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Welcome to Sweet Lucy's!


Sweet Lucy's little place on the web is devoted to hairless dogs and the owners who love them. Many hairless dog owners are allergic to coated pets, but are able to enjoy the companionship of hairless dogs.

Think of this site as a starting point in your journey to the fascinating world of hairless dogs. You will find lots of American Hairless Terrier and other hairless dog breed info here. Since I am severely allergic to dogs, I have also created pages about human pet allergies (allergic to dogs).

Sweet Lucy's web site is divided into four main sections and each section contains many pages:

Allergic to Dogs?

The "Allergic to Dogs?" section pages contain information about human pet allergies, listing of environmental controls to reduce pet allergens in your home, human pet allergy discussion board, and information about "low dander" dog breeds (hypoallergenic dogs?) that generally do well with mild pet allergy sufferers. Plus more. This section was featured in the 1997 "Dogs on the Web" book as one of the best dog related web sites.

Hairless Dog Breeds

The "Hairless Dog Breeds" section pages contain breed information and photos of American Hairless Terriers (AHT), Chinese Crested Dogs, Peruvian Inca Orchid Dogs (PIO, Peruvian Hairless, Perro sin pelo del Peru), and Xoloitzcuintlis (Xoloitzcuintle, Xolo, Mexican Hairless).

AHT Gallery

The "AHT Gallery" is a photo gallery of American Hairless Terriers. Meet some really cute AHTs and their owners. Browse existing photo pages or submit your own AHT photos. Over 100 AHT photo pages.

Doggie Boutique

In the "Doggie Boutique" section you will find lots of links to dog clothes, allergy products, dog clothing patterns (sew, knit, crochet), and pattern books for making dog clothes. Plus more.


lucy cartoonWho is Sweet Lucy?

Sweet Lucy is my American Hairless Terrier (AHT) who turned 15 years old in 2010.  I started Sweet Lucy's web site in December 1996 as an American Hairless Terrier info site. At that time, there were no AHT web sites. A few weeks later, I added pages about other hairless dog breeds and about human pet allergies. Since then, Lucy's web site has grown from a few pages to over 300 pages.

Thank you for stopping by and have fun exploring! :O)

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