion, esp. in the evening and at night). Due to the timing in April, we thought it was spring hayfever. We had her skin-tested last week, and it turned out to be a dog allergy (she wasn't allergic to anything else!). We were shocked. The allergy dr. said it is common to take several months like this to develop an allergy! So I guess bichons are not as safe as people think for allergy sufferers...I've read over and over that they are a BETTER breed for people with allergies, and that may be so...just not in our experience

Control Dander in dogs to help allergies

Your Name: Robyn

Date Posted: Apr 6, 04 - 7:13 AM

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Message: Dogs shed more skin when they are fed bad diets. Anything you buy at a grocery store is crap. Add to that anything at petstores too. Look for dog foods without preservatives, food additives, colorings, artificial flavorings, etc. Go organic and buy foods preserved with Vit E. You will notice that your dog will shed less, have healthy supple not flaky skin, etc. My personal recomendation is Wellness - but Wysong is good too. Food allergies in dogs can also cause itchy flaky skin and make allergies in humans worse. I have bad allergies and both my sons have Asthma. We feed wellness and the only time we have a problem with the animals is when we get a new foster pug in that has been fed a run of the mill food and we have to get their condition under control. That said you will notice a difference in about 2-4 weeks of starting them on a good diet.

Do some research on dog food. Its deplorable what people are led to believe that they are feeding is good! YUCK - when a package says unfit for human consumption I also read that as unfit for animal consumption.

Re: Control Dander in dogs to help allergies

Your Name: laura

Date Posted: Apr 26, 04 - 12:35 PM

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Message: I just adopted a dog and human food is not good for dogs either. Bathing every other week with a mild soap is suppose to help as well to keep skin from drying out, and my sister has dogs with a dry skin problem and i don't have problems with them when they visit and she gives them a tablet called shed - less which helps with the dander and shedding problem. I just learned about the dog food being a big help too I feed mine Bil - jac right now I might try the yours.


Re: Re: Control Dander in dogs to help allergies

Your Name: Robyn

Date Posted: Apr 27, 04 - 2:16 PM

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Message: Human food is okay for dogs. Laugh - thats what dog food "should" be made of but most companies use the diseased and "unfit for human consumption" grade animals that they "Melt" and then dry to make chicken meal, lamb meal, whatever. ICKY -

The BARF diet (Biologically Accurate Raw Food) has had remarkable results I have heard regarding skin and coat. The only reason I haven't done this as of yet is that I am a vegetarian. I can't fathom the idea of handling raw meat. There are also great dog food recipes out there. Bottom line is if you choose to make your own food you know exactly what your dog is getting. Now stopping them from eating deer poop is another story! lol -

I have a rescue pup that seems to have allergies so we will be starting a raw foods allergy diet with him. (only him) I have 5 dogs and they are all on different diets lol - Wellness is a superior food. Hands down I can not say how happy I am with the results in my guys (and gal too!

lahsa apso

Your Name: patti

Date Posted: Apr 5, 04 - 7:51 PM

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Message: hi

recently got a lahsa apso puppy for my mother. was told by the breeder that it had hair instead of fur, thus reducing my allergic reaction to the dog. i have gotten pretty intense reactions from the dog. was wondering if i have been misdirected

Husband gets hives-tested negative for allergies

Your Name: Emily G

Date Posted: Apr 5, 04 - 3:24 PM

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Message: Does anyone have any advice as to why this would happen. We had a wonderful coon hound-lab mix that we had to get rid of because my husband had horrible hives. We couldn't figure out why, we figured it was the dog. After we found the dog another home my husband got tested for allergies because he was still getting them and we found out he is not allergic to dogs but allergic to a lot of food items such as corn. We really want to consider getting another dog (smaller, less dander as I do have dog allergies) but I am terrified that the same thing will happen. Just visiting a breeder won't tell us, they didn't happen until we had our other dog for several weeks. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Best dog for people with allergies

Your Name: Heather Lehman

Date Posted: Apr 5, 04 - 10:08 AM

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Message: Various members of my family are highly allergic to animal dander, so we never had dogs growing up. I have recently adopted a Tibetan Mastiff, and due to the nature of their hair, they cause no sneezing, itching, or any of the typical allergy symptoms in any of my family members. They are amazing dogs, and I would highly suggest a person who loves animals but has horrible allergies check them out. They are a large breed dog (extremely large in my dog's case) and so they do take a special kind of person to be able to handle them. However, the rewards are amazing, and they are great with children and other pets.

Does allergy to Yorkie-Poo Maltese=allergy to pure Maltese or Poodle? Saliva/Urine vs. Dander allerg

Your Name: Jerilyn Landsbaum

Date Posted: Apr 4, 04 - 10:53 PM

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Message: When we started looking at dogs, we were very careful to consider our family history of allergies. We had been told that a maltese or poodle was the best bet. My daughter fell in love with a maltese at a pet store and we brought her back several times to play with it (we did not intend to buy that particular dog, as most of the dogs from the pet store chains come from "puppy mills", but wanted her to have repeated exposure to the breed) and she was fine.

When we contacted a reputable Maltese breeder in our area, we were informed that they had one pure bred Maltese puppy which would be "ready" in 2-3 weeks, but that they also had some Yorkie-Poo Maltese puppies available immediately (Dad was yorkie-poo, Mom was maltese, or vice versa). Inticed by the fact that these puppies were 1/2 the price of a pure breed Maltese, my husband convinced me to agree to "just take a look" at the mixed puppies. As a precaution,

both my daughter and I stopped taking all allergy meds 3 days before seeing the puppies, thinking that if we did not have a reaction while playing with the puppy prior to purchasing it while non-medicated, we would be home free.

Of course, my daughter fell in love with one of the yorkie-poo maltese mixed puppies. We played with it for quite a while, with my daughter having no reaction whatsoever even with all of the "puppy kisses" she received. However, after having it home for about 6-8 hours, my daughter started getting "allergy eyes" and wheezing after running with the dog. It was obvious that the puppy would not be able to stay, since allergy shots do not work immediately and my husband did not want my daughter on any more allergy meds than necessary.

I now question whether the "yorkie" part of the puppy could have been the culprit, as yorkies are not as low-allergen producing as pure breed malteses or poodles. Might we have better luck with one of these traditionally lower allergen (I'm careful not to use the word hypo-allergenic, since it is a misnomer) dogs?

Has anyone had a similar experience with yorkie-poos and then been able to tolerate a maltese, poodle, or malte-poo? What is the best way to test tolerance?

Also, is it true that allergies from the dander of puppies would not be triggered so quickly, due to the fact that they have less skin to shed? Put another way, does a reaction within 6 to 8 hours indicate that this may be an allergy related to urine or saliva, rather than dander?

We very much want a dog, but do not want our daughter to be heartbroken again. Should we start shots now and wait a few years or try these other breeds? Also, are there tests which can differentiate between dander, saliva, and urine allergies?

Comments on any of the questions raised would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Does allergy to Yorkie-Poo Maltese=allergy to pure Maltese or Poodle? Saliva/Urine vs. Dander al

Your Name: Brenna

Date Posted: May 10, 04 - 9:34 PM

Message: Yorkies are one of the few dogs my husband does not have reations to and he has horrible pet allergies and asthma.

yes they can test what you are having a problem with dander , pet hair. your allergist can test you.

hope this helps

chihuahua allergies

Name: donna

Date Posted: Apr 3, 04 - 5:02 PM


Message: I have allergies to dogs and cats. I have two cats and I have learned to live with them because they dont affect me any more. Has anyone had first hand experience with someone who has allergies and asthma who has a chihuahua thats working out ok?

Please let me know . I really want a chi.

Re: chihuahua allergies

Name: Holly

Date Posted: May 8, 04 - 8:22 AM


Message: My husband has allergies and asthma, we bought a chi about 4 months ago. He hasn't had one problem. He doesn't seem to be allergic at all. We did however, buy another chi that he is exteremly allergic to.

Re: Re: chihuahua allergies

Name: Caris

Date Posted: May 9, 04 - 12:06 AM


Message: Was one chi short haired and the other long? I'm interested to know if the hair length was a factor. My sig. other is allergic to dogs, but we both love chihuahuas very much. He has visited a house that had a chi and didn't have any problems, and with him it's usually an immediate reaction--he gets wheezy and has to take benadryl.

Odd dog allergy?

Name: Sherry

Date Posted: Apr 3, 04 - 11:32 AM


Instant Messenger: MSN

Message: Hi,

My son appears to be allergic to puppies but not dogs. What is that about? I read up on dog allergies and found out some people are allergic to dog urine. Since puppies tend to pee on themselves and walk in it is it possible that may be what triggers a rash when my son holds puppies? He plays with the neighbor's older dogs and has no problem at all with allergies to them. Any thoughts on this matter? Our two Scorries are now 5 months old but they still have an occassional *accident* when they are in their pen.

No More Pet Allergies

Name: Christina

Date Posted: Apr 3, 04 - 9:45 AM


Instant Messenger: berringc

Message: I know of a company that makes the worlds best Air Purifiers. One machine has the ability to clean the air in a 3000 square foot home. I have a 6 year old son who NO LONGER suffers from seasonal allergies, due to our having one of these Air Purifiers. They have helped to remove pet odors, dander, dust mites, mildew, mold, and a variety of bacteria from peoples homes. To learn more about these Air Purifiers go to:

Re: No More Pet Allergies

Name: Betty Seaba

Date Posted: Apr 10, 04 - 10:36 AM


Message: I agree with you we also have air purifiers and they help with everything.

Betty Seaba

Allergic reactions

Name: Betty Seaba

Date Posted: Apr 3, 04 - 8:19 AM


Message: When you bathe your dogs, rinse with vinegar water. 1/4 cup vinegar to 3/4 cup of water, re-rinse with tap water. My son has had anaphylactic shock reactions, these are the most serious allergies, causing whole body to swell shutting off the air supply. We were sent out of state to a specialist, who found he was moderately allergic to everything they tested for with exception to dog and cats (very unusual). Sadly I was. We were advised if we got a dog it to get a Yorkie or Poodle. We chose a Yorkie. I bathed my Yorkie once a week, sometimes more often. My understanding vinegar dissolves soap scum, and helps remove residue, and also doggie smell. We also were advised to not use cleaning products around, my son, use vinegar. We were shocked with the results being so good. My son is 24 years old now and he is alive. I have no problems with my allergies to dogs, unless I don't rinse with the vinegar. Also coat is very shiny after being rinsed with vinegar. I'm not a scientist, but have had major experience. I hope this might help you allergy sufferers.


19 month ols allergic to dog

Name: Jennifer

Date Posted: Mar 30, 04 - 4:11 AM


Message: Hi 19 month old son was just diagnosed with an allergy to our dog yesterday. He was also diagnosed with asthma, and suffers from milk and egg allergy as well. He has had frequent respiratory tract infections and ear infections. My husband questions the need to get the dog another home, but how do you decide ?I love my dog, we have had Max for 6 years..but my child's health has to come first. Does anyone know if it is possible for some oune to outgrow the allergy...or will it only get worse as he gets older. ( I was told it is rare for a child so young to react positively to a dog allergy test ).

Re: 19 month ols allergic to dog

Name: Juli smith

Date Posted: Apr 3, 04 - 9:36 PM


Message: Your son sounds a lot like my son during the first six months of his life. Although the doctor never got to the point of testing him, he constantly needed his nebulizer and was practically living on antibiotics because of the ear infections. We got fed up with the medication and started him on some natural products. He's doing wonderfully now. He has had only some minor bouts with the allergies, and he rarely needs the nebulizer. And guess what...the dog stayed!!!!! If you'd like more information on the products he's been taking for the last 2 1/2 years, feel free to email me.

Re: Re: 19 month ols allergic to dog

Name: Theresa C

Date Posted: Apr 23, 04 - 6:01 PM


Message: Both of your postings are frightening. The first one is having a hard time deciding between which is more important, her child's health, or keeping her dog that she has had for 6 years. The second woman states that her son only has had some "minor bouts" with his allergies and rarely needs his nebulizer. Maybe if you got rid of your dog then your son would never need his nebulizer. Some people make me sick that they would risk their child's health and well-being to have an animal in their home!

Re: Re: Re: 19 month ols allergic to dog

Name: Juli

Date Posted: Apr 27, 04 - 2:57 PM

Message: Theresa,

Obviously, you have issues you need to resolve. First of all, my son is allergic to pollen as well. Do you want me to get rid of the trees in the neighborhood to solve this problem? As a matter of fact, we were without a dog for about 3 months, and he continued having problems because of pollen before we found a natural way to battle the problem. My husband and I are very pleased that we have reduced him to only needing it on occasion. He's with the pet daily. If he were suffering because of the dog, we would certainly make that decision. I'm sure Jennifer would as well, if that was the decision she has to make. But she's looking for alternatives before parting from her dog. See, kids see their dogs as family members. It's not that easy to take them away. They don't understand and could feel to blame. We found a way that the allergies could be controlled, and are able to keep the dog. It seems to me that you have never had a pet, due to your lack of sensitivity. I'm not sure why you're on this board as this is for people to get support with their problems with pet allergies. Don't you have better ways to channel your anger issues? They have anger boards......

Psychological allergy?

Name: chrystal

Date Posted: Mar 29, 04 - 8:04 PM


Message: I have a really good friend who is only allergic to dog saliva... but says that she has built up an intolerance to her dog. She has taken allergy medication when she is around me dog but I've noticed that if she doesn't know that he is in the room then she is ok. As soon as she knows he is in the room her legs start to itch and she says that she is having an allergic reaction.

I've also noticed that he also claims that as soon as she has been in a room with my dog that even after he leaves (and even if he has been in his carrier the whole time) she has problems. However, when it comes to other dogs that I know have been wondering around that room in past occasions there has never been a problem.

So I'm wondering... do you think that it is a true allergy or just a psychological thing? and can you suggest a way of making it betteR?



Re: Psychological allergy?

Name: laura

Date Posted: Apr 26, 04 - 12:16 PM


Message: it could be all in thier head and all you can do for that is to just humor them and not tell them when the dog is in the room. They will have to figure it out. There isn't much you can do in that case.


wanna dog

Name: want a dog

Date Posted: Mar 28, 04 - 3:17 AM


Message: I was set on a Boston Terrier, I am allegic to some dogs, especially golden retrievers, eyes start to itch, and was hoping I would be ok with the Boston, the underside of my arm started to breakout in little bumps like ants bit me while I was at the breeder, but the bumps went away 30 minutes after I left the house. Am I nuts to still want the dog? I keep trying to convince myself that if I wash him once a week I will be fine, and then I wokeup the next day and my eyes seemed sealed shut with sleepers. What do you guys think?

Re: wanna dog

Name: Shade

Date Posted: Apr 14, 04 - 4:36 PM

Instant Messenger: Want a Dog

Message: Well Want A Dog, it seems like you have the same problem I do. There must be some sort of toxin or allergin in the hair or skin of a Boston because they leave welps and rashes on me, too. And like you, they're gone 30 minutes after I wash up and apply a topical anti-itch cream. Bummer.

what is the outlook for a person......

Name: steve

Date Posted: Mar 26, 04 - 8:31 PM


Instant Messenger: shaines_cuffin_crooks

Message: I am a law enforcement officer, who has always been extremely interested in becoming a K9 handler. Actually it's been my dream to handle one day and I just love to watch a dog work a track. I can honestly tell you there is nothing watching a dog sucessfully track and us making an arrest and keeping the public safe all because of the dog. I've been with my department for almost 6 years. Our K9 program is about to expand very soon, but while riding with one of our handlers, I have found that I am allegric to dogs. I have confirmed this by riding with him several more times and each time I react. I was just wondering if anyone has completely solved their allegries to dogs? I haven't spoke with a doctor as of yet but what is the outlook for an "average" person who is allegric to dogs? One would think that with all the medical break throughs in this world today that the doctors or allergy specialists would be able to solve these problems. Like I said, I have not spoke with a doctor yet, but I was just wondering.

Re: what is the outlook for a person......

Name: Terry

Date Posted: Apr 2, 04 - 6:29 PM


Message: How do you react and do you react when you're out of the car but still around the dog? Have you visited homes where dogs live? Have you ever lived with dogs?

There are several immuno shots and treatments available but they're not always effective. There is an allergy clinic in Wisconsin which, to my knowledge is unique in it's treatment. The treatments are quite effective but they do take time.

Elaborate a bit on what happens to you.


Would I still be allergic to a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel MIXED w/Poodle?

Name: Moogie

Date Posted: Mar 26, 04 - 7:46 AM


Instant Messenger: MooGaLiCiOuS89

Message: I want this puppy who is sooo adorable and sweet, and the perfect puppy. Its a poodle mixed w/ a Cavalier King Charles, so what do you think? Would I still be allergic to him?

Help... my son is allergic to our dog!

Name: Deana Rosi

Date Posted: Mar 19, 04 - 4:17 PM


Message: We just recently found out that our youngest son 4 yrs is allergic to everything enviromental, including our 7 month okd Golden. We had a Sheperd when he was a baby, but she passsed of cancer, so we got a pup. They are starting him on shots soon, but the doctor really wants us to consider giving her up... will the shots help enuf to be able to keep the dog? I'm desperate! After losing Sammy, we don't want to give up Soprano.

Re: Help... my son is allergic to our dog!

Name: worried mom

Date Posted: Mar 29, 04 - 4:48 PM


Message: I'm going through the same thing. We just got a dog three days ago. My son always seemed to have a stuffy nose but I never thought he would be allergic. We have had a cat for 7 years. Turns out we spent the night at the emergency room. He was having problems breathing. They had to give him 2 treatments and he was sent home with medicine. My decision is to get rid of the pppy as I can't see my 10 year old having to suffer so much..the kids and my husband want me to wait. I don't want them bonding more int he next few days until we can get tot he allergist to see what is going on. He is a Cairn terrier.

Re: Help... my son is allergic to our dog!

Name: mike

Date Posted: Apr 2, 04 - 9:26 AM


Message: We are going through the exact same scenerio, except we have a cat involved too. We rescued a cat 5 months ago and after 1 month my youngest child started coughing at night. Thing it was a cold his Dr put him on cough medicine which helped a littl. The we rescued a golden retreiver. Afer a few weeks he complained he was itchy. I went to his room and saw the cat run out from under his bed. He was also having a slight expiratory wheeze ( I listened with a stethoscope. I went out and got an air purifier for the room, cleaned the room, got air filters for the furnace and ducts. He was tested and found allergic to cats, dogs, trees, pollen. The other night while sleepin I heard him cough and again he had a slight whheze which went away with benadryl. The cat came out from under his bed. We found the cat a home and are going to shampoo his rugs and have the furnace and ducts serviced and see what happens. Our last resort is to get rid of the dog.

Re: Help... my son is allergic to our dog!

Name: Sonia

Date Posted: Apr 3, 04 - 6:46 AM


Message: I myself has had allergies all my life. My mom raised different dogs as far back as I can remember. I remember at my youngest us having a cocker spaniel, then she bred doberman pinchers and now German Shephards.

I am now grown and have three children of my own as well as 5 Shih Tzu's.

When I was young I had to go for allergie shots every week since I was allergic to everything going. As I got in my teens I was sick and tired of these shots and refused to get anymore. Not all my allergies disappeared of course but I eventually got ammuned to some.

Today at 36 I am still allergic to all animals with fur. Cats seem to be be the worst. I tried getting a pet rabbit, budgie birds, and a Lhasa Apso dog for my children but to no avail I itched so bad and sneezed I wanted to pull my hair out!

Well not learning my lesson 2 years ago I got my 1st Shih Tzu and now have 5 and to this day do not suffer from Allergies to this breed. They sleep in my bed, run through my fully carpeted house and lay on my laps for as long as I would sit still for them to do so. I visit my mom often who has the 3 Shephards and they don't seem to have much of an effect on me either as long as they don't constantly come to me for patting. I don't know if my system has gotten stronger or is it just the Shih Tzu breed.

I can understand your attachment to your puppy and your concern for your child. If your starting him on shots like I had as a kid then It just may do the trick! If your son is not in danger or suffering to badly due to these allergies maybe holding off on getting rid of your puppy would turn out to be a good thing as you could see how he is with the help of the shots. It may not turn out that you can keep your pet but it is worth a try.

Re: Help... my son is allergic to our dog!

Name: Juli smith

Date Posted: Apr 3, 04 - 9:27 PM


Message: I, too, have a Golden. I would hate the thought of losing him or for my child to have to get allergy shots. My son suffered from allergies and asthma since infancy. He was constantly on a nebulizer and prescription decongestants. I became fed up with the medication and started him on some all natural products, including a very effective antioxidant. I recommended the same product to my cousin, who's son was very allergic to his grandmother's cat. His grandmother nearly gave the cat up. However, both children had great results, and the dog and cat stayed!!! My son rarely has to use his nebulizer now. It's a wonderful thing. If you'd like more info on this product, you can email me.

Bad Allgergic Reactions to Dogs.

Name: Al

Date Posted: Mar 18, 04 - 8:00 AM


Message: I am allergic to both cats and dogs and I have asthma. With cats, I seem to be able to get used to their dander without allergy outbreaks. With dogs it is different. I can never get used to the dander. I break out in hives, get ichy watery eyes, sneeze, become conjested,and wheeze.

My girlrfriend and I have lived together for 3 years. We have 2 cats. Her dog, who we both loved very much, passed away about a month ago. As much as I miss him, I don't miss my allergic reactions to him.

She wants another dog. She thinks that we should get an air purifier and I should look into new meds. I am already taking Flonase and Zyrtec for my allergies and Flovent and Albuterol for my asthma.

She said that she will never be happy if she can't have a dog in her life.. What should I do??

Re: Bad Allgergic Reactions to Dogs.

Name: Leslie

Date Posted: Mar 19, 04 - 3:21 PM


Message: Don't give in to the pressure. As I write this I am listening to my husband wheeze. Our kids really wanted a Min Pin and he thought because it was so small it would not be bad. I really regret(9 years later)that he said yes. We both love the dog. We could never get rid of him, note I don't mention the kids, but if I had to do it again even though I am the real dog lover I can't go through the physical discomfort it causes him. He is best when all the dog's bedding is kept clean, we use an allergy solution on the dog after I brush him. We do not let him in our room, and he gets worse if we close the vents from the furnace where our spaceguard cleans the air. I have a hepa filter vacuum(expensive one) and it kills him when I vacuum. I just worry that when the dog is gone that he will still have problems. We went the allergy shot route and it did not help, in some ways he seemed to get worse. Sorry for the lack of encouragement but I feel guilty about having the dog that makes him feel so bad.

Re: Re: Bad Allgergic Reactions to Dogs.

Name: laura

Date Posted: Apr 26, 04 - 12:25 PM


Message: going out on a limb here I am 30 and severly allergic to evertyhing known to man and when i was preganant with my kids i gained a food allergy sooo. A word of encouragement I get 3 shots and was going twice a week and now down to once I take zyrtec, singulair, flonase, abuterol, rhyna12 (decongestant), patnol(eye drops) and i think that's it I have exzema too I have found that ****zu's i don't react to and I was told I was allergic to cats and dogs. I have been in many homes that have these animals and ready for the worst however I have been in homes where I should have had weezing and itchy puffed up eyes (been through that too many times) takes hours for the reactions to go away - that I didn't have problems in their house so i thought I'm not as allergic as i thought - well I am as allergic as I thought but in talking to them I found that most of them regaurdless of the breed bathe their pets religiously and the ones i shouldn't be allergic to like poodles I am very allergic, so be carefull on the breed get a LOW DANDER pet not hair but dander, and bathe them every other week and I have hepa filter vacuum. So try those things should help you out. Expirement as they say. I just adopted a siberian husky low dander double coat and outdoor dog which is fine by me just means i have to wash my hands when I am done and bathe him more often. good luck

Feeling of cotton in throat


Date Posted: Mar 17, 04 - 5:47 PM

Message: I do not break out from animals, just get a lump in my throat, almost feels like a cotton ball. Does anyone else get this?

need suggestions for dog allergy

Name: john

Date Posted: Mar 14, 04 - 9:39 PM

Message: HELP , I've had dogs all my life never been allergic to them before. I had a Yellow Lab for 13 years and wasn't allergic to it. I had it put down about two and a half years ago. I then picked up another Yellow Lab she'll be two years old this May, I began having allergy problems recently and was told by a doctor that I'm allergic to the dog.

I need help what can I do to allergy proff my home? The dog is part of the family so she isn't going anywhere, I'm looking for suggestions

thanks john

Re: need suggestions for dog allergy


Date Posted: Mar 15, 04 - 8:06 AM


Message: One thing that has really helped me is to make sure the room that I sleep in is "dog dander" free. My dog is never allowed in my room. They say it helps to have at least 8 hours of sleep in a place that does not have any dog dander in it. If you have already let your dog in your bedroom, than I would really clean it good (have the carpets cleaned, clean all the linens etc) and start over. I also don't let the dog on the furniture because of my allergies. Good Luck.

Re: need suggestions for dog allergy

Name: Juli smith

Date Posted: Apr 3, 04 - 9:40 PM


Message: ANTIOXIDANTS!!! Doctors won't tell you this because they haven't studied natural remedies for problems such as allergies. I have had my son on some natural products for 2 1/2 years now and have decreased his doctor's income, and the dog stayed! I'd be glad to share the information with you if you'd like to email me.

Re: Re: need suggestions for dog allergy


Date Posted: Apr 4, 04 - 10:36 AM




Name: Christa

Date Posted: Mar 12, 04 - 8:26 PM


Message: Hello! The website reads that Chihuahuas are not usually recommended for people with allergies. I know that different people have different reactions, but my husband is seriously allergic to most animals. He can't be in the same room as them for more than an hour without being VERY sick. We had heard that Chihuahuas were good for people with allergies, so we got a Chihuahua. We have now had him for 2 years and my husband has no visible signs of being allergic. So this does show that Chihuahuas are good for some people with allergies! Yea Chihuahuas!!

for karyn with the hives

Name: Marie

Date Posted: Mar 10, 04 - 3:27 PM


Message: Karyn, We have too had the heart break of losing a very much loved pet.....only we had to give up three!I too have found this forum in the hopes that we could find a allergy proof pet! We always had dogs and cats, and then we had a three year old who suddenly began having asthma attacks. As a year went on we finally found out why. As our pets left we told our children that they just needed to stay at babysitters. We are down to our 15 year old dog and when she is gone this will be the end. Unless anyone can shed some light on our situation........

American hairless terriers

Name: Marie

Date Posted: Mar 10, 04 - 6:06 AM


Message: If the Anerican Hairless terrier is not a sure thing for a child with asthma, if anyone out there has a sure thing or a sure fit, it would be truly appreciated. If we need to accept that there will be nothing, then I will accept it, however with all the animals in the world, something must work! Thank you

Re: American hairless terriers

Name: Arlene

Date Posted: Apr 6, 04 - 7:36 AM


Message: I am an AHT owner with severe allergies. If you haven't actually tested with and AHT you should. I've had Telly for 2 years and no allergies. I just got another AHT 2 months ago and still no allergies. See my reply to the message posted below yours for details of my story.



Re: Re: American hairless terriers

Name: Art

Date Posted: Jun 17, 04 - 7:08 AM


Instant Messenger: artrok2000

Message: Hey,

If the allergies are really bad. I would reccomend a Chinchilla. they have no sweat glands and produce no odor. People who are allergic to cats, dogs and other animals are not allergic to them. They are intelligent, friendly, and make a great pet. just make sure to get a baby so he gets used to your hands. im sure that didnt help, but i hope it does...

hairless terriers

Name: Marie

Date Posted: Mar 10, 04 - 6:02 AM


Message: I keep hearing conflicting child is allergic to dogs and there anyone out there who can help? My child wants a dog badly, what is the real story on the American Hairless terrier?

Re: hairless terriers

Name: Alisa

Date Posted: Apr 3, 04 - 10:45 AM


Message: Nobody but a doctor could tell you if your child would be allergic to any breed of dog and which. It really depends on whether the allergy is to hair (which is very unlikely), dander, saliva, or what.

A hairless or breeds who do not blow their coats (usually called shedless breeds, meaning that they only lose hair like you or I do) may produce less dander... but let's face it... we all have dander sometimes, just as your dog will. If you are religous about bathing your dog and caring for it's skin, you will be less likely to be allergic to it, if it's dander that you are allergic to.

And I can't help saying this... if you are getting a dog for your child... do you want a dog? Also consider the temperament of the breed you are considering (I am not an expert on the hairless terrier, but I know that in general terriers are not highly recommended for kids). And last, if you are getting a dog to interact with your child please get to know the breeder well. Meet the mom dog, the dad if you can, contact a previous buyer from the breeder who has kids, and make sure that it's a good match!!

Children are among those most likely to be bitten by a dog, so please be careful.

For some good reading on the breed and allergies, go to:

Re: hairless terriers

Name: Arlene Valentinsen

Date Posted: Apr 5, 04 - 7:35 AM


Message: Hello,

I've been severly allergic to both cats and dogs all my life. The year I turned 44 I decided I had to have a dog, and after much research found the AHT. It's been two years since I got Telly and so far I haven't sneezed, wheezed or itched. After the first couple of allergy free months, I even got 2 hairless sphynx cats, and just two months ago we welcomed our second AHT (Buddy) into our home.

Even though my allergies were severe, I was able to tolerate hairless pets. However, not everyone can. As a matter of fact I got an emergency phone call from a breeder asking me to foster an AHT who was placed with a family near my home because the husband had to be hospitalized for a bad asthma attack.

The only way to tell is to go spend time with an AHT and really play with them and get them licking you all over. There aren't too many around because they are a rare breed. However, if you talk to a breeder and ask them to get the word out they will probably at least find someone in your state who has one. I've given several allergy tests since I got Telly and those families now have AHT's.

As far as temperment is concerned my Telly is an angel and my Buddy loves children! I really think it depends on the particular animal, but the breeder can also help pick the right pup.

They are great dogs! Even though they are hairless they are not delicate. Telly can hike up and down mountains for hours and after she'll curl up in my lap and be my lap dog.

There are only a couple of negative things I can say. First, they are very active dogs, so if your family doesn't want to spend literally hours a day playing squeaky ball or other equally stimulating games, you and the dog will be very disappointed. If I don't give Telly enough attention, she cries and takes her paw and swats me until I do. She never lets me sleep late, and as soon as I get out of bed she grabs her squeaky ball and races up to me. Second, if you live in a cold climate they will probably not be able to go outside in the winter, even to potty. My dogs are paper trained, which can be clumsy if you don't have enough space to lay out a lot of wee wee pads during the day (I buy them cheap by the case from Mylan over the internet). Even if you don't live in a cold climate, you'll still have to buy them clothes. There are a few places on the internet that make them, but the best clothes were made by a lady who went out of the business, so now I make my own.

If you can handle all of that, and everyone in your family wants an AHT, you should start talking to breeders.

Allergic to Australian Shepherd puppy

Name: Melinda

Date Posted: Mar 8, 04 - 10:27 PM


Message: I have had a childhood sheltie and a 4 year old Sheltie with no allergies. I am feeling some asthma from our new Austalian Shepherd puppy. I find this confusing as our Sheltie has long hair. I think I might have to give our adorable Aussie up. Any feedback or similar situations ?


Name: April

Date Posted: Feb 26, 04 - 8:57 AM


Message: I need HELP! I just recently adopted an 8 week old cockapoo and I am very allergic to him. Not so much my nose or lungs, but my EYES! They itch so bad I can hardly stand it. They not only itch, but burn and run constantly. I think I am allergic to my little guys saliva. And, since he is only a pup, he teeths on EVERYTHING. Is there anything that can be done? Or, do I have to get rid of him. That would break my heart and his. Any advice ANYONE has would be welcomed. Thanks, April


Name: joanna

Date Posted: Mar 5, 04 - 2:25 PM

Message: hi april,

i once took care of a bichon frise for one of my friends, and everytime his nose touched me it mad my skin itchy and swollen. i bathed him and i took Zyrtec, which helped alot with allergies. i dont think there is anything you can do about saliva because it is always going to be made by the dog

so if you are thinking about getting rid of him, i think you should do it before he becomes very attached to you. i wish you the best,



Name: Michele

Date Posted: Mar 6, 04 - 1:33 AM


Message: I believe there are some steroid-containing eye drops available via perscription. Our allergist also told us that Rhinacort, a steriod nasal spray, can also assist with eye allergies. Perhaps a combo of both?? Good luck with your puppy.

Can babies be allergic to dog urine?

Name: Chris

Date Posted: Feb 23, 04 - 9:54 PM


Message: Our dog is nine years old and has begun to urinate on the floor frequently. We clean it with many cleaners but it still smells heavy of urine. When our baby comes home from the hospital, will this be not only unsanitary but unhealthy??? Help me!!!

Re: Can babies be allergic to dog urine?

Name: Terry

Date Posted: Mar 17, 04 - 10:55 AM


Message: I wonder if anyone ever answered you. I just found this site.

Presumably you refer to a new baby?further by now the baby has been brought home?

AS long as you're thoroughly cleaning the urine, you shouldn't have a problem. You may have a problem with cleaners, though. I have little experience with carpets (I have allergies and can't tolerate any that can't be washed) but with any kind of floor, including wood, you can dilute white vinegar with water and wash the spot(s). About 1/2 cup vinegar to a gallon of water - this is not rocket science so if you still smell urine (give the vinegar time to evaporate) use a stronger solution.

One thing not to do with a baby and a dog is keep the dog away. It breeds jealousy (?) on the dog's part and can cause fear in the baby.

All of the above is from personal experience and I'm sure there's a book somewhere with other answers.

Treating Hives (Sorry this is so long, but I figure the more details the better!)


Date Posted: Feb 21, 04 - 6:31 PM


Message: Hello, All!

My husband, Ed, and I decided to get a dog for Christmas. Our dog's name is Rocks, and he is 1/2 border collie, 1/4 great pyrenese, and 1/4 black lab. A few weeks later, I developed hives. I was already taking Zyrtec for other allergies. Further, I was receiving weekly allergy injections to build my allergy resistence. Although I am severely allergic to dogs, my allergist did not believe the dog was causing the hives. He put me on Allergra in addition to the Zyrtec. The hives subsided for a day or two, but then resurged. A few weeks later, my regular doctor put me on Allergra D, Prednisone, and Bendryl. So, I was taking Zyrtec once a day, Allegra 3x a day, Prednisone once a day, and Benadryl 3x a day. Last week, my allergist had me cut back to the Prednisone and the Allegra. No matter what, the hives never completely go away. In fact, they keep resurging.

Despite what my allergist thinks, I believe that Rocks is the cause of my allergies. Does anyone know of any other medicines/treatments I can try? Perhaps, desynsesitization therapy is available? I am desparate to keep my dog!

Also, if anyone else has ever had to give up a pet they adored, I would love to hear their story. I am miserable!

Re: Treating Hives (Sorry this is so long, but I figure the more details the better!)

Name: Sheri

Date Posted: Mar 10, 04 - 12:31 PM

Message: It's not worth it. Get rid of your dog. I'd hate to go out in public all the time with my eyes swollen shut & hives all over my body. What an uncomfortable feeling. Remember, dogs are not human beings. plus, they're a lot to take care of & can be very expensive when feeding them & taking them to the vet all the time for their shots. I know people who are not allergic to them & still won't have one. Besides, who wants to get outside & walk them 3 times a day when it's raining, cold or blazing hot outside? Not me. I just don't think it's worth it. Then if you do walk them, always remember to bring your pooper scooper with, because a lot of your neighbors will get mad at you if you let your dog poop in their yard. You may have to clean it up. So if you're allergic to the dog, please get rid of it. It's not worth suffering your own health because of it.

I think that my baby is allergic to our dog

Name: lori

Date Posted: Feb 13, 04 - 10:17 AM


Message: Every since we came home from the hospital my daughter has been sneezing and congested. She is almost 4 months old now and she seems to be getting worse with the congestion and she is still sneezing every so often. Her nose is really starting to run now and she has problems sleeping at night more then the day but still has problems during the day too with her nose stuffing up. We had a german shepard and then we got a chocolate lab thinking the lab was better. But still have the same stuffy nose and sneezing. Her eyes do water sometimes too. I had her checked out by the doctor to see if she was just sick and they couldn't find anything. They said that it could be allergies but gave me no specifics. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I will find a home for our lab if that is what is going to be best for my baby. Please help!

Thanks, Lori

Re: I think that my baby is allergic to our dog

Name: Susy

Date Posted: Feb 14, 04 - 9:05 AM


Message: I have lived with allergies and asthma almost all my life. However, I had dogs growing up even though I am allergic to them. My family just made certain that the dogs NEVER entered my bed room, since that's when allergies really effected me (and most folks) most. If you don't want to get rid of the dog, try keeping anything "dog related" out of the baby's room. If I were you I would thoroughly wash the baby's room (all linens, curtains, even walls) and steam clean the rug with a very mild soap (or just watter). Then don't let the baby play with the dog. If she does--wash her hands and face. Also, dont pick up the baby directly after picking up or plalying with the dog. Always wash your hands and change your blouse (clothes) before holding the baby. If she is allergic to the dog you should see some improvement after taking these measures. Growing up I learned that this was the only way for me to have a pet. It's a small price to pay.

Re: I think that my baby is allergic to our dog

Name: Max

Date Posted: Mar 13, 04 - 12:41 PM


Message: Not only dogs but other living creatures living in the house can be allergen Specifically "dust mites" which gets fed by human skin and other animal skin particules. It is better for you to understand what she is allergic to. If she is allergic to dogs you can go with solutions for the dogs.

My son and I lived with allergy almost 15 years and got pretty experienced. If the problem is related to mites please be careful using anything except tannic acid products since some chemicals used against mites creates more problems than problem itself.

Re: I think that my baby is allergic to our dog

Name: Juli smith

Date Posted: Apr 3, 04 - 9:50 PM


Message: My son was very much like your daughter. He was in and out of the doctor's office for the first 6 months of his life. He had recurring ear infections, allergies, and asthma. He seemed to be living on antibiotics and his nebulizer. We got fed up and tried some natural products, including a powerful antioxidant. Because the products are liquid, I could administer them by bottle. My son is doing wonderfully, as is a cousin of his who had the same problem. My son is now 2 1/2 and we still have the dog!! He still has a few bouts with allergies, but it is very controllable now. If you'd like more information, please feel free to email me.

Does exposure to dog increase the allergy

Name: marsha

Date Posted: Feb 12, 04 - 8:41 PM


Message: A friend was told that her sons allergy to dogs would increase now that she has a non-shedding, hypo-allergenic dog in her house. Is this a true statement? Do allergies get worse, better or no change. His allergy was rated 1 out of 4 (4 being highest). Any advise is appreciated.

Allergic, Asthmatic really wants a dog

Name: Susy

Date Posted: Feb 10, 04 - 9:21 PM


Message: When I was a kid I had asthma and allergies, but we had a pet America Eskimo and a Peach faced Love Bird. I did fine with these two pets. Now at 37 I'm still suffering with asthma and allergies, and would love to get a dog. Because I haven't had one in years I'm concerned. What's a good breed to get? I keep hearing conflicting information. Some say it's the dander and others say it's the saliva that causes allergies. My mother has a Schnauzer and a Westie. Neither breed bothers my asthma much(unless they are dirty and smell), but once the Westie licked me on the mouth and my lip swelled up! Is there a way to test which breed I'm less likely to react too? Is there a reason why a dog's smell causes an asthma reaction? Any help would be appreciated

Re: Allergic, Asthmatic really wants a dog

Name: Helen

Date Posted: Mar 3, 04 - 7:03 AM


Message: My husband is really allergic to dogs and cats.when he was young,he could not even tolerate teddy bears. We used to have a Yorkshire Terrier and he would sleep with the dog without any problems. Now we have a poodle and he is allergic and his asthma is getting worse. I think you have to try different breeds, if possible for a period of one month, before you will know.

Good luck.

Re: Re: Allergic, Asthmatic really wants a dog

Name: john reinsch

Date Posted: Aug 13, 04 - 8:04 AM


Message: i agree, see if you know anyone with a type of dog that you are interested in and then borrower the dog for a month.

Home Allergen Level Test - Anyone Have Results?

Name: EatingPie

Date Posted: Feb 8, 04 - 5:35 PM


Message: Hi.

I had a home allergen test, and had rather high results for Can F 1, the dog allergen. However, I have never had a dog in the house, and it's only 2 years old, and I'm the first owner.

I'm wondering if people have had a home allergen test, and if they're willing to post their results (with correct units) for comparison.

My room measured 73.2 micrograms/gram of Can F 1. Which is considered very very high given my situation.

Anyone else?


Re: Home Allergen Level Test - Anyone Have Results?

Name: rhonda

Date Posted: Apr 26, 04 - 1:31 PM


Message: i have no results to compare for you...but i am interested in finding out what you can tell me about a home allergen test....where did you find it...who makes it....etc.....thxs in advance rhonda

Cindy Feb 10, 04 - 11:28 AM

Daughter has rash on face only

We got a pom friday and Sunday my daughter developed a rash on her face only. I'm wondering if it could be the puppy or something else. She has always had dogs and cats with no problems.

I would hate to think we would have to give the puppy away after paying so much money for him. I don't want her to have to take allergy meds or shots though.



Kat Deal May 19, 03 - 10:31 AM

Allergic skin reaction to my new Lab Puppy


I was wondering if anyone could help me. I just got a 6 mth old Lab Mix and am having hives/breakouts every time I come in contact with her skin and saliva. I have asked around and many people say this may pass over time since I grew up with a Chow/Shepard mix for 14 years and never had a problem. It has been 10 yrs since I have been around a dog full-time. I have an allergy to cats, and my husband has 2 of them. They stay in the garage, but I have noticed over the years that my allergies to them have become tolerable. I can hold them and be in the same room with them for periods of time. I have also been told it could be prescription medicines that I am taking, body chemistry changes, diet of the dog, etc. that is doing it. I am not having any respiratory reactions to her, just my skin breaking out in little mosquito-like bumps on my arms, legs, and face. Can anyone suggest anything? I read the post on trying the "Hand Sense" lotion and may give this a try. Are there any other suggestions? I have an appointment with my doctor this week to discuss this also. I would rather not take allergy medicine, but will if I have to.



Rob Lehman Feb 10th, 2004 - 10:53 AM

Re: Allergic skin reaction to my new Lab Puppy


I found your posting on a website and I was wondering what you doctor did last year? My son is three and we have a Lab. The lab would lick him when he was a baby with only a little redness but its gotten worse over the last three months. Small hives/breakouts started and now we keep the lab away as much as possible.

If you could share the information with me that would be great.




John Feb 6, 04 - 12:45 PM

Border terrior

My son is allergic to many breeds of dogs. He breaks out in rashes and terrible itching. We have found 2 breeds which causes him no discomfort unless he takes a really bad slobber bath and they are the poodle and the border terrier. I've also have had a giant schnauzer which caused very little irritation but it is harder to verify because we had this dog when he was young and because the dog was very big he did not interact with him as much. You should always meet with the breed and see for yourself if you can tolerate them. You cannot go strictly by someone elses experience.


A. Linson Feb 5, 04 - 8:05 PM

Miniature Schnauzers

My son is allergic to dogs and cats. You know how little boys are about dogs, he really wanted a pet of his own. So we started looking for a hypoallergic dog. My husband and I did some research and took a chance. We got Sam, a miniature schnauzer. My son hasn't had any reactions from being around Sam at all. Sam doesn't shed, period. And what a little lovebunny! A mini schnauzer is an excellant pet for people with allergies. They are very sweet animals, require low maintenance (trip to groomer about every 6 weeks), are loveable, very trainable (but a little stubborn), family oriented and extremely active (lots of chew toys!). I'd recommend anyone that has allergies to dogs to do some research, check out the breeders near you and consider getting a pure bred akc registered miniature schnauzer.


Is there hope for me?

Name: Reani

Date Posted: Jan 31, 04 - 6:46 AM


Message: I have developed allergies to dogs over the last 8 years since I have not had one of my own. When the nasal congestion became unbearable, I found that Nasalcrom works very well to control it. Now I get wheezy, so I have an inhaler, which I am afraid to become dependant on. I have had my first asthmatic symptoms in the last year, including asthsmatic bronchitis which I have never had. Now, I get itchy wherever the dog touches me, or if I touch the dog then touch my face, or anywhere for that matter, even through clothes, I get hives and look like I got beat up. I cannot control the wheezing, but I can treat it when it happens. Does anyone think that allergy shots can help? My fiance has a beautiful weimeraner that I love dearly (almost as much as him) and I cannot live with them like this. If I do, will I just get sicker? Thanks!

Re: Is there hope for me?

Name: Abby

Date Posted: Feb 2, 04 - 9:50 AM


Message: Singulair and zrtec works for me, and I had the same problems. It saved me. Sigulair controls the wheezing and asthma. It takes a few days to get in your system, so don't be discouraged if it does not work right away. Good Luck.

Re: Re: Is there hope for me?

Name: Susy

Date Posted: Feb 14, 04 - 9:14 AM


Message: Advair is a wonderful Asthma (wheezing) med too. I have had asthma all my life with attacks 3-4 times a day. I started taking Advair 6 months ago and haven't had an attack since!!

Re: Re: Is there hope for me?

Name: April

Date Posted: Feb 26, 04 - 9:02 AM


Message: I use Flonase and Flovent for my allergies. They both work great for me. However, now I am allergic to my new dogs saliva. I can't find anything to help with this new allergy. I can't beleive that I wish for wheezing and sneezing again! But, at least I could control those symptoms. Good luck with your pet allergy.

Re: Is there hope for me?

Name: Carly Nelson

Date Posted: Apr 4, 04 - 7:45 AM


Message: My husband and I are getting a Lab, however I do not know if I am allergic? We spent over an hour with the dogs at the breeders house and I was fine, but experienced symptoms on our way home(stuffy nose, itchy eyes). I always have allergies this time of year and I think it is just the springtime do I know for sure?

Re: Re: Is there hope for me?

Name: Amy

Date Posted: May 7, 04 - 7:07 AM

Message: Watch out! We have a 6 year old lab/border collie mix, we are not allergic 4 cats, not problems...Got a new addition Pure black lab in december....progressivly my husband is getting worse and worse. First it was breathing, sneezing, etc., thought it was just seasons...last week or so she will lick him and he gets massive burning and hives! I think your experience at breeder is allergies to dogs especially LABS. You werent' there very long, imagine 24 hours a day! If I were you, I would look into other breeds, I don't have any suggestions, sorry. It is rather odd that my husband is not allergic to my mix breed, even when he was a baby, but is very allergic to the pure breed puppys saliva...Good Luck


Name: shannon

Date Posted: Jan 29, 04 - 3:06 AM


Message: I recently picked up a puppy from the SPCA under the assumption that she was a terrier cross. However when I took her to the vet, I was informed that she is a German wire haired pointer. I was wondering if anyone else had this type of dog and whether or not it produced much dander as I have asthma and another lung disease. I have not noticed much of a reaction as of yet, but the vet said puppy coats are less likely to create allergens. Can someone please help me with the necessary information before I become much to attached? Thank you

My skin breaks out in bumps like Ive been bitten by ants when....

Name: Kasper

Date Posted: Jan 28, 04 - 1:40 PM


Message: I have a chinn. Pug dog and everytime I try to hold him I break out in these little bumps like ants have bitten me all over that area. It is very disturbing cause I love my dog and this is the only allergic reaction i seem to have. I have never had a problem with dogs until the past few years and now it is getting worse. Any suggestions?


Re: My skin breaks out in bumps like Ive been bitten by ants when....

Name: Abby

Date Posted: Jan 29, 04 - 6:40 AM


Message: Try taking some type of Allergy Medicine. Zyrtec works for me, it helps with the itchy eyes and skin. Claritan is over the counter you could try that first. Good Luck.

Re: My skin breaks out in bumps like Ive been bitten by ants when....

Name: texas

Date Posted: Feb 1, 04 - 3:33 PM


Message: My daughter has been doing that also. We discovered its hives. It comes and goes but we think its the dog, even though the allergiy testing has says other wise.

Re: My skin breaks out in bumps like Ive been bitten by ants when....

Name: aurora

Date Posted: Feb 3, 04 - 8:24 PM

Message: It might be the shampoo you're using to wash him. The same thing was happening to me with my dog and I finally realized it was the shampoo and switched brands. I don't break out any longer.

does allerpet work?

Name: debbie Defelice

Date Posted: Jan 28, 04 - 9:06 AM


Message: we just got a maltipoo(poodle & maltese mix) puppy who is 8 weeks old. My daughters face will break out in one or two hives if she has too much contact. Does any one think allerpet shampoos work? I worry about the long term build up of danger if she is going to co-exist with the dog for the next 10- 13 years.

Any advice would be helpful?


any other dogs to choose??

Name: kirsty

Date Posted: Jan 27, 04 - 8:34 PM


Instant Messenger: 6025613

Message: unfortunately I am allergic to dog hair, I am not allergic, however, to our cairn terrier. My question is, what other dogs could I own? Airedale perhaps?...I'm struggling for any other ides of bigger dogs with a 'non furry' coat....any ideas or web sites?.....thanks!

Are boxers ok for people with some animal allergies

Name: Scooter

Date Posted: Jan 26, 04 - 7:01 PM


Message: I really want a Boxer but my girlfriend is allergic to some dogs and cats. She is allergic to my cats but she has a poodle and isnt allergic to that. I really want a boxer. Does anyone know if boxers have high or low dander levels and if people with allergies can tollerate them more then others?

Re: Are boxers ok for people with some animal allergies

Name: Abby

Date Posted: Jan 27, 04 - 9:25 AM


Message: I have allergies and asthma and we bought a boxer puppy and he made me very sick. I even had to go to the emergency room on two occasions for breathing treatments. They have a high dander level. We had to give him a way. It was very sad.


Name: Abby

Date Posted: Jan 26, 04 - 1:41 PM


Message: I just adopted a schnoodle because they are suppossed to be good for allergy/ashthma suffers. I have had the puppy for less than 48 hours and I am already suffering asthma problems. I am using all my regular medications and I am not getting better. Does anyone have any medications that really work. I don't wont to give up and break my children's hearts. Help.

Re: Schnoodle

Name: Susy

Date Posted: Feb 10, 04 - 9:05 PM


Message: Have you tried Advair for asthma? I've been suffering with asthma for the last 16 years (tried all the other drugs out there) and FINALLY got relief from the asthma with Advair.

Re: Re: Schnoodle

Name: Georgette

Date Posted: Feb 12, 04 - 5:51 PM


Message: Hi,

I don't mean to be rude but why would you get a dog if you suffer from allergies? I am really dissapointed by people who think that dogs are just play things to fulfill whims. It is a serious thing owning a dog and poor choices are why so many end up in shelters.


Re: Re: Schnoodle

Name: Abby

Date Posted: Feb 17, 04 - 12:39 PM


Message: Thanks for responding. I now take Advair, Singulair, and Zyrtec! With all of these I am able to live with my Schnoodle. I think my major problem was that he just wasn't clean enough from the shelter, now that he is groomed and we keep him clean, I am fine. Thanks again

Re: Re: Re: Schnoodle

Name: barbara

Date Posted: Feb 19, 04 - 7:46 AM


Message: what , exactly , is a snoodle?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Schnoodle

Name: Abby

Date Posted: Feb 19, 04 - 12:53 PM


Message: A schnoodle is a poodle schnauzer mix. They are suppossed to be hypo allergenic and have litte to no dander. My schnoodle is very cute, if you do a search for them you can see pictures. I am not convinced about the hypo allergenic part or low dander because I had some problems in the beginning when we got him, but now I am fine. I don't think I can ever be without my medications and have him. It is worth it, he is part of the family now.

I want a pug, BUT!

Name: Patrick

Date Posted: Jan 18, 04 - 10:48 AM


Message: I love pugs but I do have allergies. Do pugs shed and are they good for people with allergies? The last thing I want to do is get attached and suffer with sinus problems. Any Help or ideas regarding the pug?

Re: I want a pug, BUT!

Name: Reani

Date Posted: Jan 31, 04 - 6:56 AM


Message: Pugs are one of the worst breeds for my allergies, and I had one of my first reactions to dogs from one. Now I am allergic to almost all breeds, but a pug gave me sneezing, wheezing, hives, itchies, etc....

Before you get one, I would try to handle one indoors for a while. Maybe a vet coould help you be in contact with one, or the Humane Society. A pet store would not work because they are usually puppies and it is when they are full grown that problems develop. Good luck! I feel your pain, because I love all dogs and my allergies are getting worse and worse to them.

Re: Re: I want a pug, BUT!

Name: Pika

Date Posted: Feb 13, 04 - 1:35 PM

Message: Don't be fooled by the the pug's short hair--they are inveterate shedders!

However, black pugs have only one coat, unlike the fawns which have two. I have a black pug and I had heard all about the pug's proclivity to shed and so was ready--but it turns out that my pug hardly sheds at all!

Still, if you're really allergic, I would definitely recommend making friends with a pug owner and spending time with one first.

Best of luck!


Dogs and Allergies

Name: Victoria

Date Posted: Jan 6, 04 - 3:19 PM


Message: I have never had any allergies all my life and have had Golden Retreivers for about fifteen years. About seven years ago we got a Schitzu-Lhasa Apso.

I have had a persistent cough and post nasal drip for about six years. Have had all sorts of tests, but the doctors say there is nothing wrong. Recently someone mentioned that it coud be my dog?? How do I go about finding out if this is the case?

After six years I am so bloody sick of coughing, not to mention my hubby has had it also.


Allergic to dogs? Get a goose!

Name: Nancy Townsend

Date Posted: Jan 6, 04 - 9:59 AM


Message: I thought you all should know that ducks and geese are now being diapered and kept as house pets. Allergies to them are very rare even among people who are allergic to other birds. They don't need to swim, but taking a bath (6 inches of water in a kitty litter pan will do) once or twice a day keeps them ultra clean. They carry no parasites of any kind..not even mites. An imprinted goose is more loyal than a dog, extremely affectionate, loves to travel and go for walks, and is a great "watch dog". For more info, go to . I have 3 geese and a duck who sleep in my bed!


Allergic to dog saliva

Name: John Stapler

Date Posted: Jan 5, 04 - 5:20 PM


Instant Messenger: StaplerFM

Message: I picked up a 6 month old yellow lab mix from the shelter. My 5 year old daughter is apparently allergic to the dog's saliva. She breaks out wherever the dog licks her. Wondering if I should keep the dog as it will be difficult to stop the puppy from licking and the 5 year old from playing with him. My daughter has a history of eczema and is highly allergic to cats, however I don't think she is allergic to the dog hair/dander. Think I should keep the dog

miniature pinchers/boston terriers

Name: Sam

Date Posted: Jan 3, 04 - 12:05 PM


Message: We are considering a puppy for our son. Some in our family have allergies. Does anyone know how either the Miniature Pincher or Boston Terrier stack up when it comes to allergies?

Re: miniature pinchers/boston terriers

Name: Laurie

Date Posted: Jan 7, 04 - 8:00 AM

Message: I have had a miniature Pinscher for about a year and I have developed horrible itching and hive flare ups. At times I have to sit in oatmeal baths to get any relief. I love this little dog and he is a "lap sitter" that adores attention. He sleeps on the bed and I absolutely enjoy his company. I have 2 young boys that are not at all affected and I have never had an allergy or an allergic reaction to anything in my life. (Have had many different pets, including Ferrets...) You might want to ask a vet....

Re: miniature pinchers/boston terriers

Name: Reani

Date Posted: Jan 31, 04 - 7:02 AM


Message: Minpins are not very good around kids, they can be very nippy. My mom has one that has bitten everyone in the family at least once. BUT, I am not allergic to her, and I am not allergic to her daschuand. I am also not allergice to bichon frises. I have developed allergies to dogs over the last 8 years,a nd it is just getting worse for me. I am talking sneezing, asthma, hives, the whole 9 yards. These 3 breeds however, I can still tolerate. I have never been around a boston terrier, but terriers are also a little crazy. Daschaunds are great around kids, but rough play can hurt their backs because they are so long Bichons are a great choice, they look foofy, but they think they are big dogs and have great personality. I hope I have helped, good luck!

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