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Allergic to Dogs? - bb Archives p.6

May 2003 - Dec 2003


"Allergic to Dogs?" discussion board is about humans being allergic to dogs. These are the archives. Any message posted on the "Allergic to Dogs?" forum expresses only the views of the author of the message and does not necessarily reflect the views of the board administrator.


 Asthma and Dog Allergy Test

Name: Sam

Date Posted: Dec 23, 03 - 8:59 PM


Message: My son suffers from asthma and his paediatrician has advised us to get rid of our dog. He went for a "prick test" recently and discovered that he was not allergic to dogs. Does this mean that I can rule out the dog as a trigger to his asthma attacks?

Can anyone advise?

Re: Asthma and Dog Allergy Test

Name: debbie

Date Posted: Jan 28, 04 - 9:42 AM


Message: You might want to see if the "prick test"which contains a mix of breeds sample, if your dog breed was included

Re: Asthma and Dog Allergy Test

Name: Marie

Date Posted: Mar 10, 04 - 3:35 PM


Message: Sam, ask your pediatrician for a RAST test, it is a blood test that will test many things, our child tested neg. in the skin test however did test pos. in the RAST.

Re: Re: Asthma and Dog Allergy Test

Name: Jason

Date Posted: Apr 14, 04 - 5:00 PM

Message: Also, try taking a hair sample into the doctor for the skin test. I tested negative initially, but when I brought in a hair sample from my pet, it tested positive.

Allerigic to pugs?

Name: Lesley

Date Posted: Dec 18, 03 - 10:44 AM


Message: I have never been allergic to anything in my life, until I started pug sitting! I now suffer from asthma! Although I must admit, I have never had furry animals in my home as my son is asthmatic and allergic to cats. He never experienced allergic reactions to dogs until my pug sitting. He too experienced an allergic reaction, and now me? I don't understand? why pugs?

Re: Allerigic to pugs?

Name: Reani

Date Posted: Jan 31, 04 - 6:51 AM


Message: I have developed allergies to dogs in the last 8 years, (I am 33 now) and the two breeds that affect me the most are Newfoundlands, and pugs. Pugs affect my skin the worst, I get hives even if they sit on my lap, the dander gets through the clothes or the hair ****** me or something. If they lick me, forget it, I am done. They also make me sneeze and wheeze. I cannot be in the same room with a pug, but I can tolerate some other breeds. I love dogs and am heartbroken over the fact that I have developed these allergies and the fact that they are getting worse. I don't know exactly why pugs, but there is definately something to it.

Has anyone felt like this... i am feeling so fed up

Name: Pip

Date Posted: Dec 8, 03 - 3:22 AM


Message: Hello

I am feeling so lost. We rehomed our Golden Retriever puppy a month ago, as i was coming out in eye and nose symptoms. Then breathing problems. These did not develop until 3 months after we got her. However, even though she has gone, (a month ago) and i have cleaned and cleaned, i am still suffering with breathing problems. I wake in the morning with an ache beween my shoulder blades and i feel my mouth and lungs are dry. My nose is still stuffy, even though my eyes are better now. The dr says my lungs are clear, but i am still so short on breath. All this has happened since our puppy started to shed her fluffy coat for new hair.

Do any of these symptoms ring any bells to anyone else? I feel so upset. I just want to be able to breath again. I have an inhaler but it doesnt make any difference. When will I feel normal again?


Thanks for listening.


Re: Has anyone felt like this... i am feeling so fed up

Name: TF

Date Posted: Jan 2, 04 - 7:56 AM

Message: I'm very allergic to dogs and it triggers my asthma. Unlike most of the people on this board I couldn't even consider owning a dog.

My wife's family owned a dog. I couldn't visit their house. After the dog died it took several months for me to be able to visit for the day without symptoms. The good news is that eventually it was ok, so I hope you'll finally get some relief.

Like you, they had cleaned and cleaned. Only other ideas I can think of for you would be to think about carpeting, upholstery, drapes, etc that could be holding the dander.

Good luck.

Re: Re: Has anyone felt like this... i am feeling so fed up

Name: connie

Date Posted: Feb 28, 04 - 5:35 AM


Message: I am a dog groomer and I love my job and I also have 4 dogs 3 live in the house with me but for the past year I am diagnosed with asthma and I have trouble breathing also I have lots of skin problems like itching patches and I am 52 yrs. old and really am at a loss as to what to do,I really love my dogs and can't possibly get rid of them,they are all rescue dogs but 1 so I can't put them through any more trauma,so I guess I have to go through it this time.

pet allergy

Name: Jennifer Gibson

Date Posted: Nov 23, 03 - 7:12 PM


Instant Messenger: gibbergolf

Message: I have always been around golden retrievers and never had a problem with a pet allergy. However, I currently live with my brother whose new girlfriend has a Warmriner (spelling?) and for the past week have broken out in hives. After thinking the allergy was to a soap and spending the weekend at the parents house the problem went away. Now that I am back at my brothers, with Petey, the dog, my hives have returned. Can I be allergic to just a specific breed

Allergic to Pomaranian

Name: Lori

Date Posted: Nov 23, 03 - 3:42 PM


Message: My husband and I got a Pomeranian 7 months ago, she has become one of the family, however, we are both noticing allergies to her and would appreciate any suggestions on what we should do. My husbands allergies affect the sinus's and I am getting hives and rashes when I hold her. Any advise would be appreciated! Getting rid of her is not an option!

Re: Allergic to Pomaranian

Name: Michelle Barth

Date Posted: Dec 29, 03 - 5:24 PM


Message: Hi, I was wondering if you have gotten any responses to this? Any solutions? Michelle

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Name: Jenny

Date Posted: Sep 29, 03 - 2:52 AM


Message: I have had pet allergies in the past but now seem to be free. I can sit surrounded by dogs, pet them, and not start sneezing. However I want to choose a dog which sheds very little and is not a high dander producer. Does a Cavalier Spaniel fit the bill?

Re: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Name: Laura

Date Posted: Jan 3, 04 - 1:55 PM

Message: Hi.I never had before allergy.1 month ago I took Cavaller and after that I developed alergy.You need be sure before you take a dog that you dont have alergy from that specifik breed.


Name: Tammy

Date Posted: Dec 15, 03 - 8:59 AM


Instant Messenger: tammygirl112

Message: What is the name of the allergy shot for dogs? I just started looking into this because I have three dogs and my boyfriend is allergic. Can you please give me some info.

Thank you


Name: Crystal

Date Posted: Jun 9, 03 - 10:06 PM


Message: I raise schnoodles and a friend of mine raises minture schnauzers the reason is because of allergies! My husband almost died due to asthma and my son is asthmatic too. Schnoodles and schnauzers dont bother them at all!! Visit our site at fact we buy our dogs back if you have a problem!!! We know how dissapointing allergies can be! Feel free to ask us anything!!

Re: schnoodles/allergies

Name: lori

Date Posted: Dec 27, 03 - 6:15 AM


Message: We originally got our schnoodle 6 yrs ago because of my son's athsma. She is the best dog I have ever had by far, worth so much more than what what we paid she is 9.5 lbs at her heaviest. black and adorable. But she isn't one of those annoyingly cute little dogs who just shake and pee, she goes on daily hikes in the woods with me and thanks to her slight napoleon complex, jumps right in to play with all the big dogs and becomes the boss!Extreemly smart and quick. Loving and devoted. And what a character! I would't hesitate to get another.

miniature smooth haired dachshunds

Name: TLC lover

Date Posted: May 30, 03 - 11:14 AM


Message: i wuz wondering if miniature smooth haired dachshunds are non allergenic dogs? and if they are a good breed for someone with moderate to severe allergies to have? please email me if u think that this is a good idea.

Re: miniature smooth haired dachshunds

Name: Maxine

Date Posted: Apr 4, 04 - 5:39 AM


Message: I raise and breed mini dachshunds, for 8 years now. I have allergies and asthma but don't live on automizers.I use if I have an attack but this is periodicly. I take allergy pills when needed.I have 13 on my acreage and in my house,they are my children, eat and sleep around me. I vacuum daily , wash blankets daily,keep windows open and let them play outside often. I have short and long hairs I probably am allergic to a lot of things but I'm alive and happy. These dogs are my family and love of my life. Would'nt live without them.On the other hand I have a brother that I'm allergic to and wish he would move out. There are so many things to be allergic to out there, are you sure its the dog?

Allergic skin reaction to my new Lab Puppy

Name: Kat Deal

Date Posted: May 19, 03 - 10:31 AM


Message: Hi-

I was wondering if anyone could help me. I just got a 6 mth old Lab Mix and am having hives/breakouts every time I come in contact with her skin and saliva. I have asked around and many people say this may pass over time since I grew up with a Chow/Shepard mix for 14 years and never had a problem. It has been 10 yrs since I have been around a dog full-time. I have an allergy to cats, and my husband has 2 of them. They stay in the garage, but I have noticed over the years that my allergies to them have become tolerable. I can hold them and be in the same room with them for periods of time. I have also been told it could be prescription medicines that I am taking, body chemistry changes, diet of the dog, etc. that is doing it. I am not having any respiratory reactions to her, just my skin breaking out in little mosquito-like bumps on my arms, legs, and face. Can anyone suggest anything? I read the post on trying the "Hand Sense" lotion and may give this a try. Are there any other suggestions? I have an appointment with my doctor this week to discuss this also. I would rather not take allergy medicine, but will if I have to.

Re: Allergic skin reaction to my new Lab Puppy

Name: Rob Lehman

Date Posted: Feb 10, 04 - 10:53 AM


Message: Kat,

I found your posting on a website and I was wondering what you doctor did last year? My son is three and we have a Lab. The lab would lick him when he was a baby with only a little redness but its gotten worse over the last three months. Small hives/breakouts started and now we keep the lab away as much as possible.

If you could share the information with me that would be great.



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